Fitness Coach Performance Review Phrases Examples

Fitness Coach Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He coaches them well and understands whether or not they will be a fit with our firm.
Our company one coach is going to be a perfect fit for everyone, but John was a perfect fit for him.
If you have the opportunity to get coached by him or have him coach your team, don't miss out.
John taught and coached him and his team how to coach more effectively.
John will coach you through a unique and challenging fitness routine.
And the coaches that he worked with always seemed to fit in and get up to speed quickly.
John coached him through his journey to become a professional coach.
It was such a pleasure being coached by such an expert in behavioral coaching - he has taught him so much and continues to well after the coaching engagement.
John graciously gave him an experience of him coaching first, so we both could determine whether or not we were the right fit for one another.
Thank you for helping him try on coaching for size during your workshop and discovering that it was the perfect fit.
He sees everyone as an individual and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to his coaching style.
His coaching was very valuable to him and his growth as a leader and coach.
John' coaching expertise has been very helpful to our group as well as the private coaching he has done for various members.
He truly cares about the people he coaches way beyond the original coaching sessions.
John doesn't fit into the norm, or the vision of what people might think an effective coach is all about.
He fits him coaching and him entire process to his unique needs and difficulties.
He is of course a great coach, he knows how to organise coaching and he's great to have in the team.
And now he's teaching and coaching his clients how to do that, authentically so it fits your situation.
He always looks for feedback to better himself and gives the same coaching to his team.
By example and inspired coaching, he gets the most out of his teams.
John not just finds the best match for the company and the candidate, he also coaches both parties on how to find the best fit.
He tailors his coaching style to the individual rather than using a one size fits all approach.
John provides coaching and professional feedback to help find the perfect fit.
He makes sure that once you report to him, you will be coached and will be well guided.
He coached the member through the course of action to follow.
John's coaching on communication fits the true meaning of the term.
If you need a mentor, coach, business coach - you just found him.
John always made himself available for questions and coaching to help us grow our franchise.
This new endeavor into executive coaching is an ideal fit for him.
John is an innovative coach with ideas that fit today's market.
As much as he can make stories better, him coaching makes for better editors.
John's expertise in coaching and how to start an internal coaching practice was invaluable.
John goes above and beyond to coach and mentor students and new graduates.
He took several learnings/mentorship and became conversant with the coaching practices.
John, professional coach who will get you to get yourself to another level.
He coached him along the way and was always courteous and professional.
John is definitely an international and cross-cultural coach.
John has provided him with outstanding professional coaching.
He is a multifaceted, versatile coach, who cares about the clients he coaches.
Once we found something we agreed was a fit, he was fantastic at coaching him through their complex process.
John is a great coach who knows his stuff and is clearly passionate about health and fitness.
Also, coached him throughout the entire process to make sure this position was a good fit.
John's value-based coaching challenges him to continually improve and to seek the solutions that fit.
He digs deep and coaches in a very holistic way, because there's no one-size-fits-all solution.