Front-End Developer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Front-End Developer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

He is very talented as both a front-end and back-end developer.

He was the designer and/or front end developer while my role is the back end development.

John was responsible for the front-end development of the game.

To me, he is the link between front end developers and artists.

John is good front end developer who has good knowledge on latest front end tech trends.

He has excelled as a developer in the past few years and has started to become an expert in front-end development as well.

He knows front end development in and out, and he'll build your site right the first time.

He went beyond what was expected of his duties as a front end developer and he did really well.

John is a solid front-end developer, highly ambitious and motivated.

You can rely on him for his back-end and front-end knowledge as well as mobile development.

John is an incredibly talented and imaginative front end developer and coder.

He is able to find, develop and close opportunity, by developing the right value message in front of the customer.

John has grown, developed and exceeded any expectations put in front of him with consummate ease.

His strongest point is front-end/interface development and he's nicknamed the javascript king.

I therefore had a front row seat to his development as a truly first-class businessperson.

He has a deep rooted understanding of front end development and is a great learner.

Doing sites on his own, cultivating his knowledge in all areas front-end development.

He is an all around front developer, always very quick to learn and very proficient in javascript.

John is extremely passionate front-end developer who is a motivated and experienced in is a craft.

He is comfortable speaking in front of people, which is not typical of a developer.

He is a superb front-end developer who always delivers clean and quick code.

John is a helpful, motivated, professional front-end developer.

Then when it comes to front-end development work he is also top notch.

John is the front-end developer anyone would love to work with.

John was a great leader in our company, especially on the cultural development front.

I was new to front-end development when working with him, but he was very patient with me.

He always has engaged conversations with us developers, discussing and finding solutions to both back-end and front-end issues.

I tested the four contests that he developed the front-end presentation for.