Financial Accountant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Financial Accountant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John has a strong background in accounting and financial analysis.
John provides instant financial results and clear regular updates since being my accountant.
I would recommend him highly in a position of accounting or financial leadership.
John has a very good understanding of accounting principles and the financial accounting of various businesses.
John has provided invaluable advice and experience for the company's financial accounts.
John is an experienced financial and accounting professional.
He has a great financial acumen while at the same time taking into account what's best for the company.
He is very knowledgeable about accounting and financial standards, rules and procedures.
His wide range of financial and accounting knowledge is invaluable.
He takes into account what you want to achieve and matches your financial needs to achieve those goals.
He got a good grip over financial and accounting problems and solves them tactfully.
His accounting background gave him great acumen interpreting the financial results.
John was given responsibility for a large number of accounts and financial assets.
John is able to combine organizational objectives effectively with financial accountability.
He is the reason for calmness in an organization, and brings superior accounting and financial responsibility.
During his short time in this role, he has already seen an amazing impact on the account base and financials.
I always take into account his ideas about entrepeneuring, financial and technological matters.
He is undoubtedly one of the true luminaries in the field of financial accounting.
With his accountancy background his financial knowledge is exceptional, but it is his passion to help others that is so impressive.
I would recommend him and his abilities without question in any application of financial management and accounting.
John provided accounting and financial services to our company for many years.
John is an excellent source of accounting and financial expertise to his clients.
As him accountants, we were always provided with accurate financial information when we needed it.
His expertise is unique when it comes to financial advising because he takes into account every detail of your financial portfolio - many items that are normally overlooked.
John took many of my elective courses in financial accounting, and always received the highest marks.
He inspires the team with his ideas on taxation, accounting and other financial matters.
John has an amazing way of simplifying complex accounting and financial concepts and getting to the heart of the matter quickly.
John drafted our wills and did it easily and smoothly, taking out financial situation and other religious issues into account.
John has also shown very good leadership shills as well as good financial and accounting expertise.
His contribution is beyond his broad understanding of the financial, accounting and legal issues.
He established concise procedures and a higher level of financial accountability.
Additionally, he has excellent specialized knowledge both in financial and accounting matters.
He researches your needs and treats your account as if it were his own financial situation that he has in hand.
He described the two broad categories of accounting, financial and managerial, and how they relate to one another and to an organization.
John was an effective, hands-on accountant who kept a close eye on all the financial parameters under his responsibility.
It is not just that he is a talented financial modeler (and global accountant).
John provides great advice on financial processes and complex accounting issues.
He is a master accountant and a wealth of financial knowledge.
John is a seasoned financial professional with impeccable skills in financial accounting, budgeting and financial analysis.
He understands the importance of being accountable and holding others accountable.
We wrote several new accounts together because of they way he prequalified opportunities and followed through until the accounts were sold.
John's dedication to our account is still there, despite his obvious increase of responsibilities he has with other accounts.
John used to be always on top of the issues faced by his accounts and know every nuance about his accounts.
Now, for him to need to find an accountant at all was quite a big thing being an accountant himself.
John took charge of his accounts with all the passion of an entrepreneur and grew the accounts.
He takes accountability and holds other accountable and always fulfills his commitments.
One of him responsibility was to bring in new accounts and grow the current accounts.
He introduced him into accounts and made joint calls on accounts with him.
He handles the small accounts like he handles his big accounts.
He also has a solid financial background thanks to his accounting qualifications.
John will help you to look forward while still being accountable for what you're doing now.
He is accountable for anything he says he will do, you don't have to ask him twice.
Yet, all of them were under the impression that they were him only account.
He then follows up with you and makes you hold yourself accountable.
Best of all, he keeps him accountable for the things we've discussed.
If you commit to something - consider him to keep you accountable.
John always made sure that everyone was on target and accountable.
John always get out the best with the accounts he looks after.
Quality is one of the aspects he will always take into account.
He also keeps us accountable, which is exactly what's needed.
Had he not been there, we would likely have lost the account.
Our company, our team, John was the go-to for all accounting and financial needs.
He's great about getting an account and letting the account manager/can handle it with him still know what is going on and always still willing to help out when needed.
In the very first week of hiring him, he had figured out that his accounts were not right and had the error that an accountant had missed.
It's great for him to have some accountability there and someone to give the numbers a second look (besides his accountant).
He takes the initiative to ensure that accounts are accurate and understands the need for accountability.
He constantly stayed on top of his account and made recommendations for his account that were invaluable.
He effectively balances his attention to between both existing accounts and potential accounts.
