Game Artist Performance Review Phrases Examples

Game Artist Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He can easily dissect game elements, what makes games, fun, and derive new games.
John always had an idea to make things move forward, and help the artistic feel of the game.
John is the kind of artist that every game company should have at least one of.
John is always on top of his game and would keep everyone appraised of what was going on with his artists.
He knows the space extremely well, the players in the game and their games.
John has great instincts when it comes to making games, not just from an artistic perspective, but from an overall perspective.
He took me under his wing and taught me all he knew about making it as a game artist.
I found that he is a uniquely talented artist who inspires other artists.
John has always been ahead of the "game" one step ahead of most everyone else in everything he does.
He accepts you as you are and for who you are but he will push you to be better at your game.
Instead, he decided to make something more unique that hadn't really been done yet in our game.
He is together, efficient, thorough, very smart, and just all around ahead of the game.
He is always available, always on, and most importantly, always at the top of his game.
John is passionate about everything he does and what he does best is make great games.
I would recommend him to anyone looking for someone who is at the top of their game.
He was always on his game and expected the best of himself and those around him.
John is a very forward looking individual and is usually way ahead of the game.
He is on top of his game, and goes above and beyond to help in any capacity.
John is way ahead of the game because he is always striving to be better.
Nothing was too much trouble and he was always one step ahead of the game.
He is at the top of his game and knows exactly what he needs to succeed.
But more than that, he sees the endgame and knows how to get you there.
He was always easy to get along with, and on top of that he knows games.
He knows his way around, is always ahead of the game, and eager to help.
Always on top of his game before anyone even knows what they're playing.
John has a deep understanding of games and game balance that is often surprising.
He knows and loves games, and he knew what it takes to get a game done.
John made time to help others and is always game to do something different.
John is a game changer who inspires those he interacts with to raise their game.
He can relay the game's artistic vision in a clear and concise manner that is easy for artists to act on.
John is one of those few artists that can switch styles and game types without missing a beat.
He is a great artist, with the ability to create the aesthetic for an entire game.
When you think you're stuck, he'll come up with a way of looking at things that totally changes the game.
The guy is always stepping up and out of his way to better the game and help out others whenever possible.
John was my go to guy when it came to trying to figure something out or get something added to the game.
John pushed us to make the best game that we could, and he also makes sure that we had fun along the way.
It's refreshing and will keep him ahead of the game and ahead of any competition that comes his way.
It is, also, apparent that because of his love, he wants to make the game the best that it can be.
In keeping up with some of his more recent pieces on gaming, he's only getting better and better.
Knowing the options, along with being flexible and versatile, always has him ahead of the game.
He was always ahead of the game, looking around the corner for next steps to get us to launch.
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone, and their games will be better for having him.
He is straightforward and honest: you always know where he is coming from, without any games.
I have known him for several years and he is always on “his game” to do his very best.
Today he is at the top of his game and someone you should go out of your way to listen to.
He can see the end game, through the obstacles, and deliver what others can't even fathom.
He was the one who ended up bringing everything together to help get the game out the door.
Energetic, on top of his game, he will not leave you alone until he gets what he needs.
He was always proactive and ahead of the game when it came to trends but also delivering.
John is an encourages and helps those around him become better and sharper in their game.
He remains positive and knows just how to get me back into the game when things get slow.
He inspires me and everyone around him to step up their game and be the best they can be.
His contributions to our games enhanced them beyond what they would have otherwise been.
He must be one of the first choices when looking at your games recruitment requirements.
He knows what he is talking about and is well connected within the gaming space.
John was very easy to keep in contact with and was always on top of his game.
On top of the game, if he doesn't have the answer, he'll tell you and then get it.
He is one of those rare individuals who makes those around him raise their game.
He is on the pulse of what's happening and simultaneously is ahead of the game.
He is on top of his game and always looks to get the most out of a partnership.
He's a great artist and our game wouldn't be as strong as it is without his contributions.
John is an amazing vfx artist and really blew us away with what he could pull off in the game
You won't find a better artist to excel your next our company game.
John is an ideal game artist since he understands games so deeply and knows exactly what that audience is looking for and how to meet those expectations.
He always had a smile on his face, and most often was the go to guy for artists when it came to getting stuff into the game.
John also has a clear understanding of what needs to happen artistically to make a great looking game.
He is a gifted artist, and very adaptable to the specific needs of whichever game he is assigned.
A great colleague and an awesome artist dedicated to his craft and gaming.
Our company top of all this, John is a top notch game artist.
John is a highly experienced game artist with extensive knowledge of many gaming platforms.
John is an amazing artist who knows all the tricks in the book.
He pushes us in our work to make it better, making both us as artists, and the game better.
He can help you perfect your model and keep ahead of the game.
He immersed himself into the games in order to learn all about the games.
He brought so much life and playfulness to the characters of our game that few other artists were able to match.
He treated the artists with great respect and was very inclusive in decision making with our game.
Being able to chat with him about games and movies in an artistic sense is always a blast.
John is very passionate artist, who cares a great deal about games.
John would be an asset to any company looking for game-changers.