Financial Project Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Financial Project Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is excellent at project financials, analytics, and team management.
John provided outstanding financial and project management support to me.
His strong financial experience provided the necessary framework for our project.
He was always very in tune to the details of the project and company financials.
John was responsible for the financial aspect of the projects as well.
John managed complex releases, and every time went beyond just project management.
He is very detail-oriented and has a clear understanding of all the project management aspects including financial management.
He could handle many projects at one time and was very thorough and financially responsible.
John has been invaluable in running the organization and projecting our financial needs.
He has a very good understanding of financials and what drives profit in projects.
John is very adept at financial management and tracking, ensuring projects were on time and within budget.
He was the "go-to" guy in several areas of our projects, especially financials and managing contractors.
John is an effective project manager even in the most challenging of environments.
He has the ability to manage any project in any situation under any requirements.
Additionally, when managing large scale projects, he has been exceptional.
He can manage any project irrespective of its scale and complexity.
John is one of the most thorough project managers for online.
John' expertise from the financial end was important to the overall financial success for all of the company's construction projects.
He clearly understood the financial importance of the projects he managed and did an amazing job with them.
He was the absolute go to resource regarding any needs with project financials.
He is very experienced in managing client's expectations, giving presentations as well as with the financial side of the project.
From that day on, with him as a project manager, we managed to achieve a series of successful projects and overcome many obstacles.
It was one of his first projects in the firm and one of my first management experiences.
John experience with him is he is always on top of the projects he manages.
Incorporating his project management experience, he is always proactive.
John is really good manager and have world wide experience managing different projects.
He was involved in managing a complex project which involved financial reporting.
I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone looking for sound, financial advice / management.
John was known as the manager who wouldn't hesitate to volunteer for projects that others might not want.
He has got the ability to think out of the box, and to manage projects, sometimes more at the same time.
He makes sure that each project will get done on time and will exceed management's expectations.
Despite many changes he delivered the project on time and still managed to keep smiling.
He is also excellent at managing multiple projects and getting all of them done on time.
John's ability to manage many different projects at the same time is impeccable.
His timing is always impeccable just like his editing and project-management.
John managed the project superbly and delivered on every one of the objectives.
He is immensely thorough with him projects and excels in time management.
He is passionate about exceeding the objectives of the project he manages.
I was also impressed with his capacity for crisis and project management.
John is very articulate and well versed in project and time management.
He always ensures that the projects he manages are delivered on time.
John has successfully managed many challenging projects and objectives.
John is the project manager for studies of all phases of my compound.
John is an experienced project manager and an enthusiastic employee.
He has managed some of the complex projects during this time frame.
I can recommend him any time to take on complex project management.
At this time, he redefined for me the role of project management.
John is a team player and manages to get projects done on time.
He is one manager who can make any project worthy of one's time.
He manages his projects effectively and is timely in doing so.
Even more, you could never really poke holes in any financial modeling or projections he did because nothing was ever wrong.
John's financial background makes him an essential component of all of our critical projects.
He aggressively drove its turnaround, and significantly exceeded financial projections.
He consistently delivers on his financial numbers and projected company milestones.
I commend him project management approach and the rigour with which he approaches campaign management.
John has a rare combination of financial expertise, leadership, project management and good humor.
John among many other specializations, is an excellent project manager.
In both of these positions he was my special projects manager.
John is detail oriented and provides strong project and financial management for events.
You can trust him to manage your projects and deliver at the end of the day.