General Ledger Accountant Performance Review Phrases Examples

General Ledger Accountant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

His analysis and research towards his accounts was very thorough and helped us generate success with his accounts.
He turned around many difficult accounts and was responsible for additional revenue generation from existing accounts.
He has tremendous expertise in the accounts receivable world and general ledger.
And underneath it all, he's authentic, generous, and thoughtful.
I have found him to be dependable, compassionate and generous.
John is one of the rare few to have figured out how to generate wealth while being super kind, honest and generous.
He generously shares with all those around him and helps us all to be better musicians.
John is very thoughtful and generous when it comes to his willingness helping others.
He generously offered to help me with my resume and made an immediate impact.
John is always kind, compassionate and generous even when he is frustrated.
Apart from that, he is very friendly, approachable, generous and helping.
He likes things that move forward and is very generous in his efforts.
He is genuinely interested in others and is always generous and kind.
He is generous with advice and is always willing to answer questions.
Always found him open to new ideas, as well as generous with his own.
He was generous in sharing his thoughts with me and the listeners.
John is strict, gets down to the point, yet kind and generous.
John is also dependable, generous and very easy to get along with.
He is both kind and generous, as well as motivated for success.
I like the fact that he would request a weekly general ledger just to see if his expenses got coded to the correct account.
Also, he is very generous when it comes to providing effective advice.
Him solutions and approaches are never generic or off the shelf.
He is honest and straightforward, very 'present' and generous.
John has always been generous with his time, always willing to volunteer and really down to earth.
I cannot imagine him ever getting let go or someone not wanting to hire him on the spot or be around him in general.
He is extremely thoughtful, generous and always willing to help no matter what he might have on his plate.
John has become one of the immediate go-to's when others have questions, concerns, or general comments.
Without his leadership, partnership and general brilliance, we would have not been the same company.
He is someone very forthcoming and progressive and is open to new ideas for the new generation.
Not only he was open and approachable, but he also generously offered his help for many of us.
He knows how to make things happen and generates successes, even circumstances are difficult.
He generally has answers to all our questions and if he doesn't know, he finds the answer.
He also generated insightful questions of his own and kept the whole thing moving along.
John also impressed me with his openness to and his capacity for generating new ideas.
He was smart, he was kind, he was very generous and quick to help anywhere needed.
He is also pleasant to be around and every conversation generates helpful ideas.
John is a kind and generous soul that is doing what he can to help the world.
I was impressed by his leadership and his absolute trust in the next generation.
John's leadership sets the tone and example for generations after him to follow.
He is also wise, kind, witty and generally just someone you want to be around.
John is generous, helpful, encouraging and thoughtful in his approach.
His company generates results, and provides growth to any organisation.
John was always open to discussion and generating new ideas together.
He is generous and very open to new ideas and embraces the challenge.
He is smart, thoughtful, generous, and has his priorities just right.
John has always remained the same excited about music and generous.
He's generously friendly, always approachable and readily available.
He generates new ideas and is open to feedback and brainstorming.
He is very conscientious, hardworking and generally good-natured.
He is generous with his expertise and open to ideas from others.
I value his friendship and our combined idea generation capacity.
He is wise, energetic, thoughtful and generous with his advice.
John is a consummate visionary, as well as generator of action.
John has always been remarkably humble, kind, generous and wise.
John is extremely generous and is a stand out on this platform.
He is generous, thoughtful and fiercely loyal and hardworking.
His ideas are provocative and generate thought and perspective.
The impact of his efforts will be felt by generations to come.
I am indebted for his kindness and gracious, generous nature.
He has been generous with his time and expertise to help us advance our mission to invest in the next generation.