Friendliness Performance Review Phrases Examples

Friendliness Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is definitely someone that anyone would go along with as he is very friendly and kind.
He goes above and beyond to help out and is always very friendly and approachable.
John is willing to go out of his way to be friendly and get to know an individual.
John is very friendly and when he says he is going to do something, he does.
He is friendly and if you need help he will do everything to help you.
John is very friendly and goes out of his way to help you if he can.
John makes sure things get done and is always enthusiastic and friendly.
He is always willing to help and is friendly to everyone in the company.
He would do whatever he could to help and he was very friendly about it.
He always makes himself available and is always friendly and upbeat.
He always tries to be friendly and does not take anything casually.
He is friendly and always willing to consider what you have to say.
John came across to me as someone who is friendly and helpful.
He understands what you are looking for and is very friendly.
Always friendly and willing to help out when and where he can.
He is willing to pitch in and help out, and is very friendly.
John is friendly and approachable and will always go over and above to help anyone and everyone.
This is probably because he is easy to get along with, friendly, and willing to help anyone.
John is friendly, genuine, and has always been more than willing to go above and beyond.
John is always helpful and friendly and nothing was ever too much for him to do.
He's friendly and savvy, and he will always be there for you if you need anything in.
Not only was he friendly, but the way he explains things is more than exceptional.
Last but not least, he is very friendly which makes our collaboration very enjoyable.
He is not only helpful and friendly but most of all does what he says he will do.
John also was very friendly towards me and made me feel very welcome in his company.
John is friendly, very approachable, and more than willing to help his colleagues.
He was always really friendly and welcomed anybody going to him with their needs.
He was always friendly and if he did not have an answer, he would get it for me.
John guided me through the whole thing and was really friendly and helpful.
John is also extremely friendly and gets along well with all his colleagues.
He came across as friendly, compassionate, ever willing to help his coworkers.
He is very approachable and friendly and not too far away when you need him.
He does not have any "air" around him, is friendly, and is always reachable.
John has always been thorough and friendly answering any of our questions.
Thank you for always being so friendly and accommodating with our company.
He is always very friendly and approachable in everything he undertakes.
He is very friendly and always there to help out when you are in a pinch.
He's always very friendly, enthusiastic, and he really knows his stuff.
He was hard working, thorough and most of all friendly with his approach.
John does this just by being himself - sincere, welcoming, and friendly.
Moreover, he is very friendly and keeps the atmosphere around him going.
He is well liked by all and is friendly to all he comes in contact with.
John is very friendly while approaching to anyone who is new to him.
He is also very friendly so it's really easy to get along with anyone.
He is also friendly and knows how to collaborate well with new ideas.
He is bubbly and passionate about what he does as well as friendly.
I have been very impressed with him friendliness and responsiveness.
He is friendly with everyone, on top of all he is very transparent.
His approach is very comprehensive and he is also really friendly.
He is friendly, affable and willing to do the best he can for you.
He is very friendly and easy going and always makes others smile.
Finally, he was always friendly and interested in him colleagues.
His friendliness to everyone endeared him more to his colleagues.
He is always warm and friendly regardless of the circumstances.
John is very friendly in nature, which makes him approachable.
John is both honest and friendly and is always willing to help.
I found him professional, friendly and thoroughly enlightening.
He was very on-point with everything and unbelievably friendly.
Personally, he is always very pleasant, friendly, and helpful.
He is not only very friendly and cheerful, but also very smart.