Game Industry Performance Review Phrases Examples

Game Industry Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Definitely one of the best in the games industry.
He sees the games industry as more than games.
I wish him all the best in his journey in the game industry.
His knowledge of games and the game industry is very deep.
John will always be an icon in the games industry.
John is very knowledgeable about the game industry.
Everybody who is anybody in the industry of gaming, knows John.
John is on his game, and his game is people.
His knowledge of games, the game industry, and game design is truly astounding.
John is very professional, always on top of his game and very seriously in his game.
We made several deals together and he was always on his game.
One of the best in the game in my opinion.
He knows games inside out and all around.
I have learned so much from him in publishing/marketing for the gaming industry.
John is one of those artists that are disappearing in the gaming industry.
John is a wealth of knowledge regarding gaming and the gaming industry.
John's understanding of the game industry is very impressive.
John is one the top professionals in the gaming industry.
He's someone who genuinely cares about the games industry.
John, in my opinion, has changed the game in his industry.
He knows all the in's and out's of the gaming industry.
John is an inspiring leader within the games industry.
John is very experienced and games industry survey.
In this industry, it is a must to stay in the game.
Very, very experienced in the video game industry.
His passion for the games industry is contagious.
An up-to-date executive in the gaming industry.
John has many good ideas in the gaming industry.
John is a veteran of the gaming industry.
Something I think many in the gaming industry should do.
I have known John for years in the game industry.
He's at the top of his game in the IT industry.
John has one of the most storied, and deepest network, not just in the games industry, but any industry.
He's been in the digital game since before there even was a game.
John is very passionate about games, and game development.
John is very knowledgeable about game development and games.
His insight into the games industry, and game design is exceptional.
The game industry needs more people like him.
He was always willing to go above and beyond to make the game experience better for the players.
He accepts you as you are and for who you are but he will push you to be better at your game.
Same goes with video games, he is very knowledgeable of different consoles and games.
John wrote few game reviews about the games we were - or we were about to publish.
His levels always are among the best looking and best playing in the game.
John is always looking for ways to make the game itself more awesome.
John has been the challenged me again and again to step up my game.
And if you ever wanted to do something with gaming, he is your man.
But most importantly, he just knows how to make games that are fun.
John is dedicated to always try to make the best game possible.
I also appreciate his thorough understanding of game localization.
It also doesn't hurt that he is very passionate about gaming.
They also make great games, that have been very successful.
John is one of the best strategic thinkers in the game.
His passion for games and the art of games is unsurpassed.
John is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about gaming.
John is well respected throughout the gaming market.
His levels were, by far, the absolute best in the game.
Basically, he'll get you to stay focused on your game.
John is not just on top of his game, but ahead of it.
He is always seeking to improve himself and his game.
John and his team are right at the top of their game.
He not only knows many, many people in the game industry, but he also knows a great deal about the industry itself.
John breathed life into several our company games using his enthusiasm, know-how, and passion for the gaming industry.
He understands the industry as well as anyone out there and he is also one of the nicest guys in the game.
He is fantastic at what he does and is very highly regarded by everyone within the gaming industry.
He's always on top of what's going on in the industry and analyzing games from competitors.
He's been in the gaming industry long enough to see it all - and see it all repeat itself.
John has the ability to always stay ahead of the game which is crucial in our industry.
At our company, we always have to be on top of our game regarding new legislation and changes within in the industry.
He got along quite well with just about everyone in our studio which is quite an accomplishment in the very eccentric game industry.
He is probably one of the most connected people you would find in the gaming industry.
His knowledge of the gaming industry is second to none and truly understands how and why people play games.
He knows the casual games industry inside and out and is the one to go to if you need a game suggestion for a specific audience.
He forecast the industry and provided solutions for us to stay ahead of the game.
John lives and breathes the gaming industry, which is the smartest thing anybody can do, regardless of their position.
It was indeed an honor to be under the tutelage and his insights into the gaming industry is second to none.
He always had some insight into the game industry and was always available after class to talk with.
He has a very extensive understanding of the gaming industry and seems to know just about everyone.
Wherever he lands in the industry, the game he becomes responsible for will be a success.
John is so versatile he could positively impact any industry, not just the gaming sector.
You can trust in him expertise and advice in all facets of the gaming industry.
He completely understands him industry and is always at the top of his game.
John is extremely well connected in the international games industry.
Our company one brings more passion and enthusiasm for the gaming industry than Snez.
It's very obvious that he truly cares about our company and the gaming industry.
His advice has been sought throughout our company and the game industry at large.
