Freelance Art Director Performance Review Phrases Examples

Freelance Art Director Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John continued in his role of art director well on his way to becoming the creative director he is today.
I have never seen another art director get everything done on target and time the way he does.
And him art director partners, from now on, will be eternally grateful.
I would highly recommend him as an art director or an art lead position.
John has been my mentor and art director for the past couple of years.
John is an inventive, enthusiastic, above-and-beyond conceptual art director.
John is an art director who knows how to connect with both the consumer and the client.
Constantly coming up with new and innovative ideas, he is every art director's dream.
John's photography is stunning - an art director's dream vendor.
I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for or to become freelance.
John is an excellent art director, very creative and focused.
John has served not only as my art director, but also my mentor and good friend.
John is the kind of art director that makes artists become better.
He also went above and beyond the call of duty as an art director by contributing concept art himself if there was ever a need.
He's a true partner to art directors, and a creative director's dream.
He is a great art director, creative director and more importantly, a very smart thinker.
He has his finger on the pulse of game arts and provides arts that are both playful and captivating arts to players.
He's not just about placing freelancers, he also does his best to keep you happy.
John's taken on various freelance roles for me over the past few months.
John is by far one of the best art directors and designers around.
His fantastic ability to get along with people made him a fantastic art director.
He takes an art director's lead well, thinks in conjunction with art directors well, or inserts him ideas and leadership wherever it's helpful.
An award winning art director, he would be an asset to anyone's masthead.
John is an amazing and highly respectable art director and producer.
He is focused, not just on great art, but an art that's great for the game.
John is a highly talented art director who always comes up with great ideas.
He was also good at understanding the needs and concerns of his freelancers.
If you are looking for a freelancer in him space, then definitely connects.
If you're looking for freelance naming help, he's an ideal candidate.
John is what everyone looks for in a freelancer, but hardly ever finds.
I've always looked for an art director who understands every creative medium, and he was just that.
But above all, he is a diverse creative thinker and great art director.
He is the art director and designer for all my magazine layouts.