Forgetful Performance Review Phrases Examples

Forgetful Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is someone that you will not forget after meeting him and he does not forget anyone he meets.
Those that have worked with him will never forget him and he will likely not forget them.
Artyom never, well, almost never, does not forget about what he said or promised.
He doesn't forget anything, and follows through with anything he owns.
He never forgets that what he does is all about, and for, the customer.
Last but not least, he never forgets to thank everyone at the very end.
We thank him and miss him already, but will not forget his example.
John has always been one of those people that you never forget.
John never let us forget why we do what we do in the company.
He will never forget about you or your needs and will always be looking out for your best interests, even if they come before his own.
He is one of those people when you ask them for something you can forget about it because you know it's on the way.
John gets things done and is very thorough, but never forgets to think about people in the process.
If he doesn't know you already, he'll introduce himself and then he'll never forget your name.
John is someone that you do not forget, want on your team, and definitely keep in your net our company.
If you get the chance to our company directly with him, it will be something you soon won't forget.
John also doesn't forget that everyone should have some fun getting everything done too.
John is one of those trainers that, once you have seen him in action, you never forget.
our company may forget about the problem, but he will never, and will always come with the solution.
Last but not the least he has an impressive personality which no one can miss or forget.
He thinks of the things you might forget and knows what you need before you need it.
Once he says he will do something, you can forget about it, knowing it will be done.
He will introduce you to everyone and your experience is one you'll never forget.
John never forgets to have fun along the way, which is another of his strengths.
Working with him was so much fun that you'd forget you were actually working.
He will never forget anything and make sure to anticipate your next move.
He never forgets to appreciate the peers whenever there is an opportunity.
The things that we often forget he will remind you and keep you on track.
However, while doing so, he doesn't forget that he's working with people.
He never forgets to say thank you and he appreciates well performed job.
And most importantly, will be one of the characters he will never forget.
He and his team went above and beyond for us and we'll never forget it.
Being perfect does not mean that he forgets about associating timelines.
He's also the one that'll remind you to not forget about the basics.
Passionate and inspiring, he is the trainer you will never forget.
He can think outside the box without forgetting the fundamentals.
John is a sales driven, but never forgets the needs of his customers.
He never forgets about those relationships which is so important.
Throughout his many successes, he never forgets those around him.
Difficult to forget him after the way he handled the situations.
Once you meet him, you will never forget him in your whole life.
There are some people you our company for that you would rather forget.
John is someone you cannot forget if you have worked with him.
John knows more about comedy than most people will ever forget.
Work with him is part of an experience you will never forget.
He has the ability to ask the question you may be forgetting.
Yet he never forgets to have compassion for his subordinates.
He also was very organized and wouldn't let him forget things.
John doesn't just our company with you and then forgets about it.
Our company won't soon forget your first encounter with John.
Almost makes you forget you even had an our company headache.