General Counsel Performance Review Phrases Examples

General Counsel Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

We have worked together where he was our general counsel in three different companies.
There, he functioned as general counsel of that entire company.
More generally, he is a proactive lawyer, which - in his experience - is essential to being a successful general counsel.
He never failed to offer up, without hesitation, his most generous and thoughtful counsel.
John is a reactive general counsel with efficient reactivity.
John is always willing to make himself available to others for counsel and advice.
He has always been generous by offering him counseling and advice throughout his career.
They would tell you they appreciate his counsel and mentoring.
His support & counsel has been generous, insightful, and useful.
He is the body, the brother, the one that you will ask for an opinion when you have a doubt and he will be very generous with his counselling.
His generous counsel has repeatedly given us confidence to make the right choices appropriate for our current situation.
He generated ideas at breakneck speed and counseled him on new opportunities.
He's offered his time, thoughts, wisdom and counsel, when asked generously.
John is known for always having the right words at our company, even when he needs to counsel.
John is always available to help and you will never go wrong in seeking his counsel.
John provided counsel to our nonprofit and we could not have been more impressed.
Listen to his counsel and take his advice, he's among the best at what he does.
His counsel is always appreciated, and he always follows through on his word.
He knows when to stand up and be counted, and when to keep his own counsel.
This makes him much more efficient and effective than most outside counsel.
He knows what he's best at and his honest counsel is always appreciated.
To say that his counsel was impressive would be an understatement.
At the same time, he was always available for advice and counsel.
It has been his privilege to have the reassurance of his counsel.
Clients respect him and often look to him for advice and counsel.
Providing him with insightful help and counsel for any request.
His counsel is always provided with clarity and understanding.
John has also provided good counsel to him on many occasions.
John is our outside counsel and we hired him in to our company.
People that have worked for and with him are generous with praise.
He strives to make him the best version of himself by being generous with his knowledge and wise in his counsel.
All of which makes him a great commercially focused general counsel.
John provided counseling to him throughout our recent capital campaign.
John is also available for private counsel before and after class.
John is one of the best people to go to for wisdom and counsel.
John worked on the demand generation generation team at our company.
Him counseling has prepared him well for interviews and the job search in general.