Financial Controller Performance Review Phrases Examples

Financial Controller Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

As controller, he does not only want to guarantee the financial control, but also to support the urgencies of the organization.
He makes himself always available to everyone, but never beyond his control.
He gets out of your way when he knows you have everything under control.
Bottom line, he knows what he is doing and is always in control.
He helped him keep thing in perspective by saying "all you can do is control the controllable".
John supported himself as his financial controller for several years.
John came into our company following a period of what can only be described as 'lax financial control'.
Explanations have always been thorough, and he has been more than willing to help with problems/issues beyond his immediate control.
John focuses on things he can do something about rather than on things beyond his control.
All-around can be said that he is well known to recent trends and knows to control.
He is always in control of where he wants to go and what he wants to achieve.
That does not mean that he doesn't have control over the situation.
He will accept nothing less than the best from every controller.
He does things so precisely that they never go beyond control.
Furthermore, he has an eye for financial control that enables good budgeting and cost control.
He reminds us that we can't control every situation, but we can control how we react in those situations.
He dealt with the financial department really well and was a good controller.
His strong financial acumen and controls proved beneficial to the organization.
He always made sure everything was under control, and if it, wasn't it would definitely become an instant priority.
He always has full control over what needs to be done, and what is going to be the next steps.
Not to mention he was taking on everything and it was quite clear he had it in his control.
He helped when possible and was honest, if it was something that was out of his control.
John always keeps things under control and stays quite whatever the circumstances.
With him you will always have the feeling that absolutely everything is under control.
John will do everything in his control to get things done efficiently and accurately.
He is always aware of what was going on and new when he needed to take control.
Along the way, very little, if any, escapes his control of the situation.
He always kept his cool, even when circumstances seemed out of control.
One of his stipulations for him was to have zero control deficiencies.
He then would do all he could to control and amend those situations.
He always had the situation in control and we always came out on top.
And this is not restricted only to things under his span of control.
His ability to take control and see things through is outstanding.
Everything he does for him delegates seems so totally in control.
However, because he's so in control he never has to play that card.
For him it doesn't mean abrasiveness; nor out of control ambition.
Every thing that was within his control was exceptionally handled.
During this he was unflappable, always calm, always in control.
He is always in control; his paperwork was always up to date.
He keeps things simple and is always organized and in control.
He infuses in you the power to take control of your own life, to be happy, healthy and in control.
His guidance gave us control of a situation that seemed on the surface to be out of our control.
John balances business needs with financial controls very effectively.
His knowledge of financial control is second-to-none, particularly in how this applies to law firms.
John diligence, financial control and commercial acumen is second to non.
So much of what he does is damage control, which can be very stressful.
John worked with us in his capacity as a financial controller and business financial strategies
Without his help, his ability to understand quickly and dive deeply, we would have had serious issues getting our financials under control.
He consistently outperformed his objectives while maintaining tight financial control of his organization.
Furthermore, he has got an ability to accommodate himself in any situation and take things under his control.
Coupled with that, his calm demeanor gives everyone the impression that he has got everything under control.
And if things seem to spin out of control, he is the one that keeps calm and gets everything back on track.
John seemingly effortlessly gets everything under control and knows how to ask for help when he needs it.
He has this way of putting you at ease and letting you know that he has everything under control.
It is always fun around him, even when things go wrong, which keeps the situation under control.
John does not try to fix something that it's not broken, he focuses on things within the control
John never sweeps things under the rug, nor does he allow the challenges to get out of control.
He will have an eye on the progress for sure, but he does not let you feel to be controlled.
Never will you find him flustered as he always seems to be well in control of the situation.
Venkata always gives an impression that he is in control of all aspects of his deliverable.
He has the ability to make you feel like he has it all under control and then he delivers.
Once he got that under control, he was able to help with the many websites we maintained.
John always struck him as being very much in control and focussed on the objectives.
Last but not the least he keeps himself always calm and control situation efficiently.
Looking ahead and trying to take control of his future was an intimidating prospect.
He always gives his all and can deal with situations and take control when needed.
