Follow Directions Performance Review Phrases Examples

Follow Directions Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

You tell him what you are looking for and he will take you in that direction.
He definitely knows how to follow directions and can think outside the box.
His follow up and follow through are exceptional.
He provided direction when direction was needed.
His follow up and follow through are excellent.
His follow-through and follow-up is legendary.
He has a direction and executes that direction.
His follow-up and follow thru is impeccable.
He is someone you need to know and follow.
John has always been an example to follow.
He is always the first to go above and beyond, thus setting the example for others to follow.
He is someone who will tell you like it is and also help guide you in the right direction.
John is always willing to help where he can or at least point you in the right direction.
John's follow-up and follow-through all the way through onboarding was excellent.
He has been able to direct me in different directions when it has come to market.
His follow up and feedback is professional and is an example for others to follow.
Whenever he says something, he will follow through and get back to you in time.
Thanks to his follow-up and direction, each implementation went flawlessly.
He knows exactly what to do, when to do it, and how often to to follow up.
John was always willing to help you get pointed in the right direction.
He is self directed and self motivated and needs a very little direction.
He is always there to help out with just the right processes to follow.
John makes those around him better and they will follow his lead.
You can look forward to him for direction and he will not let you down.
Him follow-up and follow-through during my association were exemplary.
John takes direction very well and can lead as well as he follows.
He is very thorough and makes sure that the processes are followed.
I know he will always follow through on what he says he will do.
He anticipates what needs to be done, and needs a little direction.
John would always follow through and go above and beyond possible.
People follow him because they want to, not because they have to.
I liked the way he would follow-up on things to get them closed.
Him ability to follow up and follow through are impeccable.
I've seen him do the same with other staff under his direction.
He is an encouragement to others and an example to be followed.
He did this even though it was not his direct responsibility.
If you ask him to follow up, he will even if you've forgotten.
Point him in the direction you want him to go and let him run.
Success will follow him wherever he goes and whatever he does.
His follow-up, dedication and follow through are exceptional.
He will help you get your life going in the right direction.
John is extraordinary with his following up and follow through.
I am always impressed with his follow up and follow through.
I now know what to do, when to it and how to follow through.
He knows when to direct and when to just let things happen.
John has been prompt in his follow up and follow through.
John is direct and knows what he wants and how to get it.
He is always available for you and his follow up is great.
His follow up and follow through far exceeded expectations.
And he knows how doing it in a way that others will follow.
John has always set himself as the example to be followed.
I am excited to see how far he goes in this new direction.
He was also sure to follow up with everyone in the class.
Communication and follow-up are among his best strengths.
John, thank you for your direction, help and inspiration.
John says it like it is, he's direct, and that's perfect.
I appreciate his immediate follow-up from every meeting.
I wish him the very best of luck with his new direction.
Without his direction this would not have been possible.
John is very good with his following up and follow through.
He is very convincing and he can inspire others to follow him in the same direction.
He will help you when you ask for it and he will follow up with you till he makes sure everything is good.
But he doesn't need to be any of these things, because he is an example, so we just need to follow him.
His best attribute is that he would not just follow-up, he would follow-through on any assignment.
He doesn't need to follow them around, because he knows there's always more where that came from.
Importantly, when he says he is going to do something or follow something through, he does it.
He knows what needs to be done and does all the follow-up to make sure things are right.
The first, because you have to follow him, the latter because you know what he expects.
He will always follow through with you and help you be more than you thought you could.
He knows that if he does the first thing well, the second one will follow soon enough.
John knows what he is doing and he gets it done without him ever having to follow-up.
Him, follow through is outstanding and the follow up when you get back is even better.
John is very thorough on follow through and he always did what he said he would do.
Working with him and seeing this also made him want to follow in his same footsteps.
If he said he'd get it done, or follow up, he would, you never had to think twice.
He went out of his way to follow up to make sure everything was done properly.
John would follow up and make sure everything was the way he said it would be.
He will follow through with what he says and makes sure to keep his word.
John would follow through and follow up on even the most difficult tasks.
Always available to help in any situation, he's an example to be followed.
He's someone you don't have to follow-up with because he gets it done.
