Fitness Consultant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Fitness Consultant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John always has plenty ideas and is willing to consult other colleagues to come to the best fitting idea.
He told me that he would discuss me with his fellow consultants and they would find me the right fit.
He ensures that the consultants provided were a good fit for our need and environment.
He is very consultative and will do his best to find the right fit for company and talent.
I often wonder how he does all that he does, and fits it into his life.
And, he has no obligation consults to see if you fit as well - so don't take only my word for it; contact him.
John has a great approachable demeanor that fits well with consultative selling.
John, with his excellent grip on "the right fits" is a great consultant.
If you need a respirator fitting consultant, he has many years of experience.
He has a talent for finding perfect fits for his consultants.
John will make sure that all your needs are met and will make sure everything is the correct fit.
He follows up after the hire to make sure the fit is right for you and the new employee.
I am sure that he is the one who could be fit in all sorts of organizations.
He fits in so well that our employees always think he's one of us.
I think that he would be an outstanding fit for any organization.
He will be a good fit for the organization where his role fits in.
He does his very best to find the best fit between client and consultant, which helps both parties.
John was an immediate fit and was well-liked and respected by everyone in our department.
He looks out for the best possible solutions that fit their needs and not his own.
He wants to make sure you get the solution that fits for you.
John nickname for his is "partner" because, well, it just fits.
John is able to cut through the fluff and place our consultants that are the right fit for the positions that he is looking to fill.
None more telling than his ability to spot anomalies, and turn those things that don't seem to fit into advantages for those he consults.
I highly recommend consulting him regarding any fitness related concerns.
John is also very devoted to follow-up to make sure that the matches he does fit.
He was open very much for any and all questions, even to those not fit to the subject.
John is very dedicated to finding the right fit with all of his placements.
After analyzing the needs he made several concepts which fit our idea's.
John is able to analyze your needs which fits best for your company.
He is versatile and can fit himself in any challenging assignment.
John was able to fit in right away and everyone respected him.
John was our coach last year, and he was just a better, fitter for us than our previous consultant.
He is definitely a great fit for a consulting and entrepreneurial career.
John would also come back with recommendations for those who wouldn't fit immediately into his organization.
I have always found him to think outside the box and continually look for the best fit to your requirements.
He engaged with those he saw value in even if the immediate need was not a perfect fit.
He fits in well here and he has made quite an impression on the greater organization.
John's name is fitting for him - he is vivacious and vital to any organization.
He also wants to ensure that any placement is the right fit for both parties.
He would fit well in any organization from start-up to well established.
His interventions were well thought through and fit for the organisation.
John is extremely versatile and can fit with most every organization.
John with his diverse background would fit well in any organization.
John was that guy that fits into every facet of the organization.
I'm sure he would fit in perfectly with any great organization.
He went above and beyond to ensure this was the correct fit for me and my new employer.
John knows that one solution does not fit all so he provided several re-few options.
In addition, he will keep coming back to make sure your solution fits your needs.
If there isn't something that fits your needs he'll build it for you himself.
He makes the effort to get to know your needs and find solutions that fit.
He provided several options for solutions to best fit our circumstances.
I was always amazed at how much he fitted into one day, and so easily.
He offers solutions that fit your needs and that are sustainable.
He recommended the solution that best fit the needs of the firm.
He also seems to go an extra step to see what he can do for you and to make sure the consultants he is offering are the right fit.
John doesn't fit the standard definition of just another smart consultant.
John understands there is more to finding the perfect fit then just an opening and an available consultant.
John is great at finding the best fit for any candidate and therefore any company he is consulting.
He also had a great sense of humor and fitted in well with the consultancy organisation.
His approach is much more consultative and really focuses on finding a good fit.
John is the perfect mix of fitness consultant and taskmaster
He does not use one-size-fits-all consultants that would be wasteful of the clients' time.
He found positions for our consultants that fits their knowledge and experience perfectly.
He helped him source consultants and employees who not only have the right expertise, but also fit our culture.
His background in consulting has held him in good stead to fit into most roles within organisations.
John provided him with the opportunity that fitted him very well.
As his consultant, he saw more to him than just his qualifications and placed him in a job that proved to be the right fit for both him and his new employer.