Freelance Graphic Designer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Freelance Graphic Designer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is a stellar designer who has become one of our go-to freelancers.
John has been a very reliable graphic designer for my company.
John is an excellent graphic designer and will always do an excellent job for you.
I would fully recommend him for any graphic design job you may have.
John gave me my first job as a graphic designer out of college.
From illustrations to graphic design and he has a sharp eye in photography.
John is a fabulous graphic designer who thinks outside of the box.
His expertise of design and graphics always made my work with him effortless and first-rate.
John expectation for freelancers and designers is now at such a high standard.
Johnndra is an immensely talented visual and graphic designer.
John has done some great work on designing graphics for our nonprofit organization.
John holds all the qualities necessary for an excellent graphic designer.
He has an eye for quality that very few graphic designers possess.
His graphic design abilities are admirable, and he provides an excellent eye for detail.
John has great attention to detail and is experienced in many facets of graphic design.
I look forward to seeing him make great contributions as a designer, whether for companies or as a freelancer, in the future.
He was responsible for the graphic design in several projects also.
He has also been a great mentor for my freelance graphic design service.
His abilities to combine graphical design with usability and common sense is outstanding.
John is a talented graphic designer with a natural knack for creating attractive and usable designs.
John can tackle tasks from the graphic-designer end of the spectrum all the way through to algorithm design and data-modelling.
His dedication to designing the best graphics and videos is what will allow him to be extremely successful wherever he is.
John is one of the most talented designers available in the freelance world - crossing effortlessly between the realms of architectural and exhibit design.
John is an outstanding freelance designer who pays attention to detail.
Him graphic treatments and layouts have been core elements of the learning design.
John is the type of employee and graphic designer you'll want to hold on to for a long time.
John had asked me to freelance several design concepts for some of his promotional material.