Game Designer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Game Designer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

John's talent as level designer is only surpassed by his passion for game design.

John can make an impact not only on the art side, but on narrative design, game design, and much more.

John is one of those game designers who envelopes himself in the system or level he is designing.

John is a thoughtful and thorough designer with an aptitude for game system design.

John is very experienced in his profession and has always good ideas regarding game design and handling the game metrics.

He's got a great passion for games and will constantly try to push the boundaries of game design and game art.

I was also impressed with his thoughts about game design and his deep experience in sound design.

It was always a pleasure to talk game design with him and to share our gaming experiences.

John is very passionate about game design, he has a huge knowledge of games of many genres.

His enthusiasm definitely rubs off and you can tell that he really enjoys game design in every way.

He always encourages anyone and everyone to contribute to the game design, and to submit ideas.

It won't be long before his name is spoken in the same breath as the titans of game design.

John is a well-rounded designer with an eye for the little things that make games fun.

Whatever theme we would think of for a game, he would come up with a matching design.

John has an infectious zest for game design which can't but help energize others.

He clearly enjoys designing games, he's good at it, and comes highly recommended.

John was always heavily involved in the design of the games he helped create.

He truly possess the mindset that will help take game design to the next level.

John showcased his good sense of design on our most recent (unannounced) game.

His understanding of the complexities of modern game design is phenomenal.

He is highly creative and has a deep understanding of games and game design.

John's ability to understand game design and implement it through level design is beyond compare.

He's a very talented game designer who comes up with all sorts of creative ways to attack game design issues.

John's passion for games, design sensibility, and vast knowledge makes him an incredible designer in any situation.

John is a strong designer with expansive knowledge in multiple subjects in and out of game design.

He has an in-depth knowledge and experience of game design for console games.

He is also a great advocate for the art and design factions of game design.

He is a solid designer who excels, giving game players exactly what they want - a fun game.

John not only understands story, but he really gets game design, allowing him to gel really effectively with the design team.

And most importantly, he is passionate and enthusiastic about sound design for games.

He epitomizes what any of us in the design and innovation game aspire to be.

He is always approachable, helpful and possesses a get deal of knowledge on game ethics and design theory for an up and coming game designer.

John is a great all-round game and level designer, organized, thorough and with a broad knowledge and understanding of games and design.

His game designs - both paper and digital - are not only solid designs, but have produced award-winning games.

John is also great to have around for creating game pitches, pitching games, and selling your team how and why particular aspects of the game have been designed the way they are.

He is extremely knowledgeable about the design of games and simulations.

John is beyond excellence when it comes to the many forms of art in game design.

He was not only an awesome game designer, but he was really creative too.

He knows what makes a great game-experience and he always has a clear vision about what game he is designing.

He has great ideas not only in game design, but in the tools that go into the creation of the game as well.

John has a very deep understanding of game design principles and a great ability to educate the team about game design and games.

John is one of those rare designers who wants to make the best game possible, and also wants to help his colleagues achieve the same goal.

If you have a game design question he'll always have at least two solutions and they'll both be good.

John lives and breathes game design even after hours, having created many card and board games on his own initiative.

John is not only a talented designer, he is a deep thinker on the fundamentals of game design, and he understands that great design stems from good design processes.

John's background as a designer means he takes a holistic approach to narrative, using all aspects of game play and game design to tell the story.

John knows that game design is not just "playing games", but dissecting the mechanics of game design and combining them into a compelling experience for the user.

He keeps his eye on the future of design and brings forward new ways of doing things to keep consistently ahead of the game.

John has given me the wonderful gift of experiencing all of those ideals - and more - in a game designer.

He introduced us to game and level design, and he was always willing to help out me and other students.

I liked his designs because they were interesting and fun without occluding the main game purpose.

He has great ideas about game design and will surely make more great things in the future.

He was always on top of his game delivering great design despite of impossible deadlines.

John made sure our game's design was cutting edge, competitive and incredibly appealing.

I was immediately struck with his enthusiasm for games and him the sheer passion for design.

I warmly recommend him to everyone who needs well-designed, clean games at good value.

John's role was a designer, particularly on the fishing game within the open world.

John has helped me grow substantially as a game designer over the past half decade.

He is still extremely passionate about games, both as a designer and a player.

John is relentless in his effort to create the best level design for the game.