Finance Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Finance Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is what you want in a finance manager.
He has had his hands in everything from car sales, internet manager, marketing manager and finance manager.
He managed our finance portfolio after the acquisition, including his responsibilities of managing overall horizontal finance.
He clearly understands what needs to be done with finances and how to manage the details.
I was scared to take on managing the finance of my new venture.
John is very experienced finance and operational manager.
John is detailed in both finance and team management.
John background is in finance and management consulting.
His finance and management background gives him the edge for any senior and or management position.
He manages the finances to precision and can flexibly but diligently manage scope.
Many offer their thoughts on how one should manage their finances; or that you don't need any help at all, just education.
And it goes without mention that he is one of the best financial managers that one could ever hope to be associated with.
I happily placed my trust in him to help me manage my finances, and would look forward to doing so again.
He has not only rationalised our pensions, but he has also educated us in managing our finances.
We are now on track and more mindful than ever about how we manage our life and finances.
Without his immense assistance it is difficult to see how we could manage our finances.
He has forgotten more about how consumers manage their finances than most will learn.
John has been instrumental in successfully managing the finances of our startup.
He works well with his employees and his finance and operations management.
John is capable of success in almost every arena of finance and management.
Highly conscientious, thorough and detailed commercial finance manager.
John is conscientious, thoughtful contractor and manager of finances.
John is an extremely knowledgeable and personable finance manager.
John is an extraordinary finance professional, manager and leader.
He is proficient in managing finance teams along with operations.
We managed separate teams within the same financial organization.
He is also an excellent manager fluent in corporate finance.
To finance, he managed considerable operational budgets.
He is an expert in managing the finances of a company.
Goal driven manager with an eye for finance and detail.
I look forward to an ongoing relationship with John to help me manage my finances.
He just 'gets' it, from finance, to client relationship management, to internal stakeholder management.
John also managed the client contact and the finances of the projects.
He has strong abilities in management, finance, and accounting.
He understands finance and management as well as design.
John is a hardworking and competent finance manager.
John is a dedicated and professional financial manager who would be an asset to any finance team.
From sales, management, finance, admin through to recruitment.
John is one of the best finance managers I have worked with throughout my career.
I would not consider working with anyone else for my finance purposes.
John, through his network helped us to get our finance.
You need someone you can trust when financing property.
We used him to manage not only our finances with the clients but also the subcontractors and equipment suppliers.
John has extensive knowledge in finance and management, which has been very helpful for me as an entrepreneur.
John always manages to make finance so exciting and interesting, which is brilliant for us and our clients.
In my nine years on the board, the finances have never been managed so well and with such strategic vision.
John always worked with passion and regarded as one of the best finance managers within our company.
He is an excellent person for all your needs in the field of management, finance or consulting.
John is also very fiscally responsible and manages the finances of his department very well.
He is brilliant, he is an expert in finance and management, and he obviously loves to teach.
John really knows his stuff, and manages to make corporate finance interesting and relevant.
John is an exceptionally talented manager with expertise in finance and leadership.
John is a consummate professional not only in finance, but in management in general.
It was a pleasure to have him recommend me how to manage my finances and savings.
He does all of this while doing a stellar job of managing corporate finances.
He is knowledgeable in all aspects of deal management and finance operations.
At the time he gave a lot help in our companies financing and management.
He also educated the members of the senior management team in finance.
John is savvy, professional and highly experience finance manager.
I would strongly recommend him for a finance management position.
He managed the finances very efficiently and been an asset to the organization.
He took time to get to know him, his finances, and his income management style.
He's been a great manager for himself as well as an entire finance team
His sheet for financial management of one's home finances is truly great and helps in managing the finances very well.
John managed our corporate finances with little to no room for error.
He managed finance well and always has the ability and focus to move forward in life.
He managed the finances of our local committee really well and his experience until now can prove that he is getting better and better on that issue.
He answered all of our silly questions, followed up as though it was his own finances and managed our expectations along the way.
His background gives him an excellent understanding of issues of finance and debt management.
His experience is very wide covering management, economics and finance and marketing/sales.
He has been a valued addition, to help manage the finances of this non-profit organization.
He delicately managed the finances during the difficult aftermath of economic slowdowns.
Through the concept of managing a lemonade stand, he taught him even more about finance.
He's highly recommended to manage and plan anyone's finances.
He managed the finance portfolio and which was always well handled and in good hands.
He knows how to effectively manage a team, its finances and personnel.
He showed everyone what finance and risk management means and all the different possibilities that it provides.
John knows how to expertly manage the finance department of large and small companies.
He interacted well with the finance and proactively helped us manage the debtor balances.
He has a broad breadth of experience in financial and in managing people.
His ability to manage schedules, egos, finances and everything in-between make him truly irreplaceable.
He really had an excellent grasp of finance, which made managing him budget a breeze.
He manages finance in a very organized and controlled way with no surprises.
Arkadiusz worked for him as a branch manager in our company finance.
As a manager then, he used to manage his group of colleagues with experience and has made the finance unit extremely efficient.
He made things very simple for him to understand and gave him great confidence that he could manage his finances effectively.
John really knows how helping others manage their money, finances and keep a steady flow for your future retirement.
He's passionate about the sector and manages to enliven the task of unravelling agency finances.
John is a passionate finance guy and a great manager when it comes to getting things done.