General Accountant Performance Review Phrases Examples

General Accountant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John does what he says he is going to do, and that degree of accountability among our generation is hard to come by.
He turned around many difficult accounts and was responsible for additional revenue generation from existing accounts.
John answers questions, gets back to you, anticipates your needs, and in general do everything you would want or need your accountant to do.
He came into the role with nothing but a notebook and generated both new partnerships and new accounts.
We discussed his challenges in generating leads/contacts within specific accounts.
His leadership on our account generated results, pure and simple.
While holding his team accountable, he is also generous and fair.
Something that generally might not be taken into account, but that changed positively his overall experience during that time.
He has helped out so many people with their accounting questions - he is generous and thorough with his time.
The drive he has to generate the best performance out of all the accounts is commendable.
His approach is friendly and he is very generous with his accountancy knowledge.
He knows how to generously collaborate; and always did so for the success of our region and our company, in general.
He can dig into a prospective account and generate buzz, influence, and get to the right people.
He's generous and he really wants to help you get your book out of you and into print.
He is generous with his time and always willing to help out other departments.
He held individuals accountable and generated a high degree of success.
John will always talk straight and generally will back up his comments with an accounting statement or our company guidance.
John quit for about five months now, generally administering the very same portfolio of customer accounts from another end.
He established promising global accounts to generate incremental revenue.
He randomly gave general audits of our specific our company accounts.
While at our company, we were responsible for generating significant revenue growth within our accounts.
He's first to volunteer, always tries his best and generally excellent company.
He turns things around immediately and takes total accountability for everything that he or his team generates.
It has simplified his accounting, lowered his costs and in general, made his life easier.
John started with general accounting experience, but little technical background.
John breaks into new accounts with ease and confidence which generally results in orders.
His ability to take on accounts, either brand new or ones that have been neglected, and generate immediate results is unparalleled.
He helped him to set up the company books and continued on with general accounting and bookkeeping.
He is not only knowledgeable but very generous with his time.
John can easily motivate and generate responsibility and accountability within a team.
Performance in all areas of his business accountability is consistent at worst and above and beyond in general.
With our company you meet him you can see the passion he has for his business and for accounting in general.
In doing so, he was a leader in signing new accounts and generating revenue.
Through his continuous hard work and tenacity he generated new account prospects.
Under his supervision, his most important account grew more than five times in revenue generation.
He helped him with so many things: decision-making, idea-generation, accountability, perseverance, and more.
John not only knows strategy forward and backward, he is also generous about sharing his wisdom.
He needs only general guidelines to go forward within the scope of the strategy.
He is well received by both audiences and generates interest.
He excels in both relationship sales and new account generation.
He closes on six-figure accounts and is responsible for generating loyal, repeat customers.
He is very strategic, and he knows how making demand generation happen.
His attention to detail is second to none, plus he's extremely generous.
John knows the tactics of enterprise demand generation like few others.
John does his utmost to improve life chances for the next generation.
He generated an environment of trust and confidence in the workplace.
John's collaborative style generates success for both parties.
Insightful thinking and insights generation is him speciality.
John consistently had been achieving his targets and always generated good accounts and his innovations has always been useful for the team.