Friendship Performance Review Phrases Examples

Friendship Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Thanks for all your help and most of all, your friendship.
I thank him for all of his help and friendship through the years.
I always appreciate his help, his knowledge and his friendship.
John, really appreciate your support and friendship.
I have enjoyed getting to know him and his friendship.
John, thank you for your, advice, help and friendship.
I value our friendship and wish him well in his life.
I appreciate him perspectives and his friendship.
I appreciate his, spirituality and friendship.
I look forward to your sustained friendship.
I really want our friendship to be remained.
I value his friendship and his leadership.
I truly value his opinions and friendship.
I am very pleased to have his friendship.
Thank you for your invaluable friendship.
I value his expertise and his friendship.
I couldn't have done it without him and look forward to a continued friendship.
I value our new friendship and look forward to whatever the future may provide.
He values friendship above all else and is always there before you need him.
I thank him for his friendship and just helping us be the best we can be.
To this end, he earned both friendships and from amongst his colleagues.
I could not have been as successful without his guidance and friendship.
I have come to value his insight and, more importantly, his friendship.
He will not disappoint, and you will come to value his friendship also.
Great thanks to his assistance and him friendship over the last years.
I also appreciate his friendship and wish him every continued success.
Looking forward to continuing the relationship and friendship.
I am very grateful for his help, encouragement and friendship.
He has always been there for guidance, advice, and friendship.
John, thanks for your friendship and all you have taught me.
I respect his straightforwardness and value his friendship.
John, thanks for your mentorship and continued friendship.
I value both our professional relationship and friendship.
He has not only earned my respect, but also my friend.
I will ever be grateful for his kindness and friendship.
His friendship is one that will always be held close.
I truly value his continued friendship over the years.
It is just great to have the honour of his friendship.
I'm honored to have been blessed with his friendship.
I found his encouragement and friendship invaluable.
We are fortunate to have his talents and friendship.
I am proud to among his fans and for our friendship.
I am thankful for his friendship and his leadership.
I have always valued his advice and his friendship.
I enjoy his visits and most of all, his friendship.
We will sincerely miss his friendship and guidance.
I consider our friendship permanent and unshakable.
I also have the liberty of enjoying his friendship.
I value his insights, debates, and his friendship.
I highly value both his advice and his friendship.
Thank you for your friendship and ongoing support.
I was truly honored by his support and friendship.
Over the years, our friendship has only deepened.
I am pleased to have his friendship and guidance.
He is also fair, and knows what friendship means.
I value his friendship and trust him implicitly.
I cherish his friendship and value his opinions.
His loyalty and friendship is beyond reproach.
I have and will cherish his friendship for life.
I appreciate his ongoing friendship and support.