Financial Skills Performance Review Phrases Examples

Financial Skills Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

He has excellent financial skills and his leadership skills were outstanding.

Good marketing and financial skills are also part of his skill set.

He gets along great with everyone and has fantastic skills with financials.

John differentiates himself through his outstanding financial skills.

I especially value his financial modeling skills using Excel and other financial software.

Not only does he have exceptional financial skills, but interpersonal and managerial skills as well.

His financial, technical skills, presentation and people skills are first-rate.

His technical, financial skills and command of company financials is unparalleled.

He is skilled in financial analysis and a number of financial systems.

Everything that you know has gotten you to where you are today financially.

All of this is done regardless of whether he gains financially.

John is one of those individuals that looks beyond his own remit and so much more to the table than his financial skills.

John has excellent financial analytical skills and gets along well with his clients.

He is quite skilled in financial analysis, but he has branched out beyond that niche.

John's operational, financial, and leadership skills are second to none.

He is financially astute and his interpersonal skills are exemplary.

I found his financial and strategic skills to be of the highest order.

He is skilled at dealing with financial institutions and vendors.

His persuasive skills and financial acumen is second to none.

He has very strong financial, analytical and modeling skills.

Add to this his fantastic financial skill and you've got the perfect CFO.

Speak to him and let him help you with your financial planning.

He communicates well with others, both in financial and non-financial positions.

His negotiation skills, financial modeling and presentation skills have been one of the best I've seen.

Thanks to John, I'm more skilled and more financially secure.

Best of all, he goes out of his way to look after all aspects of my financial health.

I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone who is looking for financial assistance.

I consider him to be ahead of the pack in regards to his financial knowledge.

He is definitely the person to look for if you need any financial advice.

Whether it be through organizational or financial changes and challenges.

John is one of the best entrepreneurs and financiers you will find.

Thabojan is one of the very best financial advisers you will ever meet.

John provides one of the best financial educations that you can find.

John has been in financial services before, but is new to our office.

John is very professional and knows very well the financial domain.

John definitely recommend and use again for all our financial needs.

John is truly the "financial fighter" when it comes to his clients.

John is one out of the box when it comes to financial matters.

The best financial planners know it's not just about the numbers.

John really knows what he's talking about in the financial world.

Members really look to him for advice on their financial needs.

I believe that would be an asset to any financial organization.

John provided me with some incredibly useful financial advice.

He would be someone to see before making financial decisions.

He uses all of the above skills to come out with financial propositions that turn out to be game changers.

John is an outstanding financial executive with both technical and management/leadership skills.

John gives them invaluable tools and skills to help them better navigate their financial lives.

Besides his financial skills he was also extraordinarily helpful in other areas of the company.

Motivated, dedicated, very professional and highly skilled when it comes to financial figures.

He has very strong financial modeling and research skills and can think out of the box.

He is also very skilled in his profession, from technical details of financial offers.

He has fantastic analytical skills that are not only limited to financial aspects.

He is skilled, knowledgeable and diligent with his professional financial advice.

His financial acumen and analytical skills are invaluable when he's on the team.

Has good financial skills with the ability to come up with practical solutions.

Additionally, comparing financing options for customers is an important skill.

John has very strong financial skills; he is committed, sharp and reliable.

John is an outstanding individual with excellent financial knowledge and skill.

He is strong in all areas, especially the technical and financial skill sets.

His acute financial skills have been extremely useful on numerous occasions.