Finance Executive Performance Review Phrases Examples

Finance Executive Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

We didn't know where to turn to get financing and he had people in place to get us financed.
He is well regarded as a competent and a meticulous finance executive
John is an inspiring and intelligent finance executive as he always comes up with insightful ideas.
He often executed complex finance plans using innovative methods.
John would be a great financial and admin executive to any company who needs a seasoned, professional finance executive in their team.
John you will always get his first call for financing and thank you once again.
His tactile execution is what helped us execute our event flawlessly.
He knows what to do and how doing it when is comes to executing search campaigns.
He presents very well to executives inside and outside the company.
John consistently demonstrated the ability to be an astute businessman and finance executive.
John made the re-finance process easy to understand and painless to execute.
John makes himself available for finance and non-finance related discussions, and makes everyone feel as if their opinion is valued.
He works extremely well with both executives and the finance team.
We all came away from our interaction with him better people and executives.
He always took initiatives to follow through and was very organized in his execution.
His follow through and execution was on time and above what was expected.
John came up with some beautiful concepts & his execution was stellar.
Work given to him is well executed and assured to be delivered on time.
John has no problem being in front of executive stakeholders.
He bought his deep expertise in finance and an emphasis on execution and discipline to the table.
John came on board and immediately addressed and executed the critical pending finance needs.
He would make an exceptional executive-level finance professional for any organization.
John is a savvy finance executive with great entrepreneurial instincts and experience.
He joined the board with a solid background in finance and in the executive suite.
His remit extended beyond the traditional approach of a typical finance executive.
He is a high-class finance executive with result oriented characteristic.
From this he built and executed staffing plans for himself and numerous other executives.
John always executed on him responsibilities and was well liked by customers.
From the beginning he listens to your financial needs and he makes certain he always gets the best result.
John took the time with us to make sure we felt comfortable before we made any changes to our finances.
His bookings are increasing and his finances are looking healthier.
He helped him to be successful across his territory (finance).
John has helped with the financing for several of his clients.
John knows how to take direction, but also when it's appropriate and needed to make an executive decision.
He recognizes where changes need to be made and doesn't hesitate to execute those changes.
His presentations were always executed very naturally and persuasively.
He knows the task at hand & exactly how to execute it to completion.
He gives people room to execute and allows them to own their ideas.
He does the diligence to make sound decisions and then executes.
John's capability of execution and negotiations is extraordinary.
John made sure his vision for his wedding was executed perfectly.
His approach goes beyond just great value pricing and execution.
He then executes to incorporate useful and meaningful change.
His vast experience as an executive is immediately evident in the areas of leadership and finance.
John is a very dedicated and enthusiastic member of the our company and is always willing to do whatever he can to help his fellow finance executives.
John will go above and beyond to make sure your finances work for you.
He understands finances and he knows how to bring out the best in people.
Infarct was about to change his specialisation but then stuck to finance.
Him contributions, particularly in the finance area, were invaluable.
John is not just finance, although he is a wonderment in that area.
He always had clear explanations, even for non finance people.
He makes people around understand the intricacies of finance.
As such, he prepares, learns what he doesn't know, and executes to the best of his abilities.
If there was anything he didn't know, he learned it quickly and executed effectively.
Planning and execution are attributes one really needs to learn from him.
John's ability to learn something and then execute, is impressive.
His execution is always beautiful and his delivery is flawless.
One attribute that's important to him in an executive is trust.
Our company as important, however, John was great at execution.
His straight forward attitude is key to bridging board decisions to company executive executions.
The events that his works are executed very well from planning to execution.
He can relate very well to students as well as executive all all those in between.
John is sharp, knows what he does, is very innovative and focussed on execution and getting results.
Above all, he was one on whom we could rely for timely execution and follow-up.
His visionary leadership would make him an excellent executive in any company.
He went out and executed key deals that were transformational to the company.
He guides executives toward self-awareness and organizational effectiveness.
From ramp-up to execution, he proved to be an immediate asset to our cause.
His positive attitude is his best asset along with his ability to execute.
Throughout the time he executed his tasks, he was organized and objective.
Projects under him supervision are well planned, organized and executed.
Him the ability to follow through from concept to execution is outstanding.
John's artistry not only in execution, but through visual storytelling.
His ability to execute and vision for growth is one of his best assets.
He listened to all of his requests and executed his search efficiently.
He understands the requirement very well and execute the task in time.
His ability to navigate concepts with execution was well appreciated.
John executes with good judgement and follow-through, every time.
He focuses on execution and does what is required to deliver results.
He listens carefully to your demands and then execute in perfection.
His maturity allows him to easily converse with company executives.
His determination and ability to execute is what sets him apart.
John provides executive and board assessments par excellence.
In our company, he was well respected by key executives across the organization.
For him, and many of his colleagues, he was the human face of finance.
Highly recommended for any our company looking to automate their finances.
He also liked to read on current finance methodologies be it on the internet or finance publications.
Creativity as well as execution power is in abundance within his many talents.
His capacity to execute is well known by his customers and leadership.
He listens, understands what his customers need, then he executes.
So as you can tell, he is a customer first type of executive.