Fitness Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Fitness Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John certainly fit that description as one of his key managers.
Within the management, and although younger than all, he quickly managed to fit in while gaining staff and management's respect.
He managed from afar when necessary and hands-on when he saw fit.
John understands the need for not only skill set, fit, but also cultural fit.
He found the best answers to fit him and his situation instead of making him fit into a one-size-fits-all answer.
It is amazing to him how much he fits into his life and how he still manages to be successful.
John managed to keep candidates flowing and didn't stop until we found exactly the right fit.
He allowed you to manage as you saw fit and when you needed help, he was right there.
He manages expectations for both all parties so that we can really find our fit.
He can adapt his management style to fit the needs of any of his employees.
Hiring managers knew that they could depend on him to find the right fit.
He manages to fit him in the last minute and has never disappointed him.
The combination makes him an excellent fit for him management role.
John does not take a one-size-fits all approach to management.
John's is that he seems to get how things fit together and that makes him useful in almost any situation.
He found out about us first and then tried to find something that would fit.
John definitely is one among very, very few who fit into this category.
But even if the fit is not right, he knows how to make the most of it.
Most importantly, he also knows when he doesn't have the right fit.
He makes sure it fits what you're looking for- he gets to know you.
John is all of those and more, he even provided fitness expertise.
If he doesn't have someone with the right fit, he'll tell you.
John not only gets it, but he knows how to fit it all together.
John would introduce the hiring managers and really look for the right people fit.
He fits into any group, be it his peers, his managers or his reports
He sees how the pieces fit together (or how to fit them together when others have given up).
John somehow always manages to introduce the right and sometimes perfect fit candidate to the organisation.
He therefore manages to bring you candidates that truly fit your needs and your organisational culture.
He settled for nothing less than the perfect candidate to fit his managers' requirements.
He took the time to understand his needs as the hiring manager to ensure best fit.
He sincerely wants to help candidates and the hiring managers find the right fit.
John's management style was a perfect fit for him as an employee.
When he finds someone for you, you know they are the best, and then it is up you if they fit with your company.
He let him know every week that he was still looking for something that would be the right fit for him.
He never pressured him into considering anything that wasn't the best fit for him and his experience.
He's willing to try new things, or just go with tried-and-true - whatever fits the situation.
He may offer you something you didn't know you were looking for, but which fits perfectly.
He follows up after the hire to make sure the fit is right for you and the new employee.
John went above and beyond to help us find the fit for all our circumstances.
If you are looking for someone who fits that description, then he is your man.
He not only knows what he's doing, but also how it fits into the bigger picture.
He definitely goes the extra mile to make sure everything and everyone fits.
He is not just looking for a body, he is really looking for the right fit.
He made sure to find him the right fit, not only for him but for the company.
He's not into bullshit and he'll tell you if you're the right fit or not.
He makes the arrangements to fit what you want, and they're really great.
He really wants to get to know you and find exactly what fits your needs.
Working with him is an adventure where everything fits on the right path.
John gets that fitness is as much, if not more, about brains than brawn.
John came in with all of the necessary capabilities to fit in this role.
He fitted well into our culture, and was well liked by his colleagues.
He will fit in very comfortably with whatever he does in his father
He really took the time to make sure he found the best fit for him.
He fits in so well that our employees always think he's one of us.
He knows how the pieces should fit together before they even exist.
Reach out and touch base with him to see if you are the right fit.
He looks at the right fit both for the individual and the company.
He will fit into any organisation and make an immediate impact.
John found him the right position which fits very well with him.
John not only help the beginner, but also the pro in fitness.
John would have the ability to fit in well in any environment.
He knows what he is doing and will find the right fit for you.
To make it even better, he was an amazing fit for the company.
John fitted the bill and fitted in well with his colleagues at all levels.
John managed all of them, fit right into the team and exceeded our expectations.
He is the right fit, perfectly self-own built manager of any team.
He manages to fit into any environment, gets along with, inspires and motivates personnel.
John's knack for bringing out the best in people makes him an ideal fit for management.
He fits into the category of best manager/ boss ever and will be hard to beat.
He manages to find the people who the exact fit for their position.
He wants to make sure the fit is good on both sides and goes the extra mile to ensure the right fit.
He clearly understood the "fit" that we sought and regularly submitted candidates who fit.
He will be a good fit for the organization where him role fits in.
His nickname for his is "partner" because, well, it just fits.
He also understood his management style and the importance of cultural fit.
He never tried to force jobs on him that weren't the right fit.
He always had time for us and somehow managed to fit everything in although he was juggling so many items and responsibilities at once.
Him lifestyle, both in fitness and in nutrition, is what many aspire to but don't always manage to achieve.
