General Contractor Performance Review Phrases Examples

General Contractor Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He generates ideas and is generous in handing them on to those who will listen.
He will take the time to see if there is anything else he can do to help, because he is just that generous.
He's very generous and always willing to help out where ever possible.
John always made himself available and was very generous with his time.
He is not only generous with all he does, but gets things done.
He will try anything and generally makes it better than it was.
There have been many instances where he has been so generous.
Moreover, he does so generously and without being judgemental.
John, and his company are an asset to any general contractor or homeowner.
We still had to say no for the time being, but think it is wonderful that he would be so generous.
He does things that may not be within the general expectations, however, they are very effective.
In that way, he inspires many others to be generous to themselves and to those less fortunate.
John has a vision, he knows where he's going, and he's generous enough to take others with him.
He is also very generous about what he knows, how he can help and where you can find help.
He also is extremely generous and will do anything he can to help someone that is in need.
John is passionate about what he does, who he does it for, and humankind in general.
Smart, driven and generous, there is no one who can get things done as well as he can.
He went above and beyond to help our group out, and was very generous with his time.
He can and always delivered more than what we can think he can deliver in general.
He is also very generous and tries to be of help at all times in any way he can.
John went out of his way to help others, including himself, was generous and kind.
He generally goes out of his way to help others in need of expertise or advice.
Finally, he's generous with his expertise and makes everyone around him better.
John is generous and sincere and gives him all for anything that he pursues.
Always willing to help, generosity and collaborative, he will never let you down.
John adapted expertly to the very different needs of the two generations.
From the get go, he was generous with his advice - without being overbearing.
He's all that everyone says - wise, passionate about his cause and generous.
He's also very generous with feedback so one always knows where one stands.
He gives generously of himself within our organization and to the world.
Most of all, he's generous with what little of his time he has to spare.
John is very generous with his help, and enlists others to do the same.
People generally either want to be like him or are at least be near him.
Since then he has followed up with advice and general recommendations.
In general, he is one of the few ones with the right mix of everything.
John personifies everything that is right about today's generation.
Fortunately for him, he's also generous with his time and expertise.
John is truly generous, never withholding anything from anyone.
John is so kind and generous as to help him out with his studies.
He is generous in what he does and always is positive and friendly.
One thing that stood out more than anything is his generous spirit.
And he is most generous about sharing what he knows with others.
He will go out of his way to be generous, kind and understanding.
John truly knows how to generate value and deliver on the promise.
And more than that, he gives generously of his time and contacts.
Not only does he take great photographs, he is also very generous.
Also, he is very generous when it comes to sharing his expertise.
He gives of himself and his time both generously and graciously.
He's very generous and gets things done correctly the first time.
He simply does what he says he will do and is generally early.
John is extremely generous and gives of himself in so many ways.
And underneath it all, he's authentic, generous, and thoughtful.
John is generally upbeat and makes the best of most situations.
And in doing so, he has generated immense value for the agency.
He comes up with ideas by the pound, and they are not generic.
John has amazed him with the results he has already generated.
He is always focused on generating value for his surroundings.
Overall, he generally helped out anyone any way that he could.
He's always happy and just generally, really knows his stuff.
Revenue has been generated and that for him proves its worth.
He took on more aspects than ever expected and in many respects acted as the general contractor.
He gives generously of his time and experience to his team and colleagues in general.
He's generous and generative, leaving him values with the highest integrity.
He seamlessly connects with every generation in the workforce and knows the issues faced by each generation.
He is very generous with what he has and would often go out of the way to help his peers, himself included.
Before, during and after this presentation he was generous with his time.
He worked very well with his general contractor and the end results are above and beyond his expectations.
Respect is his key word which he gives generously to people and gets generously from them as well.
Seriously, he generously made himself available to the audience before, during and after speaking.
John, thank you so much for being so honest, human and generous.
He excels in generating mindshare with the end goal of generating revenue.
His efforts have generated instant capital for our company and we've generated capital through his efforts.
His suggestions, generate results that start to self-generate even more insights to apply to any situation.
He is quick to help others, he follows through on his commitments and generally gives his all to whatever he undertakes.
He knows how to do anything possible on any of the current and last generation of consoles and Handhelds
John will generally not allow anything to get in his way and focusses his attention on the end result.
