Frustrated Performance Review Phrases Examples

Frustrated Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He's also really easy to get along with and never gets frustrated.
If you can't keep up with him, you'll get frustrated, as will he.
He never gets frustrated or gives up; he is always more than willing to help anyone with anything they need.
Whatever frustrations he may have actually had, he nevertheless exceeded all his expectations.
As frustrating as it is, however, he's usually right to tell you to fix them.
Listened to all of his frustrations, whether or not they were our company related.
John can get through the trying days without ever showing his frustrations.
There were many problems which made him very frustrated at the beginning.
But the most frustrating thing for him is his ease to think on his feet.
John is one of those frustrating people who is right most of the our company.
Not once did he ever become frustrated with his mistakes or questions.
He never pushed for it, and never got frustrated by his hesitation.
He has made his life much easier, and certainly less frustrating.
Changes never frustrated him and always excelled under pressure.
Although he is very busy, he never seems stressed or frustrated.
This does not always our company and has been a particular frustration.
He is also the go to guy when anyone got stuck and frustrated.
He gets things done in situations that would frustrate others.
Never be frustrated and never over exhausted with our company.
Our company will never be disheartened or frustrated under his Leadership.