Franchise Business Consultant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Franchise Business Consultant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

His sporting pedigree shines though in his business consulting.
John wins and keeps business because his clients trust him, respect his consultative nature and most of all like to do business with him.
John has as built a good reputation as a business consultant that can help drive business to your agency.
John is a very passionate consultant that will help you to create the results you want for your business.
He was fundamental to my getting started running a consulting business.
He has a consultative approach to solving business challenges.
He studies each and every need closure, qualifies consultants and presents the right consultant that is best suited for my business needs.
Many businesses would kill for someone with his business experience that he has built up through his beauty, fashion, retail and now consulting businesses.
John is the ultimate business consultant and fundraising expert.
I would recommend him to anyone out there looking for a franchise or any other business opportunity.
John is very pragmatic and really understands all aspects of the franchise business.
John and his group are the most successful business consultant our company has hired, and we use a lot of outside consultants.
John fizzes with energy and is an exceptional business consultant.
The John business organization would be fortunate to have him consulting expertise at their disposal.
John's consultative approach to the business makes him an asset to any organization.
I'm drafting this note, because he has been more than a business consultant over time.
John has helped myself and my consulting business in finding the right clients.
He truly is a consultant in understanding the client's business.
He is a proven business leader in the area of franchising and consulting.
John was the business consultant that led me to change my business from losing money to profitability; from tears to triumph.
He is well respected by the business community to the extent where many business decisions are not made without consulting him.
He is very personal and consultative to both the business and the candidate.
John has been instrumental in building my consulting business.
His realistic approach to franchising makes him a key consultant to consider when proactively growing business.
John knows his way around the business and franchise communities.
John worked with me in establishing my first franchise business.
I have no problem recommending him to anyone who is looking for a decent business consultant who will deliver.
John's ability to find and solve problems made him one of our premiere business consultants.
He's making a difference in the consulting business, as compared to many others.
John new business has markedly increased as a result of his consultative approach.
John is an essential asset for any business owner or consultant.
John is one of the bright stars in business strategy consulting.
I have seen him utilize consultants to better his business and make strategic decisions to based on these consultant's advice.
John business would benefit from him consultation whether they are a new startup or have been around for years.
I have found his insight and consultation in the business to be a great benefit.
His contacts are unbelievable and he really can help you understand what it takes to get into the franchise business.
John is prolific and effective; and he understands the business of franchising better than most.
He is deeply passionate about the business of franchising and the success of his franchisees.
I highly recommend him for any of your franchise or business owner needs.
John as a great vision of the franchise business environment.
John provides useful consultation and has always delivered on time and suggested solutions best for our business.
He was an external consultant that helped drive our new business efforts.
John is an experienced franchise consultant who has helped many people create their lives through business ownership.
John inherited me as a green franchise consultant from another department.
John is an exceptional consultant who brings passion and energy to our business.
John's consultative approach and having his clients' business top-of-mind truly lends to positive business outcomes.
He can successfully consult with the business and have the difficult conversations required at times.
With his clients, he consults passionately to help them achieve the next business breakthrough.
He would be a welcome addition to any organization looking for a business driven consultant.
He walks the talk better than most, especially in this high octane consulting business.
John is an excellent business consultant who goes the extra miles for his clients.
He also has an excellent "consulting" mindset, focused on the business and client.
He consulted us on business strategy and structure when we were just starting.
He would be an excellent technology and business consultant on many topics.
He understands the business needs and acts as a consultant for his clients.
John has a wealth of knowledge and contacts within the business which makes him an ideal business consultant for a business owner who needs to distinguish the wood from the trees.
He had a passion for our business and for the employees and franchises in it.
John personal opinion is there are few, if any, as well as he in the consulting business.
Him consultations have always made me feel comfortable and capable of achieving my business goals.
Him collaborative consulting style enables businesses to focus on what is best for everyone.