Following Instructions Performance Review Phrases Examples

Following Instructions Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John was always available for advice and direction.
His instructions were always clear and direct.
John provided instructions that have been always clear and direct.
I will always be thankful for his advice and direction.
He looks after my business as if it were his own and is always available for advice and direction.
Outstanding instruction and outstanding advice.
The best thing to do is to let him do his thing, and then take his advice.
John's advice is always well considered.
It is demanding of others, but also demands of himself.
You will not be sorry if you take this advice.
John's advice to me has been invaluable.
I could not have known what to look for without his advice.
John is always available when you need advice.
He always follows through and gives excellent advice.
John is detailed and thorough in his direction and advice.
John is very generous with his help and advice.
He is self-directed and disciplined in his recruiting approach.
He is disciplined, ethical and direct in all his interactions.
I will continue to seek his advice and direction.
I took his advice and did so even though I would normally be hesitant to be that direct.
John demands discipline and professionalism of his team.
He was always available to offer advice and direction when needed.
His advice and directions over the years has been invaluable.
John is my go-to for advice and direction for marketing materials.
He provides direction and advice that is accurate and timely.
I took his advice and now I'm heading in the right direction.
John's advice is direct, insightful and actionable.
I always found him polite and disciplined.
He's someone who's given me direct and insightful advice into my strategy.
I strongly believe in his direction, advice and guidance.
John is still in my life and I still look to him for advice and direction.
The advice given by him was quite useful for me.
John listens well and provides seasoned advice and direction.
I can count on him for his invaluable advice and direction.
I go to him for advice, and he always has the right answer to lead me in the right direction.
John provides excellent advice and direction for his clients.
He always wants to please his clients by providing the best possible advice and direction.
Speaking with John and getting advice since he has provided me with some direction on which way to go.
He is very disciplined and demanding of himself and in his quest for perfection.
He is easily approachable for advice and direction.
Equally, he would be very direct and assertive if the occasion demanded.
His advice was direct, smart, and actionable.
Listen to his advice and you'll never be let down, he's always got your back.
I have always valued his advice and direction highly.
John has always and still does give me the right advice pointing me in the right direction.
John peers regularly came to him for advice and direction.
I was always looking forward to each lesson everyday.
All have said that they would never use anyone else for their legal advice.
He is now following through with this advice and is doing very well.
So thank you for enlightening us with your advice.
My advice would be to let him do it for you.
I really appreciate his guidance and advices.
The advice he's provided so far has been invaluable.
Looking forward to your advice on our next vacation.
I have used him lessons to help others do the same.
John, thank you very much for your insightful advice.
I can always rely on his help and advice.
This course is very demanding of students.
John always gives me the best advice and solutions.
I often go to him for advice and he is always very willing to help others.
John, thank you for all your instructions and for sharing the knowledge.