Financial Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Financial Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

In his position, he is an excellent financial manager of the program for which he manages.
His expertise has transformed the financial management of the company.
John is an exceptionally experienced financial wealth manager.
John managed the financial aspects of the ministry diligently.
Our company to this John's financial management is of the highest standard.
John has in-depth knowledge of financial management and financial controls.
Waves vast experience in financial risk management has helped him and his company financially protected.
John managed all aspects of our financial and bookkeeping tasks.
John multitasks and is capable of undertaking a wider management role beyond financial management.
Working in a start up gives him an added advantage of managing so many other things other than financial matters.
Although he was an outstanding financial manager, it was clear to him that he had potential to do much more.
These are the reasons we have selected him to manage our financial needs for us and our adult kids.
John kept all the balls in the air, followed up on deadlines and managed the financials with ease.
John reminded him of the need for better financial management, and helped him lay the groundwork.
He managed to turn around the organization - both financially and operationally within one year.
John definitely understands how to manage and maximize the financial results of an organization.
John financial management, query which gets unsolved by him is a thing next to impossible.
His understanding of management and financial dynamics was sophisticated and tempered.
He managed the financials of the group and provided much need guidance and structure.
John has a great understanding of financials that frankly, many managers don't have.
This has given him a solid background in financial management at all levels.
John always exceeded his financial objectives, and he was a great manager.
His savvy and experience puts him in the high end of financial management.
Plus, he fully understands all aspects of company financial management.
He manages both his time and the financial resources efficiently.
He also has strong financial and team management capabilities.
John's role included strategic management of the programme, people management and financial management.
John helped us analyse our financial tracking and financial management within our application system.
His task was to set up / manage relationships with fund managers and improve the financials.
John also has no problem with financials and presenting his side of the equation to management.
John's financial management knowledge is second to none and goes way beyond simple theory.
He expands very well him management capabilities outside the core financial competence.
The marketing department had constant growing of financial results during his management.
Finally, he demonstrated an ability to manage within tight financial constraints.
As financial manager, he always had accurate and speedy access to all records.
He also demonstrated exceptional personnel and financial management expertise.
Not only he is a financial expert, but is very smooth with people management.
He will be an asset to any company that requires sound financial management.
He can help you manage your financial health through our company.
Most impressive was his understanding of the financial aspects of managing the region.
With his management experience and financial background, he has the tools for success.
It is clear that he is among those special financial managers that thrive on value creation and not just narrow financial control.
His experience with association management, governance and financial management is extensive.
John is friendly and trustworthy, he managed to sort out his financial arrangements and was very accommodating.
From the financial perspective, he is equally effective at managing the profitability of his responsibilities.
He manages the numbers well, but more importantly knows how to create real value through financial analysis.
John can take complex financial problems and reduce them down to logical conclusions for management.
With extensive experience is the financial management, found himself feeling bored and demotivated.
It is quite a different situation when it comes to his financial and wealth management planning.
They gave us plenty of advice and insight that are useful in our company's financial management.
Realist in his approaches and managed the company well financially in a very difficult economy.
John understands a financial statement like no other also manages by the numbers daily.
And, of course, his financial management and ability to influence leadership buy-in.
John does a good job of managing the financials for an extended enterprise.
He owns and manages all the key financial metrics with ease and confidence.
He is not a micro-manager, but he keeps a close watch on the financials.
John provided excellent financial management services for his group.
John managed and edited a highly respected financial newsletter.
John for any position in management and/or financial services.
His depth in financial and relationship management makes him an asset to the company.
John manages a few of large our company financial sector clients.
John makes sure that the management team understands the financial implications of every decision.
He has consistently improved the financial situation of each hospital that he managed.
Him team respected him for his financial acumen and management style.
He often contacts him with suggestions on how to best manage the company financial affairs to maximise financial efficiency in an ever changing climate.
John is able to explain financial concepts easily and took the time to also enhance his knowledge in financial management.
He can take complex management and financial topics and make them understandable to leadership and his peers.
John's financial management allowed our branch to become profitable much quicker than others.
John is highly effective in the areas of margin management and financial forecasting.
He uses his knowledge well in problem solving and managing financial tasks.
His commercial acumen and financial management skills are exceptional.
His expertise in financial planning and managing risk are excellent.
At the same time, he was able to meet our company management financial objectives.
John managed the financial reporting for our company, an onerous task.
He managed budgets and spend in an astute and reliable manner, minimising the requirement for financial management.
He would do well in another pricing management position or other analytical or finance role.
He packages all of this, while understanding and managing financial constraints and deadlines.
He has never failed to amaze him on how he manages all the financial analyses of the case studies.
He managed to learn about and create his own finance company, which is not an easy task
Here staff were well managed and provided timely responses to his financial inquiries.
He managed the Controllership and financial reporting very well.
His experiences give him a particular expertise in import/export, cultural differences between countries, financial management, and business/manufacturing management.
During our company he was responsible for financial analyses and database management.
His understanding of technology management is holistic and inclusive of the financial and asset management components.
John's financial management background empowered him to address the financial issues facing the organization with intelligence and confidence.
He realises that you aren't as enthusiastic about financial management as him and explains in a way that doesn't leave you bewildered.
And at the same time he understands how to do that while managing the best interests of the company both financially and strategically.
John is also a keen financial manager - he knows where to spend money to make money and where to be conservative.
The expertise and attention to detail with which his financial affairs were managed could not be faulted.
He managed the financial aspects very well, understanding at all times the balance and remaining needs.
John possesses the ability to manage the financial picture of inroads yet not be bound by the numbers.
John provides a robust, no nonsense and refreshingly untrammelled approach to financial management.
Anything that he is charged with managing results in success - both financially and professionally.
He's a manager who's driven not only in terms of delivering end results and financial objectives.
John steps up to the plate when it comes to full cycle problem solving and financial management.
During his tenure of management the company enjoyed its greatest financial successes to date.
Whilst his role was far wider reaching, he managed the financial side with due diligence.
He contributed strategic ideas and provided efficient and effective financial management.
John's experience across financial services and wealth management is significant.
His forte in our company management, helps him to ' foresee the future' through financial numbers.
John helped solved the problem of management and many, many of these clients went on to be very comfortable financially.
John managed outstandingly the relationship with financial organizations as well as with institutional investors.
This attribute makes him well-suited for advising clients on the management of their financial assets.
He's a great relationship manager and always exceeded him financial metrics.
In a very short time he is able to manage all our financial vertical customers.