Game Tester Performance Review Phrases Examples

Game Tester Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He works on all aspects of your golf game, long game, short game and the mental game.
Without his help, we certainly wouldn't have had as many animations in our game.
John company that is fortunate enough to have him is way ahead of the game.
He is always easy to get along with, and on top of that he knows games.
Relationships and results are the name of the game - and he gets it.
John is one of those employees you need on any gaming company.
This being said, there is no paralysis by analysis in his game.
He can make the most boring game he's ever watched and write about it like it was the best game he's seen in his life.
He knows how to get the most out of people and he knows how to play the game without being a game-player.
Be ready for his game to change browser gaming as you know it.
John knows games, process and best practices when it comes to everything about games.
John is a dedicated tester with a tremendous passion for games.
He probes deeply into games, extending beyond just being a our company tester.
John first, if he can't get you back in the game, he will direct you to someone who can.
His games were always the showpieces out of everything we would present.
Having said this, his natural game however is when it comes to people.
He knows his area very well and always seems to be on top of the game.
John is an innovative tester who leaves very little to chance.
John worked as a tester on an abundance of our games at our company.
He's done this over and over, he never tires of the task, and is always game for any new challenge.
He knows how to get results, and raise the game of all those around him.
This was the game changer for him, & guidance for many others to adopt.
His positive attitude and determination help everyone to up their game.
He is results oriented, but you can tell that he loves the game.
John wrote several features for him on gaming and the internet.
He is always on the top of his game and will deliver results.
He always focused on the end game, over achieving on results.
John is at the top of his game within the our company company.