Somehow he always manages to fit all in too - another mark of someone who cares deeply about what they do.
In particular his management of employee's with poor organisational fit was both sensitive and effective.
He manages everyone in the way which bests suits them rather than a one size fits all approach.
He contacted him, and quickly assessed his abilities, as well as fit with the hiring manager.
His management style is very visionary, he understands how the pieces fit to make progress.
Working in a group comes naturally to him and he is best fit for the modern manager's role.
John would be a great fit for any company that is looking for a dedicated manager.
John can easily fit into any context and manage high responsibilities with ease.
From a management standpoint, he would fit in at any of the listed companies.
The candidates he hired were great fits based on the manager's needs.
His style is a good fit for managing across cultures and geographies.
Our company few managers can do that with ease, and John was a natural fit in that role.
He always managed to fit his schedule around the needs of others and definitely was an asset to the department.
He ensured it was the right fit for us and has kept in touch and followed up with us to make sure everything is on track.
John is willing to tell you if something doesn't seem like the right fit, and he's refreshingly candid and transparent.
He truly was looking for the best fit for both the candidate and the company and he went above & beyond in his efforts.
Consequentially, he doesn't bother him with anything irrelevant only with the things that truly fit our organisation.
John would also come back with recommendations for those who wouldn't fit immediately into his organization.
If something is not a fit or isn't going right, he will be the first to tell you and do his best to fix it.
He can be counted on to know where everything is, who it came from and when it is fit for publication.
You can tell he really looks after your best interest and wants to find the best fit for both sides.
Somehow he gets everything done, even when everything can't possibly fit into the time allotted.
Not only did he make sure it was a fit for him, but for the companies that we would be looking for.
And, if he didn't connect with the first candidate, he kept going until he found the 'right fit.
The best evidence that he knows what he's talking about is his own fitness, which is astounding.
The best thing about him, about fitting into any role given and excelling in that within no time.
John doesn't try to fit in with the status quo or look back on how things have always been done.
He always provides the right profile, and ensures the right fit for us as well as the candidate.
This allows him to ensure that he gets the right fit between the company and the candidate.
John can help facilitate the "right fit" for you, if that's what you are trying to achieve.
We talked about all the different logos and found one that best fit him and the company.
Him forthright recommendations fit who you are and make you much better at what you do.
He instinctively knows who fits where & what is good or otherwise for him candidates.
John understands that everyone has different needs, and that one size never fits all.
Not only will he find you the best rate but also the best fit for your circumstances.
And quite often he comes up with ideas or bundles that make things "fit" just right.
He will not try to sell you something that isn't correct or doesn't fit your needs.
He fits in well here and he has made quite an impression on the greater organization.
He listened to his requirements and didn't trouble him with anything that did not fit.
John's name is fitting for him - he is vivacious and vital to any organization.
And if it was a fit, he'd go to whatever lengths necessary to help with the story.
The three attributes do not really do him enough justice as he fits into them all.
From his experience, he is taking his responsibilities with every fitting commitment.
He would definitely be a great fit if you are looking for someone with excellence.
John truly does his best to find the best fit and will not settle for anything less.
He might not know how it all fits together, but he is always able to "get it done".
And he never talks down to anyone, regardless of their ability or level of fitness.
If you are really serious about standing out and not fitting in go seek him out.
John knows the different companies and can recommend one that fits your needs.
John's new position was just about to fit some of those leadership attributes.
He seems to know exactly who would be a perfect fit for whom from both sides.
He always wants it to be an excellent fit for both sides; so that everyone gains.
John would fit into any environment and make it successful in every aspect.
He approached him with an opportunity that proved to be the appropriate fit.
John fits really well into the company culture and gets along with everyone.
John really understood the culture within the company and who will best fit.
He understands his subordinates well and often fits himself in their shoes.
He would fit well in any organization from start-up to well established.
He however did this with utmost ease fitting in with all the stakeholders.
He fits into the organization immediately and provided value from the start.
John's passion is fitness and helping others be the very best they can be.
It's also clear he does all he can to find the best fit for his candidates.
This in turn will obviously increase his chances of getting the right fit.
John always identified the best fit for each role and the organisation.
John understands the brief thoroughly and fits round pegs in round holes.
John fit into the culture of the agency well and was liked by everyone.
He really gets to know you and makes recommendations that are a good fit.
After chatting about it, we decided that it was not the right fit for him.
He always gets back to him immediately with candidates that fit his needs.
After all, that is what makes him a perfect fit for his current position.
Regardless the amount of responsibilities, he fits himself in everywhere.
The position that was put forward to him was better fitting of his skillset.