Fire Watch Performance Review Phrases Examples

Fire Watch Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He did not just take our watch, tell us what time it was, and then keep our watch.
Simply, he does the right things when no one is watching and that is what makes him very successful.
And, of course, being on top of everything that happens on his watch.
John believes in doing the right thing even when nobody is watching.
He would stop the fire from lighting, rather than putting out the fire once it was lit.
John's will to succeed by doing the right thing will take him far - stand back and watch.
He is definitely someone who needs to watch out for - very successful in his ventures.
John is always the one you'll watch out for, because you'll know he'll be a star.
It was quite apparent from the beginning that he was going to be someone to watch.
Most of all, he then treats them well and watches out for them while they bloom.
If you should have the chance to get him on yours, take it and watch the magic.
He is definitely one to watch, as he will do great things in the future.
John is someone to watch, there is no limit to what he will achieve.
If you ask him "how are we going to do that?", he'll say "watch him".
He did this and it will be interesting to watch what he does next.
When the pressure is on, he won't be watching from the sidelines.
We'll miss him and watch what he does next with great interest.
Ultimately, he will be a name to watch out for in the future.
John him what your objective is and watch him make it happen.
John can take on anything, follow him on our company and just watch.
Our company by watching what John does, you can tell what he values.
If you haven't already watched some yourself, go out on our company or our company.