He is dedicated and passionate about what he does, especially in the video game industry.
He knows a lot about the game industry and he was really creative.
John represents what is best about the our company game industry.
John taught him a lot about the game industry and what it takes to make quality games.
His experience and interest in the gaming industry helped us better understand and represent the industry.
His deep experience in the games industry combined with his extreme passion for games is also great assets.
John has, to his mind, an unequaled knowledge of both the games industry, and that special something that makes a good game into a great game.
With him a video-game background, he knows very well the industry and the publishers.
He has a breadth of knowledge about games and the gaming industry, which serve him well as he deftly crafts game proposals.
He posses what is "at the core" important to the industry, to know the games
He is one of the people in the games industry that you want to keep working with over and over.
Ask him literally anything about code, games, people in the industry, he'll know the answer.
He is at the top of his game all while being pleasant in an unpleasant industry, he knows his stuff and is always willing to help.
He will do well in his new organization and the industry is quite fortunate to have this top performer in the game.
Furthermore, he's passionate about the gaming industry and would set aside some time to bring others up to speed.
He is always friendly, outgoing, enthusiastic, very well connected in the game industry and well organized.
Not only does he have broad experience within his industry, he is continually seeking ways to up his game.
Whether its film, games, or anything else in the industry, he's a reliable force to have on your side.
He's been around the block in the game industry and has an immense amount of experience to share.
In a nutshell, any company would be lucky to have him whether in the games industry or another.
John has a great future ahead of him in the game industry, and has his full recommendations.
His experience gives him a unique advantage in the highly competitive gaming industry.
He knows, and is respected by, a plethora of game industry luminaries and influencers.
Always on top of his game he adds real value not only to a company but to an industry.
He's got a fantastic future ahead of him within the tech and/or gaming industries.
He puts in extra effort at all times, and is passionate about the games industry.
John always found him great positions in the game industry and in a timely manner.
His experience in the games industry also makes him a great asset to have.
John brings an epic amount of game industry experience to the table.
Our company this, John always impressed him by his passion about the game industry, and his ability on execution
John is the go-to guy for everything gaming-related, and he is a key reason why our company has been successful in the gaming industry.
Besides his impressive accolades in the gaming industry, he also maintains a viable link to the music industry.
Plus, he is respected throughout the video game industry for both his accomplishments and likeability.
Although new to the video game industry, he swiftly familiarized himself with all of its intricacies.
With his love for video games, he is in the perfect role in the right industry.
That has served him well in the crazy world that is the video game industry.
He's one of the rare breed that keeps the games industry creative and fun.
His passion for games, and helping would-be game developers get into the industry is refreshing.
He held his team to the highest standards, and provided him with two of the best games in the industry.
He has that creative spark that will take him far in the video game industry.
He understands the game industry extremely well and has set up proficient running teams in this industry over and over.
John wants to see women from all industries succeed and empowered to change the game in whatever they do.
His vast experience in the gaming and PR industry make him the one to ask for him about issues in these areas.
John's ability to see opportunities to change the game within the industry is his strongest asset.
He understands the industry better than anyone in the game and he delivers results, hands down.
The games industry can be quite a theatrical area, but he doesn't let that faze him at all.
He is very responsive and honest and one of the true good people in the game industry.
His no-nonsense style was widely respected by the gaming industry and his peers.
His love for gaming and the industry are parallel to his love of helping people.
Thorough in his knowledge, having a deep insight into the gaming industry.
His work in more than one way has helped set the game industry standards.
John's first love is games and it shows in his attitude and approach to making games.
John helped him to obtain that all important first job in the games industry.
He is a pioneer in the gaming industry who was just as passionate about powerful story evolution as the game-play itself.
His background across multiple arenas of gaming technology make him uniquely qualified in the gaming industry.
He knows the games industry really well, and has a good sense of where it's headed.
His position in the handheld/mobile games industry and especially the graphics side is well established.
Best success and blessings on him as he continues his adventures in the graphics and gaming industry.
John has deep understanding and strong vision of the online gaming industry.
He constantly looks to learn both inside and outside the industry to ensure he - and our company - remain ahead of the game.
His genuine love for gaming is obvious to anyone that speaks to him, something that seems to slowly be disappearing from many people in the game industry.
He has extensive experience in the games industry, specifically in the area of supplemental tools that help gamers get more out of their games.
He has a real passion for games and as such an insatiable thirst for knowledge of the game industry and its tools.
Basically, he has all necessary skills needed in the game industry
Easy to work with and could tell he enjoys working in the game industry.