Freelance Writer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Freelance Writer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Since he left the agency, he is one of our go-to freelance writers.
He's one of the most reliable freelance writers you'll ever find.
He gets his recommendation as an accomplished freelance writer.
If you ever need a freelance writer, you should definitely talk with him.
John gives writers the tools and confidence they need to be successful as freelancers.
He wants to help new writers, wants to learn from those with more experience.
When he left to concentrate on his schoolwork, we kept him on as a freelancer writer.
John has always been an extremely capable and reliable writer.
Our paths crossed while growing his stable of freelance writers.
In his experience, the very best freelance writers are the people who have walked in his shoes.
John will always be on the top of his list of freelance writers and editors.
He's not just about placing freelancers, he also does his best to keep you happy.
John is the best kind of freelancer in that you would never know he was one.
Consequently, he was one of our most trusted and highly used freelancers.
John's taken on various freelance roles for him over the past few months.
Creative freelancers and entrepreneurs have much to thank him for.
Anyone looking for freelancers should keep him on your short list.
He always gave us a thorough brief when looking for freelancers.
John came recommended to us from other freelance colleagues
Still in touch with him regarding new freelance opportunities.