Front Office Supervisor Performance Review Phrases Examples

Front Office Supervisor Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He always got along with people and was well liked by everyone in the office.
He made me better by being the best he could be every day at the office.
He is the first one in and the last one out of the office each day.
He is someone you look forward to seeing in the office every day.
His response has been always on time, even when he was out of the office.
He would ask about my family and how things are going in the office.
He was always one of the first people in the office, and he would very often be the last to leave.
There is always someone available in his office that can get the job done, and quickly.
John is one of those people that makes you want to go into the office everyday.
He's one of my favorite people - both inside and outside of the office.
On most days he could be seen at the office before anyone else.
He is a superior naval officer who will benefit any wardroom or office.
John was always responsive to my needs, and made himself available at all times in our entire office.
He was always attentive to employees' needs and listened to everyone that came into his office.
Not only will he exceed in this, but he will have many clients and offices.
John was always punctual and used his time in our office efficiently.
John is someone who does not deal with drama or office politics.
John completed an office remodel for our company to increase our office and storage space.
John's passion for the history and heroics that make this a great profession makes him an exemplary officer and supervisor.
John went above and beyond to make me feel welcome and integrated in the office.
While he welcomed us to his office, he would also come around just to say hi and see how your day was going.
I have always seen him extending help to others in the office, even if it is out of his job scope.
He is always cheerful and will help with things around the office that are not "his job".
He is also very hardworking, and was always one of the last people to leave the office.
Everyone in our office loved having seen him every day, and we miss him terribly.
His presence will be very missed by myself and all the other people in the office.
He was always totally fun to have around in the office and truly made my day.
Additionally, he is one of the most fun and energetic people in any office.
Working with people like him makes every day at the office more enjoyable.
To this day he still stops by my office to see how things are going.
John, thank you and your office for helping me with my job search.
He's one of those people who brings the sunshine into an office.
He has an excellent rapport with all the people in the office.
John did an excellent job in his recent stint with our office.
He was a great supervisor that mentored and guided not only me but several officers during his career.
He is punctual with deadlines and always available to answer questions when he is not in our office.
He has been an asset to the company and the office environment.
He set the tone in the office with his enthusiasm and urgency.
He is very professional in the office and in front of customers.