Financial Reporting Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Financial Reporting Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John went above and beyond to ensure our financial reporting was accurate and timely.
He has handled every aspect of my financial reporting for this same time.
John is an exceptional manager, he always makes himself available even to those that do not report directly to him.
John is one of the most thorough and thoughtful managers that has ever reported to me.
John directly reported to me, both as an individual contributor and manager.
John was one of the managers/senior managers reporting directly to me.
He had many reports, all of which he managed with tremendous efficiency.
He is also a great manager and always follows up with his reports.
I reported directly to him and appreciated his management style.
He is respected by his managers and those that report to him.
His management style is well-tailored to each of his reports.
As a manager, he was well respected by those he managed, and always treated his reports fairly.
I would recommend him for any job dealing with people, management, and financial reporting.
His open management style earns respect from those he reports to, and who report to him.
He is very detail-oriented and astute at financial management, analysis and reporting.
He is an outstanding manager, both of financial matters and otherwise.
I encourage you to contact him with your financial management needs.
John managed the financial aspects of the ministry diligently.
He is a successful leader of financial analysis, budgeting/forecasting and financial reporting.
On top of that he always had time for his reports and other managers.
He is one of the few managers who can get the best out of his direct reports, without any kind of micro management.
John managed his direct reports and his management with excellent results.
John was always on top of financials managing the budgets extremely well from the various streams that reported into him.
I have also regularly witnessed his insightful financial report presentations during management meetings.
You can tell that he has the respect of those that report to him, as well as peers and management.
When he reported to me, he was given the opportunity to manage people.
He always managed to get the best out of the people reporting in to him.
He is an outstanding manager who commands the respect of all of the people he manages as well as those to whom he reports.
I reported directly to him while he was managing very well all the team.
His first major task was to completely overhaul the financial reporting.
Him budgets and financial reporting are always helpful and timely.
John allows his reports to manage their responsibilities; he does not undermine their abilities.
John is fair and just in all his dealings, whether it be with his reports or upper management.
John is the sort of manager you want to be reporting to especially during tense periods.
John is the type of manager that brings out the best in those who report to him.
As a manager, he would go to bat for what was right for those who reported to him.
He is well organised and committed to his mission and his management reports.
I am happy to have reported to him recently as he is also a great manager.
He has the ability to report, organize, manage and is always smiling.
John is the ideal manager to whom everyone likes to report to.
He is a very loyal manager to his reports and to his company.
He also was very helpful to me in terms of improving my financial reports.
He worked with us on financial statement requirements for his company and understands what he needs for management reporting.
He was one of those managers that reports to you that you learn as much from him as he did for me.
Although he was an outstanding financial manager, it was clear to me that he had potential to do much more.
John reminded me of the need for better financial management, and helped me lay the groundwork.
He has been invaluable in helping me manage my financial portfolio.
He has a particular acumen for financial management and strategy.
I have no hesitation endorsing him as a strong financial manager.
He was extremely courteous in all of his interactions with both reports like myself and the management.
Conversations with him never seemed like it was just between a manager and his direct report.
John got along well with both upper management and the employees reported to him.
He provides guidance as needed without micro-managing him reports.
He is a well liked manager with a great attitude towards his reports.
I still make use of his advice to manage my own direct reports.
John reported to many managers during his time at our company.
He reported to me for several years and then worked his way into management.
Although he didn't work directly for me, his manager reported to me.
He held the respect of those he reported to and his own direct reports.
He always has the respect and admiration of his direct reports in addition to the management he reports to.