Financial Business Analyst Performance Review Phrases Examples

Financial Business Analyst Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John will introduce you to anyone he knows that may add more value to your business, irrespective of his own financial gain.
John is one of those financial guys that provides such great business advice, that he makes himself invaluable.
John also has excellent business perspectives, particularly in the financial and government sectors.
He is very financially astute and always looking to ensure that only profitable business counts.
John sought me out on many occasions to discuss our financials and the state of the business.
He has helped me to go from desperation over my business to financial and emotional success.
I would recommend him to any company who wishes to do business in the financial vertical.
I highly recommend him to any company that have financial and business requirements.
John has made the whole financial side of running my business very straight forward.
John has excellent command of business financials and is astute in his insights.
He provided honest and impartial advice on the financial state of the business.
I told him the truth behind my financial situation and my business situation.
John has made a huge difference to our business with his financial acumen.
His business, financial and managerial expertise separate him from the rest.
He also brings financial expertise that help complete his business acumen.
John's financial background gives him a solid perspective on the business.
He impressed me with his business / financial acumen and street smarts.
John proactively ensure his business and financial metrics are met.
John understands the business and has a strong financial background.
John had a keen sense of the financial apparatus of our business.
His financial acumen is unsurpassed and his business acumen broad.
I know his financial mind and savvy in business to be top notch.
He is really a godsend candidate for financial planning business.
Not only is he equipped with business acumen, he also has a deep understanding of business metrics and financial discipline.
John has an astute financial and business mind the makes him an ideal person to do business with.
I have read his blogs on the financial and business analysis.
He is a very bright, motivated, and thorough business analyst.
He has a strong business background from his experience buying and selling businesses that helped me have a better understanding of the financial picture of my own business.
He had a complete mastery of the financials of his area as well as the overall business.
He understood not only business, but financial consequences of decisions made.
Now that he's armed himself with financial / business tools; look out, world.
I have known him through his franchise business and sound financial advice.
John certainly knows the financial technology, business inside out.
He actively sought to understand nonfinancial aspects of the technology business and willingly shared his business and financial acumen.
John knows his business and one would be lucky to have him as their financial planner.
His overall understanding of our business along with an incredible business savvy has allowed him to expand his contribution to the company far beyond the financial walls.
John has the tough role of balancing business requests with business needs and financial implications and he handles everything with grace and class.
He can address any audience - partners through business analysts.
John has helped me not only with my business, but also personally and financially.
John's strong financial and business acumen was a huge benefit for me and the entire business during this period.
John helped me in my small business decisions on getting a business license and advised me on financial matters.
I would definitely recommend him and his business to anyone looking for financial advice or employment.
Him ability to connect with people in the financial business is extraordinary.
John's financial advice has been indispensable to both my business and home.
He is my first port of call now on all financial and business matters.
His experience has helped me avoid mistakes that could have delayed the business and more importantly hindered the business financially.
John comes from a strong financial background and he normally considered all business decisions based on the financial impact it will have.
He is an expert in financial analysis, and creating business opportunities based on a strong financial foundation.
More importantly, he understood what really drove the financials, and made the right choices to help the business be successful.
As a financial expert, he's not only in the figures, but also into the business itself, which makes his profile only stronger.
John understands business not only from the top looking down, but financially and operationally from the ground up.
While his expertise is mainly financial, he applies his know-how wisely within the holistic business context.
There's no question his financial or business advice has served me well and would serve anyone else will too.
Having a financial background, he never restricted himself to explore into other avenues of the business.
John has an in-depth understanding of his business and is on top of current financials and forecasts.
He was an amazing parter to me as we faced some of the most complex business and financial challenges.
We have always found his advice on company business and financial arrangements to be world class.
His ability to understand the business dynamics and the financial implications is second to none.
John is a no non-sense financial wizard - all business and straight to the point.
He also has his mind on the financial side of the business to ensure maximum profits.