Speak to most of them and they'll tell you they'd follow him anywhere.
And best, he went above and beyond to follow through on these actions.
John wasn't available and has always been thorough with follow-ups.
He will follow through, as he did for him on more than one occasion.
He is very interested in everyone who follows him and who he follows.
John is the best of the best when it comes to follow through.
Leading by example is something that he preached and followed.
There are many of us who would follow him just about anywhere.
Forever he'll be for him an example of posture to be followed.
If you don't believe him, be sure to follow him on our company.
He is decisive and gives clear directives on what needs to be done, and which direction to take.
He won't do it for you, he may not tell you what you want to hear, but he will get results if you follow his direction.
People listen and follow his direction because they trust and believe in him.
He makes the way clear, he shows the direction, and makes it easy to follow.
Without his direction we would not be as far along in our company as we are.
John is of much help in getting him started on his new study direction.
So you just need to give him right direction and you will see the result.
All of which have been a success when we follow his direction or advice.
We followed his direction and the results were beyond our expectations.
He provides direction and leadership to get the necessary results.
He's diplomatic when he needs to be and direct most other times.
He not only took direction well, but was an asset as an individual.
In an easy way, he uses numbers and gives the direction to follow.
John has directed him several times, and he's always the best.
He can always effectively set him clear direction to be followed.
He is reliable and can get things done with minimal direction.
John will take direction if provided or work self-directed as required.
You don't need to follow up with him about your application, he will follow up with you.
John's follow-up and follow through was always very prompt and if he didn't know the answer he would go above and beyond to get it for you.
We thank him for the follow-up he had always given us and if we have to recommend him it will be without any hesitation.
John not only understands how things should be done, but will follow through to make sure it gets done the right way.
His follow-through is impeccable, and if he says he is going to do something, he does it - exactly as promised.
In his mind, there is no one better to follow than someone who can and will do what he's asking others to do.
Additionally, he made himself available for any follow-up, even for items outside of his responsibilities.
You never have to follow up, because he not only does what you ask, but he takes it to the next level.
John can always be counted on to follow up and follow through, regardless of the challenge before him.
But even more importantly, because he knows what he's doing, and wherever he goes, success follows.
You know when you asked him to do something, it would get done and you wouldn't have to follow-up.
You never have to worry that he will follow through because he does things before you want them.
He'll ask how he can help make you successful and he'll make sure follow through is impeccable.
John is always very reliable and he will follow through on tasks and follow up to the last bit.
John would always follow up with you and ask how you're doing with the tasks that he assigned.
Oh, just so you know he is the follow-up queen if you say you will do something you better do it.
John provided us with an excellent candidate and his follow-through and follow-up was complete.
His follow-up and follow-through is definitely noteworthy and his demeanor always appreciative.
Not only does he willingly want to help, but he usually will follow up to see how it's going.
He is very thorough with everything that he does and follow through from start to finish.
He always delivers exactly what he says he will and his follow through is second-to-none.
John is someone that you can always trust will follow through with what needs to be done.
Chatting for two hours with him won't be enough, you will want to follow him everywhere.
What he doesn't have at his fingertips follows soon after in follow-up correspondence.
There is no need to follow up with him, he does what he says quickly and effectively.
John's follow through and follow up was impressive and he never missed one milestone.
You can count on him to follow through and always get back to you almost immediately.
His follow through and his follow up on each assignment is just short of remarkable.
John keeps his word when he says he will follow up on something which is essential.
If there is one thing that he's stamped into them it's got to be "follow the money".
Others look to him and follow his example as the measurement of performance/success.
Finally, you just can beat his follow-up and most importantly, his follow-through.
They all make promises about what they can do for him, but very few follow through.
His follow through is amazing and you never have to ask him twice about anything.
If he promises you he will do something for you or follow-up with you it is done.
Please also follow his blog and know that you will always know where he stands.
You'll make the future with him - he doesn't need to follow anyone or anything.
His leadership by example and contributions were an example for all to follow.
He is always willing to help others, and can be counted on to follow through.
You can count on him to do what he says and he will follow through with it.
He wants you to think for yourself and follow what you feel or know is best.
John is known for the enthusiasm and follow-through in what he undertakes.