Fitness Instructor Performance Review Phrases Examples

Fitness Instructor Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Excellent fitness instructor and very talented at what he does.
If he does not think he is the best fit for your organization he will tell you right up front.
He made sure the home fit our needs and was always around when we had questions.
Not only has he fitted suits for work, but he also fits for weddings.
John truly cares and has great pride that every fit he seeks out is the right fit.
His new book the our company instructor is the first book that really highlights the key attributes of a world class fitness instructor.
John will make sure that all your needs are met and will make sure everything is the correct fit.
John came to him as someone who needed direction with him fitness.
John, whose name fits him well, is always upbeat and engaging.
His approach has made him a stand-out instructor that caters to all levels of fitness.
He looks out for the best possible solutions that fit their needs and not his own.
John will always try and get you the best fitted, outside the box solution.
What is more, he is quick to come up with several solutions that fit.
He wants to make sure you get the solution that fits for you.
He always looks for best solution to fit into your enterprise.
John inspires not only his students, but also his fellow instructors, to achieve their fitness goals.
He's specialized: he will tell you if he's the right fit or refer you to someone that is.
John is also very devoted to follow-up to make sure that the matches he does fit.
He provided many recommendations, but searched until we found the right fit for him.
He also wants to ensure that any placement is the right fit for both parties.
Review his experience and responsibilities to see the fit for your company.
He does his homework to make sure that the fit is correct in all aspects.
His interventions were well thought through and fit for the organisation.
After analyzing the needs he made several concepts which fit our idea's.
Certainly he really fits well with growing and innovative organization.
He really safeguards the best possible fit for all parties involved.
He is an asset to any organization for which he deems himself fit.
It is beautiful, it suits him, it fits and has been much admired.
Him instructors are fantastic and make wellness approachable to everyone here, regardless of their current fitness level.
He introduced him to fitness solutions that fitted well with his lifestyle and consequently were much easier to achieve.
John always seems to know which of his clients best fit with our audience.
And if something is not a fit, he will tell you who to go to and point you in the right direction.
He engaged with those he saw value in even if the immediate need was not a perfect fit.
He relates well to everyone he comes in contact with and can fit into any environment
He follows through and takes appropriate risks when they fit with his mission.
He fitted into the organisation well and provided clear direction.
He finds the right candidates that fits for most of his campaigns.
He can stretch nearly any policy to fit nearly any situation.
He's also really flexible and always seems to fit you into his schedule.