John is someone you want on your side, not because he's popular, but because he's generous and genuine.
More importantly, he followed through on anything he committed to getting done, generally in hours.
His attitude toward songwriters in general and toward him in particular has always been admirable.
He is always generous with his time and he got on fantastically well with all of his colleagues.
John very generously not only responded, but he made several improvements to the introduction.
Therefore, it sets him apart from his colleagues who generally had one or the other qualification.
He is positive, generous and eager to do whatever he can to help make something successful.
John is always willing to give you his time and he is certainly generous with it when you ask.
He really has taken on more and more responsibility, all based on the trust he has generated.
John is passionate in everything he does and shares his successes with others generously.
He's incredibly generous with his time and is always going above and beyond to help others.
People from all over the company come to get his help and advice, which he generously gives.
It is always fun being associated with him and he has always generated exceptional results.
When everyone else out there was doing generic he picked his targets and became the expert.
He makes himself always available for questions/input, and in general, loves what he does.
John is passionate about what he does and generally makes the group around him look good.
Despite all that, he is generous with his time and is always open to outside perspective.
He knows how to leverage his years of experience helping others and does so, generously.
John has always been on time, honest and done right by us in general with our requests.
He generously shares with all those around him and helps us all to be better musicians.
John is both generous and brilliant, but most valuable of all is that he is also wise.
He is always generous with his time and provided him with sensible advice and feedback.
Warm, generous, and always willing to put the best interest of others ahead of his own.
John always generated deliverables that were above and beyond what was expected of him.
John with certainty after this experience is that he knows how to sell in general.
You can come to him with a general idea of what you need and he will make it for you.
All you need is to show him the general course and move aside to let him do the rest.
For recently new adaptors like himself, he is extraordinarily effective and generous.
He uses his own initiative for this and generously share these with his colleagues.
Everything we request is provided timely and he generously provides his expertise.
He has more ideas than he can ever use and he's phenomenally generous with them.
John is also very generous with his time - he often offered help without being asked.
Always willing to share of his experience, and generally to help out where he can.
He both challenged us to do better and was generous with praise when we delivered.
He is also more generous with the information he constantly has at his disposal.
John always did what he told him he would do and was generous in heart and action.
All seriousness aside, he is very generous and appreciative of everything we do.
His impact on the marketplace is significant and will last beyond his generation.
He generates new ideas for getting the message out to the appropriate audiences.
He is generous with his time and follows through on any commitments he has made.
He knows how to deal with different generations and appreciates their abilities.
He's generally-liked and well-respected by both his subordinates and superiors.
This recommendation isn't any generic one which describes his qualifications, .
He never gives a general answer as it's not always the best for each scenario.
Not only that, but he is an all around great guy who is generous with his time.
John absolutely gets it, and shares everything so generously in so many ways.
He answers questions when you have them and always is generous with his time.
He can always generate a way forward from what seem like checkmate positions.
He always generated enthusiasm as well as determination in all that he did.
Doing this on his own was going to generate limited results and opportunities.
He generously offered to help him with his resume and made an immediate impact.
His insights into the various generations are both clear and quite revealing.
From the start he has been thorough, insightful and generous with his time.
If anything, he was even more approachable, generous, focused, and outgoing.
John could easily be considered one the last visionaries of this generation.
He always says yes, generously giving his time, and always is well-prepared.
John always goes above and beyond the general expectations of him in a role.
In general, he is somebody who is extremely well respected by his coworkers.
Takes it upon himself to go to great lengths to shape the next generation.
He would be generous in his appreciation and specific in his observations.
John would be an asset to any company serious about next-generation rail.
Here heart is golden as he gives generously to others and organizations.
But more importantly, he is kind and generous and always willing to help.
If that wasn't enough, he's an extremely generous and giving colleague.
John didn't elevate problems without first generating possible answers.
John says exactly what he means and generally, it is the correct answer.
John's insights go beyond next generation, but he's also good in the now.
He also generates excitement and enthusiasm among others, for his cause.
We met once to go over some general concepts and he took it from there.
Furthermore, he always generously shares his notes with his classmates.
He really knows his stuff and is generous about sharing his experience.
John is generous with his introductions to these colleagues when needed.
He is warm, generous and infects those around him with his enthusiasm.
His dedication and enthusiasm both are inspiring to the new generation.