Food Service Worker Performance Review Phrases Examples

Food Service Worker Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John remembers our names and checks to make certain we are happy with our service and food.
Him food service awards are extensive and his accomplishments are beyond impressive.
I would recommend him to any food service franchisor in a heartbeat.
John's service is top notch and the food is absolutely delicious.
He is not only a consistent worker, but also a reliable worker.
If you need him service, do not waste your time thinking about it, just use his service.
John is the perfect worker: intelligent, hard worker and extremely responsible.
He was always willing to make available time to help his co-workers.
He is well liked by his co-workers, and very thorough at his job.
He is great with clients and with co-workers, even those co-workers that can be considered difficult.
John is a very hard worker; and is always pleasant with clients and co-workers.
John is always very friendly and is well respected by his co-workers.
John thinks things through thoroughly and provides the best possible service.
He was a very hard worker, doing whatever it took to provide excellent service, and never complained.
He is a hard worker and shows genuine concern for both co-worker and companies.
Co-workers were always friends and he did his best to help them at all times.
John is also the best kind of employee, always looking out for his co-workers.
Leading co-workers along the way with his wisdom and motivation.
He is an excellent co-worker and always has the right attitude.
He is a very hard worker and he is always up for his employees.
He has always been just in all his dealings with both employers and co-workers.
John is one of those co-workers who you know will get the job done.
He is helpful to co-workers and gets along well with all people.
I know several people that have used his services and they all come back with the same message.
John is an excellent worker and co-worker, dedicated to troubleshooting issues and staying on task.
John is a hard worker and was always looking out for what was best for the company.
He is an extremely hard worker and would do anything to get the right results.
He consistently had his co-workers at the forefront of his responsibilities.
Very hard worker and never gives up till the results are to his satisfaction.
John always took his responsibilities very seriously, and was a hard worker.
John was then, and still is now, a conscientiousness and hard worker.
John is very serious, hard worker and very imaginative entrepreneur.
Moreover, he is very friendly and helpful to colleagues and co-workers.
Reliable in his predictions, he is also very committed and hard-working.
He was always very responsive and a very dedicated, thorough worker.
More than all he is very committed, hard worker and always positive.
His enthusiasm brings out the best in his colleagues and co-workers.
Earning respect from his co-workers through his actions and words.
I've always known him to be an incredibly dedicated, hard worker.
John articulates, punctual and very respectful of co-workers.
John is an enthusiastic, responsible and thoughtful co-worker.
John is one of the most dedicated, hard workers in our company.
John's services give you the confidence that the services are done right by people with integrity.
He is always forward thinking and looking for ways to better make the service.
John is highly analytical and gets along well with his co-workers.
John did just that, whether is was with people outside the organization or his co-workers.
Please do yourself and co-workers a real service and invite him to speak.
I have no hesitation in recommending his services to other companies like ourselves and would be very happy to speak to any prospects considering using his services.
John is a hard worker, fast learner and all around great co-worker not to mention smart.
However, he also knows that there are times when you need to unwind and laugh with your co-workers.
He does not back down from any challenge and does so with an attitude that inspires his co-workers.
He is very proficient with everything he does and takes the time to help any of him co-workers.
John is a hard worker, and wants to make sure everything is done the right way the first time.
He made continuous strides to better not only himself, but also his co-workers and his company.
John was thoughtful with co-workers and always willing to take charge when it was needed.
He can say the right thing at the right time to soothe tensions between co-workers.
In addition, he has one of the best attitudes you could hope for in any co-worker.
This makes it easier for him to motivate his co-workers, even more than they were.
John is one of those workers who is always up to date and delivers every time.
John is the kind of co-worker that makes you want to be a better employee.