Fire Protection Engineer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Fire Protection Engineer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He always had a fire in him and even when times were tough, he still had fire in him to end up on top.
Within two weeks time, he had us re-organized and firing on all engines.
But he helped me rekindle my own fire, that fire that burns within each of us.
What impressed me most about him, however, was how calm he was under fire.
He's been through many fire-drills with me and has always come through.
Ten minutes with him will have you fired up to take over the world.
John is the right guy to get you fired up about what you're doing.
That doesn't mean that he doesn't hold your feet to the fire.
He has a way to make everyone he comes across fired up and motivated.
He knows when some fires put themselves out and he knows when a fire can turn into a blast.
There are always fires to fight, and he makes a pretty good fire fighter.
John is one of those people who always have fire in their belly.
He is knowledgeable and easy to get along with, and will go out of his way to help out with what ever fire you have going on.
He can be hyper and all fired up, and that's when obstacles better get out of his way.
His advice was always spot on, and he was more than willing to jump into the fire.
He is thorough, has many different irons in the fire and seems to remain focused.
If you want someone who captivates the audience and fires them up, he's your man.
Vinny is also great fun to be around, especially when he's on fire with his wit.
He has a fire about the way he does everything that is simply infectious.
He stuck with us, helping us prove that we were not the cause of the fire.
Pressure is something he handles extremely well, even under constant fire.
As a champion, he always has your back when your irons are in the fire.
John is the guy you want with you in a foxhole when you're under fire.
He inspired me to look inside myself and find the fire in the future.
John is on fire with passion to help get more clicks to your site.
I know he has the tenacity and the fire to do what it takes to win.
He knows how to come out of fire scenarios without offending anyone.
He got a few breaks in the next year and now he has been on fire.
When standing behind a particular cause, he's especially fired up.
John will hold your feet to the fire and you will be better for it.
He does whatever it takes to get him class fired up on the topic.
John could be in the midst of a fire and you'd never know it.
He was calm under fire and fearless about taking on challenges.
He fires up everyone around him to reach higher and try harder.
I've walked through fire for him and will gladly do so again.