Yet he always has matters under control and smoothly keeps things in perspective.
He knows just when to step in and take control, or to let others handle things.
He knows what he's doing, and isn't an egotistical, megalomaniac, control freak.
John came into the organization and quite quickly took control of the situation.
He will help you gain back control, believing in yourself and others once again.
He knows how to take control of an audience no matter what the circumstances.
John came through even when obstacles out of his control slowed things down.
He didn't let any pressure show and always seemed comfortable and in control.
He never gives up at any cause and try to control the situation till the end.
He gets things done promptly and has incredible control over any situation.
He encourages you to take control and make some real changes to your life.
John puts in the controls and procedures necessary to get things organized.
Him self-control, his kindness and his wish of excellency have to be noted.
Demanding, but also understanding in regard to setbacks out of his control.
He's highly organised and methodical and has always things under control.
He is in control of what he says and will never have knee jerk reactions.
John is in absolute control of how to reach where he wants to reach.
With tons of experience behind him, he was always in control of things.
He will always show patience and self-control, regardless of workload.
John is always calm under pressure, which means he is always in control.
His control over his work/department was impeccable and second to none.
He makes the unexplainable understandable and puts you back in control.
You always have that feeling that he's in control and on top of things.
He shows you how you can conscientiously control what happens to you.
And he gives bloggers the most control over what ads go on their blog.
John came in to take control of our infrastructure at the partnership.
When there were issues he took control until the issue was resolved.
John immediately took control to make the conference successful.
He stayed on task and wasn't distracted by what he couldn't control.
In addition, he keeps things organized, in control and progressing.
Top top it all, he is always smiling and controlled under pressure.
He always keeps himself updated and has good control of his subject.
He made him feel comfortable knowing he had everything in control.
John is always in control, or gave the impression he was anyway.
It made him a much more effective controller for our organization.
Smart and fast thinker, he always has the situation under control.
He's always in control, never loses the temper, but is never tense.
He did this, in spite of numerous impediments beyond his control.
He can go into any wildfire situation and bring it under control.
However, he always maintained control and everyone respected him.
He will not rest until all pieces are in place and under control.
Identifies root causes and uses his initiative to apply controls.
His thorough nature allows him to control situations with poise.
His capacity of being always in control was greatly appreciated.
John takes control over any auditorium by just being himself.
He is always diligent and effective in his role as controller.
Doing this he doesn't require any especial tracking or control.
He is always his preferred controller to challenge new ideas.
Whatever happens, he never looses control and sense of humor.
John got him back on track and enabled him to regain control.
Our company him it is John who is in control, you just are not always aware of it.
Unfortunately, he had to leave our company for reasons that are beyond his control.
He accomplished this with excellent reporting, budgeting, and financial controls.
His financial negotiation, tracking and budget controls are as strong as any.
Reviewing/improving financial control and ensuring the integrity of financial information is particular areas he excels in.
John helped one of his companies recruit a financial controller.
Added to that, him simple-to-use financial tools have set us up for success not just now, but into the next financial year and beyond.
He does not over stress himself and is able to keep control of all of his duties.
John drives efficiency and gives you the feeling that all is under control.
He also has the ability to keep its self-control in many stressing contexts.
His presentations were clearly organized and time used was well controlled.
He is not only the controller, but he is the great mentor, friend.
He always demonstrated control over situations and delivered.
John provided strong leadership for the teams under his control as well as influencing others beyond his positional control.
In a true teamwork manner we worked to bring his divisions financial controls under better control and visibility.
John appreciates that not all financial controllers are the same and their strengths and developmental needs fit into different situations.
John's attention to financial discipline ensured deliveries were properly controlled and profitable.
To him that showed he was very much in control of the process.
First, his team gathered accurate financial information and put consistent financial controls in place.
He not only has transformed his life, physically, but also financially.
He would bend over backwards to get the job done as well as possible and as quickly as was within his control.
Reporting to him is abiding, as he allows his oversight and control over his portfolio.
He always is in control of the job and does it with minimum fuss.
John took control of his desk with confidence and enthusiasm.