Fitness Attendant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Fitness Attendant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

His recent attendance at one of his class offerings was well worth his time to attend.
There is something to take away for all who attend his talks.
If you have the opportunity to attend one of his workshops, you really owe it to yourself to clear your calendar and attend.
Our company colleagues have attended the our company Media course and also said that was also excellent - hence we attend this one.
He will go out of his way to attend to your needs and fulfill them above and beyond expectations.
John does one of its kind and put him whole self into it as you will see if when attending.
If you have not attended this course he offers then you should definitely be looking into it.
Occasionally he would ask him to hold this or that while he attended to something temporarily.
That is just one example of his capability in attending to the needs of the employees.
Anyone who's looking to come up with the startup's should attend his workshops.
John provides an insight that you will never get from attending college.
If you have not yet, attend one of his sessions and see this for yourself.
They most definitely get value for what they pay to attend his workshops.
He attends your each and every doubt and make sure it has been resolved.
Several of his colleagues have attended as well upon his recommendation.
John first impressed him during his attendance at one of his workshops.
He also makes the classes fun and something that you want to attend.
Great value for him and others that have the good fortune to attend.
You will not be disappointed after you attend one of his workshops.
It was his first time attending, but definitely will not be his last.
Do attend his training/discussions if you ever get an opportunity.
Looking forward to attending one of his courses later in the year.
John to have another chance to attend another one of your classes.
He gets everyone to participate that attends any of his classes.
Punctual with everything he does, from attendance to daily tasks.
Feedback from those who attend his sessions is always positive.
He added value to all of the other participants in attendance.
John is great and was always available to attend to our needs.
His style is relaxed and gets the most out of those attending.
Everyone who attended classes with him was the better for it.
A must attend for anyone who wants to get the most out of the our company platform.
John understands the technologies he is working with, how they fit together, and where they don't fit.
While attending to his immediate responsibilities, he is always willing and able to help out with other tasks.
We would recommend him to everyone, and everyone who attended had nothing but glowing things to say about him.
He reached out to all those attending to help make it better and less negative and monotonous.
If you have the opportunity to attend one of his quartemania, please do so, you will enjoy.
If nothing else gets in touch and attend one of his seminars and make up your own mind.
If you ever have occasion to attend one of his workshops, you won't want to miss it.
He provided everyone in attendance with plenty of useful tips to take away with them.
Would definitely not think twice before attending a session with him anywhere, anytime.
His sessions were not only the best attended, but also provided the strongest impact.
It would be difficult to attend one of his workshops and not get anything out of it.
Feedback since has been brilliant, with many who attended still mentioning him talk.
If you are lucky enough to attend one of his classes, you will not be disappointed.
But this was one session that intrigued him, and it was completely right to attend.
Would definitely recommend anyone to attend his workshops if they have the chance.
He also provided several workshops that were well attended and extremely helpful.
Needless to say, most of us to attend his talk came out impressed and inspired.
John and his wife attended our course, even though they were' from our council.
We've also attended one of his courses and it more than delivers in every way.
Phone genius has without doubt helped him and everyone else that has attended.
If you have the chance to attend him sessions, don't past up the opportunity.
John made himself available when needed to attend to issues as they arose.
You can't pay better attention than him when an attendant needs some help.
Anyone with an interest for innovation should attend one of his classes
One of him recent seminar was well attended and he received accolades.
John to have the opportunity to attend his workshop/training in future.
His workshops have been well attended and the feedback has been great.
With his help, our attendance at gallery openings has been phenomenal.
He always focused on delivering value to those attending his sessions.
If you attend one of his classes you would instantly see the difference.
Would love to attend something else that he will run in the near future.
By the end of the convention, all who attended were in love with him.
He kept his attention in class and it was very enjoyable to attend.
His insights were enlightening and beneficial to all in attendance.
John has attended the births of both of his children-at our home.
Be sure to take the time to attend one of his seminars if you can.
He has attended the courses which he has found highly beneficial.
And he does that ensuring all stakeholders are properly attended.
His expertise on the topic was clearly apparent to all attending.
John is a joy to have in the two classes of mine he attended.
John's classes are very energized and enjoyed by all who attend.
John is very diligent and prompt in attending to any request.
Don't miss the opportunity to attend when he puts one on again.
Must attend for any woman serious about his leadership journey.
John has attended many of his seminars, classes and workshops.
Customers raved about the classes that they attended with him.
Everyone had some great takeaways from attending his session.
His only hope is that he will agree to attend again next year.
If you see his name attached to a leadership course - attend.
