Game Programmer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Game Programmer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is one of the top game-play programmers you can think of.
John's extensive knowledge of games and gaming culture was invaluable since we were making a game that was an homage to all things gaming.
John is a programmer that truly has a great passion for games.
This allows our programmers to keep on top of their game, and keeps his clients very happy.
He founded the programme and successfully inspires us all to raise the game each year.
He is passionate, not only about game audio, but about all aspects of game creation.
John is dedicated to always try to make the best game possible.
He was always enthusiastic and was game for taking initiatives.
He knows how to get the most out of people and he knows how to play the game without being a game-player.
He is an excellent gameplay programmer and will make any game he works on that much more fun.
I also appreciate his thorough understanding of game localization.
Having said this, his natural game however is when it comes to people.
John is one of those people you remember as always being on his game.
John has fascinating insight into the games and gaming communities.
Connect and interact with him because he will make you lift your game.
He is very dedicated, passionate about what he does and will always be at the top of his game.
He is always one step ahead of the game & always goes above and beyond to ensure success.
Without his contribution the games would not have become as successful as they went.
To say that he is responsive and on top of his game would be an understatement.
I'm eager to see what he creates next and to be entertained by those games.
John really opened my eyes to how things are done in the world of gaming.
John's dedication and strive for excellence keeps him ahead of the game.
The game would not have been nearly as good without his extra efforts.
John genuinely has "skin in the game" when it comes to our success.
John is an accomplished mathematician at the top of his game.
He was most definitely one of the factors key to the success of our programme.
John is an asset to any programme that has his involvement and leadership.
He knows all the strings of the game and is very organised and reliable.
Even better, he knew exactly how to implement them into the game.
He's been reliable, trustworthy and always on top of his game.
He's exactly the type of programmer you want on your game team.
He held complex marketing programmes together and was always ahead of the game.
If you see his collection of games and game peripherals, you'll instantly know that this guy is serious about video games.
He is meant to be a game programmer because he intends to make everything he touches fun for the player.
His agency's services superseded others, we had reached out to for game programmers.
Throughout the programme he kept the group engaged and motivated.
Furthermore, he and his team are always looking for the next steps and are ahead of the game.
He knows the agency game very well and get the best out of his team.