Fitness Industry Performance Review Phrases Examples

Fitness Industry Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

The impact he has made, and continues to make in the fitness industry is to be admired.
John can fit in easily in any company and position within this industry.
John's insights into the fitness and club industry are invaluable.
His start in the fitness industry could not have been any better.
He listens to the needs of his clients and how they might fit together and clearly knows the industry.
John knows the industry and only recommends the people that really fit with what you are looking for.
He certainly fits in an academic, but also in an industrial environment.
John's fitness industry knowledge goes beyond what is just expected.
His knowledge of the fitness industry was also very impressive.
He's one of the best our industry has to offer and it's guys like him who will make sure the commercial fitness industry thrives into the future.
He knows his industry backwards and forwards and looks to make the right fit for the company and the applicant
He provided him with a platform to learn more about the fitness industry.
He not only knows the high-tech industry, but also knows the key players and where they all fit.
It is no surprise to him that he has achieved such prominence in the global fitness industry.
He fits well in the high-tech industry, but would also be effective in any environment.
He helped him translate accomplishments and experiences to fit those industries.
This combination makes him the perfect fit for the industry, he belongs to.
He is destined to be an influential force in the fitness industry.
John's ability to sell makes him a great fit for any industry.
His peronlity traits fits perfectly the hospitality industry.
His knowledge of the industry is exceptional, he is as fit as can be and knows his stuff.
Not only is he up on what is going into the industry, he knows who the players are which helps him to understand where you, as a candidate, will best fit.
He not only stood out among the other speakers at the conference, but continues to stand above others in the fitness industry.
John is visionary, he has the ability to understand his industry and how everything fits into the bigger picture.
He is currently an asset to the fitness industry, and will succeed in any profession that he is progressing in.
He continually keeps up-to-date on what is happening in the industry and always suggests the best fit for him.
He can become a perfect fit in any of the industry because of his approach towards a problem.
His range of experience in many industries would make him a great fit for any organization.
Given his level of enthusiasm and commitment he can be a good fit for any industry.
Him a sense of urgency and ability to assess fit is unique in the industry.
He would be a good fit for a start-up looking to shake up their industry.
John brought in his expertise and tweaked it to fit the auto industry.
He has a deep understanding of the fitness and nutrition industry.
His warmth and jovial personality would fit well in any industry.
John's years of experience in the fitness industry have served him well.
His determination to help others combined with his inner drive for success are what separates him from most others in the fitness industry.
John provided extremely valuable intelligence/advice from all of his work in the fitness industry.
His qualifications in the fitness industry, ability to assess and motivate are second to none.
His knowledge and expertise within the fitness world makes him valuable to the industry.
John's knowledge of telephony and how it fits into industries of all types is unmatched.
His immense knowledge of the industry and passion for fitness is truly unmatched.
John loves the gaming industry, and is an all-around fantastic culture fit.
Our readers appreciate his nuts-and-bolts information about the fitness industry.
He strives to help others not only in his daily interactions with clients, but also with others in the fitness industry.
He made it his mission to learn as much about his industry and himself to ensure it would be a good fit.
Him experience, industry knowledge and all around fun work ethic make him an especially good fit for any industry.
His experience in the industry gives him the flexibility to join any company and fit right in as well as suggested improvements.
He deserves whatever position anyone has to offer in the fitness industry purely because his passion and experience.
He is at the level in our industry that all fitness trainers should aspire to be at.
He will fit into a wide variety of roles given his experience, but could easily adapt to industries other than the geospatial mapping industry.
Knowledgeable about his industry and took the time to get to know both client and candidate to ensure there was mutual fit.
He really knows the industry well and is adept at finding the "right" fit for both clients and candidates.
He understands the industry, and has the ability to find the perfect fit for his clients.
Highly customer focused, he is a perfect fit for the tourism industry.
Our company equipment has the best "look" in the fitness industry because of John's vision and determination.
Couldn't have a better fitting title with his superb knowledge of the industry.