John made him look good for his biggest account and helped him to grow the account significantly.
As an accounting major, you would expect from him to have strong ties to accounting classes.
The account began to run very smoothly once he became involved as our account rep.
Several of his accounts were high level, tough accounts with large companies.
This account scaled up as a significant account for our company.
When we reviewed the financials together each week, he understood them and was accountable for the good results.
He helped us set up our financials and handled our initial accounting requirements.
His analysis of the financial statement accounts is detailed and accurate.
He is always available when we had difficulties on the account and he was always willing to help.
He challenges us all, and keeps us accountable, but in just the right way so as to to overwhelm.
John makes himself available and not only does your accounts, but looks at the full picture.
Working with him you know what you are accountable for and the outcomes you need to achieve.
John has been his accountant for over thirty years, though he doesn't look nearly that old.
There were many evenings off-hours that he was more than willing to help him with accounts.
As one of his past accounts, he was always there for us whenever we needed help or advice.
He is a great help to us and went above and beyond when he was looking after our account.
Bream, as we all know him, came into the account when it was at one of its lowest points.
He took his responsibility seriously, and he was always accountable to the organization.
Have been doing his accounts for many years now and would not consider any other company.
These are things that his former accountant could have suggested, but didn't think to do.
John is more than an accountant, and believes more in you than he said his back pocket.
John knows what needs to be done, almost immediately, intuitively, within an account.
If he says he is going to do something, then he takes accountability for the outcome.
He took ownership of him accounts and did whatever it took to make them successful.
His accounts can always anticipate that he will do what is in our company interest.
John does the little things right and positions himself in accounts to win.
He followed through on his accountabilities and was always pleasant and gracious.
If he had not taken charge of our account, we would have gone to another vendor.
Personally, it has made him grow and take account of those different perspectives.
As soon as he took over our account, he made things happen and got things done.
Furthermore, he is the one who can actually make accounting sexy and appealing.
He follows through him commitments and makes you accountable for your actions.
He is on top of things even though he was stretched out over many accounts.
He also follows up by holding you accountable to make sure you are successful.
However, he will hold you accountable for what you say you are willing to do.
This made him indispensable for us whenever we went into challenging accounts.
He is incredibly accountable-if he says he will do something, it gets done.
John is the most unlikely accountant and he should take that as a compliment.
John holds himself and others accountable and follows through on his promises.
John will always go beyond in the effort he gives to each individual account.
His dedication to each account always went over and above what was expected.
The way he is able to take on so many accounts himself is truly remarkable.
Always gives the impression that ours is an account he particularly values.
John is an accountable asset that everyone wants to keep wherever he goes.
John does our books, but also reconciles them with our various accounts.
Opened several new accounts and expanded several others during his tenure.
He understood the account, our needs, and what it took to get things done.
There is just no way of stopping him from finding his way into an account.
Him accountability towards him tasks is one of the best things about him.
This is particularly notable given his recent assignment to this account.
He knows how to help accountants become truly successful businesspeople.
He has been our accountant ever since, but he offers far more than that.
He's highly accountable, and will have your back when you need it most.
John always watches out for us even when our account with him is small.
John knows his stuff when it comes to accounting, he is so smart.
He strives to do his very best to take accountability for his actions.
John always followed the procedures/processes outlined by the account.
The meeting went very well and decided to hire him to be our accountant.
Additionally, he holds those around him accountable for their tasks.
If you're looking for someone to hold you to account, he's the one.
He does this in an emphatic way - taking both parties into account.
Him accountable to all of us was uplifting and very encouraging.
Not only he knows these two ecosystems, but he is fully accountable.
In the end all of his dedication paid off for he's got our account.
Perhaps most importantly, he'll keep you accountable and on track.
John really knows what his stuff, he is no ordinary accountant.
You can count on him to be accountable to you in any way necessary.
He has provided him with leadership, accountability and guidance.
He is tenacious - never gives up - until he has won an account.
He'll always jump in to help and is responsible and accountable.
If your arguments are reasonable he would take them into account.
He holds himself accountable for the things he needs to get done.
He makes you accountable and pushes you, but for the right reason.
However, he would also always hold is own organisation to account.
John is accountable, expeditious, and gets things done right.
Would recommend to others but prefer to keep him on the account.
He would only send the best candidates possible to his accounts.
John's accounts are very loyal to him because of this attribute.
He know's everything there is to know about running an account.
He made him look at himself and hold himself accountable to himself.
John is so very accommodating with him expertise in accounting.
His first thought was that it was just for the accountant world.