John continue to see out opportunities to attend his classes.
He attended his talk and couldn't have been nicer afterwards.
Your flexibility around his attendance was helpful initially.
John is that there were participants who attended remotely.
Everyone who is not our company savvy needs to attend one of his seminars.
Be sure to attend these seminars - first our company or each month.
Every our company and their employees should attend his workshop.
That may not seem possible, but after attending the seminar and using our company, you will see this for yourself.
If you want to make the best use of our company, then this is a must-attend workshop.
John attended our company, our company with him for four years.
John also went above and beyond to make sure it was a technical fit and cultural fit.
He always makes himself available to attend to the issues even though his department is quite overloaded.
Also, he is always available to attend his meetings as well as maintaining his accounts/appointments.
He always made sure that the latest improvements were available to all who attended the meetings.
John is one of those guys that really adds value to any meeting that he attends.
Read his writings, and if you have the opportunity, attend one of his seminars.
John attended all necessary meetings and always participated in the discussion.
His dedication in attending these meetings was always appreciated.
If you hear that he is speaking somewhere, you owe it to yourself to attend.
If you ever have a chance to attend a class or seminar that he is conducting it will be in your best interest to attend.
His statement following the meeting was that it was the best meeting he had ever attended.
John certainly knows what he is talking about and was very helpful in tailoring the course for our needs and the expertise of those attending.
John continually went out of his way to help him and those around him get up to speed; making sure our every need was attended to.
He's not someone in it just for the glory: he truly wants to make those who attend his sessions smarter and more successful.
After attending one of his sessions you go away feeling you have learnt something new and want to know more.
Anyone who signs up for his courses - but then doesn't attend - is truly "shooting themselves in the foot".
It was by far the best attended and best reviewed class we have ever had including all of his sessions.
Moreover, he made sure to pay attention to everyone involved everyone attending was on the same page.
Also, if you pass contacts onto him, he is quick to attend to their needs and always gives feedback.
His workshop on storytelling has always been a favorite not only for him, but for those that attend.
John is confident in what he does, which allows those attending his workshops to feel comfortable.
He is consistently in attendance and he brings to the group as much, if not more, than he takes.
He has always been prompt in his attendance and very conscientious in how he spends his time.
Everyone who has attended commented how they wished they could have listened to him for hours.
John made everyone welcome and took time to chat to all who attended on a one to one basis.
Him attendance and ability to complete assignments went well above and beyond expectations.
Have attended his seminar and it's not only insightful, but also entertaining and relevant.
His insight to the craft has served him well since he left, as it did while he attended.
John, he is diligent and outgoing when it comes to his attendance at the station remotes.
It has been his privilege to attend several of the workshops you have conducted for women.
The workshops he gives are always well attended and with rave reviews from his attendees.
If there was ever a need to attend to resolve an issue he was there without any excuses.
Once you've attended his class, you will never prospect the same ineffective way again.
He always attended in his role with enthusiasm and strives to better himself each time.
He walked in and mesmerised everyone who attended, even the hardcore ones were moved.
John made time for each of them and we got rave reviews from the women who attended.
We attended two of his shows, and they were among the highlights of an excellent trip.
His sessions are enjoyable and memorable and have an impact on all those who attend.
It amazed him that he asked when it would be and made sure he was able to attend it.
His employees came back energized and enthusiastic about the seminars they attended.
His seminars are consistently the best attended and best reviewed by all attendees.
He attended to his needs when asked and remembered when the issue took delegation.
There were many other obstacles and he continuously attended to and resolved them.
His passion for helping is clear, and gels with him and many others in attendance.
He will be attending to each of his deliverables with great passion and honesty.
If you have the fortunate opportunity to listen to his sessions, you must attend.
He ensures that you will know how much you do not know when you attend his session.
He would also ask for feedback and attend to the ongoing issues that came about.
His passion and expertise shined through and was witnessed by all who attended.
John took a challenging subject and made it interesting to all that attended.
His advice was respected and taken to heart by all who attended his sessions.
He attends our retreats and conventions, and really understands our culture.
His courses were very popular and always highly rated by those who attended.
We are very grateful to have had him attend and would greatly recommend him.
John always responds swiftly and attends to our correspondence efficiently.
We always get excellent feedback from the delegates who attend his courses.
He will definitely be a valuable asset to any organisation that he attends.
His enthusiasm never fails to rub off on all those who attend his courses.
In one of his classes, he had perfect attendance for the entire semester.
People who've attended his workshops tell him that those are terrific too.