General Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

General Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John advanced from the new car manager, general sales manager to general manager in less than a year.
John would be one of the best general managers that they have at our company.
He manages with high-calibre general management qualifications.
He is very experienced and talented manager of a new generation.
I just want to say he's the best general manager I've ever met.
John had responsibility for managing scripts and generating management reports as required.
John management is the "power track" at our company in general management and beyond.
He is courteous to my generation and well liked by the people of his own generation.
I have found him to be someone who gives back, and very generous with his time.
John is someone who generally was our first to come in and the last to leave.
He has always been willing to help, and has been generous with his time.
John always made himself available and was very generous with his time.
He's very generous and always willing to help out where ever possible.
He is not only ahead of his generation, but also way ahead of ours.
Unfailingly generous with his help, sometimes to his own detriment.
He is not only generous with all he does, but gets things done.
He will try anything and generally makes it better than it was.
John is extremely generous and knowledgeable as a manager, as well as being generous with his knowledge.
John is indeed the best manager that generally agreed among who ever worked with him.
John is an excellent general manager and has particular empathy for his staff.
He's a generous manager and does everything he can to help his team succeed.
He is generous with his knowledge and manages to excite everyone near him.
As a manager, he is generous with praise and is well-liked and respected.
I recommend him for technical roles as well as for general management.
His leadership capabilities made him to the general manager position.
John is both an excellent general manager and strategic planner.
John is a very generous and at the same time challenging manager.
John was an excellent leader and general manager of his division.
And it was natural that he became general manager after a while.
John is the type of general manager, you would like to work for.
John has a management style that is both generous and demanding.
I found him to be a generous and inspiring teacher and manager.
Such was my case as he gave me my first general manager's job.
John is a very supportive and generous colleague and manager.
John is an approachable and generous manager both for his team and others in the company.
I have the privilege and honor to have John as my general manager.
All of this is thanks to the great work of John as general manager.
John is one of the best top lead generation managers of Ukraine.
John was the general manager of the company while I was there.
John convinced me with his creative and passionate approach to team management and management in general.
He is highly respected by all - regional management, general management, peers and subordinates.
In addition, John's managing across generations training is invaluable for young managers.
He is always generous with his time and somehow seems to know the name of everyone in the organisation.
He is the most generous person and is more than willing to get out there and help you any way he can.
We still had to say no for the time being, but think it is wonderful that he would be so generous.
In that way, he inspires many others to be generous to themselves and to those less fortunate.
He is also very generous about what he knows, how he can help and where you can find help.
John is one of those leaders who gives generously of himself so that others can succeed.
Smart, driven and generous, there is no one who can get things done as well as he can.
He makes sure he does the right thing for you and your family for generations to come.
I will always appreciate his willingness to help the next generation of entrepreneurs.
John is generous and goes out of his way to help others, no matter what their need.
John is generous with his time and always willing to help others within the company.
He went above and beyond to help our group out, and was very generous with his time.
He can and always delivered more than what we can think he can deliver in general.
He was very generous of his time and was always willing to help those around him.
Every now and then you come across someone who generally transcends expectation.
He is generous with the teaching and is always willing to help you all the way.
He generates ideas and is generous in handing them on to those who will listen.
John is always looking for ways to promote others and generously does just that.
John knows how to manage people and he is a generous manager, always ready to help colleagues.
He helped him generate ideas, backed him up when things did not go well and was in general an experienced and trustworthy affiliate manager.
It has been no surprise to see him make the successful transition into general management.
Because of these, he manages to generate an inspiring and collaborative environment.
He is generous with praise when merited and listened to those he managed.
His general managers rave about his effectiveness and accomplishments.
John is a next generation manager, as he has proven on many occasions.
He managed all generations and together pulled off fantastic results.
John is at that time just begun in his role as general manager.
John manages to reach all generations with great entertainment.
He managed himself and the general unstructured tasks superbly.
Always highly recommend him for general management roles which require change management.
In him department and in general management, he always seems to go above and beyond what was asked of him.
John also steered our shop through the transition of three general managers.
John has always generated the respect of managers wherever he has worked.
He mentored him in many aspects of management as well as life in general.
He completely changed his perception of the managers in general.
He really understands our company and partner management in general.
John is very generous with his knowledge and expertise and is generally someone you want to know.
A warm and generous human being, generous with his time and contacts.
Alongside this he's just generally brilliant at what he doesn't and always manages to succeed even with almost impossible assignments.
Not only is he an efficient manager, he reflects on what he knows and shares generously with others.
As his manager, he helped him tremendously, and was always generous with his time and guidance.
His attitude always re-assures that there's hope for the upcoming generation of managers.
This breadth of experience and perspective make him an outstanding general manager.
He managed the candidate generation and referencing of candidates flawlessly.
Above all, he is a fine and generous manager with humor and dedication.
He understands general management and the concepts that comprise it.
He stands out in his mind because he was a balanced general manager.
As a manager, he was clear on expectations and generous with praise.
John can be highly recommended for management and revenue generation.
John is one of the most innovative thinkers in his generation.
Although he managed multiple teams he was always generous with his time.
John is his manager during some of this period and he was generous with his knowledge and time.
He strikes him as an expert on this subject, and on configuration management in general.
He's one of those generally smart people who manages to excel in most any environment.
Finally, he managed not just at school to generate an encouraging atmosphere.
John generated respect among his peers, subordinates and managers alike.
Johny is legendary for his crisis management and general messaging advice.
His code is generally clean, architecture generally adequate.
Candidates and managers learn to trust his judgment because he's generally correct.
He provides the general framework and oversight, but then lets you manage your job.
This is the kind of manager that generally gets the most out of his people, and therefore his team.
John, for the post of a general manager or corporate general manager of any prestigious five star our company hotel.
John's strategy is one that generates results without generating a huge invoice.
He uncovered the challenges we meet during managing people from different generations.
He manages to be generous and supportive, yet challenging and innovative.
John also is adept at generating revenue while managing within budget.
Finance, while instrumenting the next generation of our company.
He's very generous with his time and advice and what he doesn't know about issue management is probably not worth knowing.
His abilities could be used in different manners and he would be an ideal candidate also for general management roles.
John can generate high morale in any situation, and will always be one of his most memorable and inspiring managers.
His schemes somehow have always managed to generate interest and have been able to stand out from the clutter.
At the end of the day he managed to generate significant positive results in the most trying of circumstances.
His veteran approach is especially surprising considering his relatively short tenure as general manager.
Regardless of the demographic, scale or constraints, he has always managed to generate flawless results.
John's "general manager mindset" coupled with his abilities is what set him apart from the rest.
He manages the detail when necessary, but generally looks ahead for long term opportunities.
John belongs to this kind of managers who generate naturally the success anywhere they are.
He draws on his past experience and achievements in general management to great effect.
His ability to manage at all levels of the organization generated positive results.
He constantly over delivered and managed to do so with a kind and generous spirit.
John managed both outbound & inbound demand generation with precision and finesse.
His management style generates respect and trust with colleagues and employees.
He successfully divided his responsibilities between the owner and general manager.
He manages interns with patience and is generous with his time and feedback.
He also manages to generate a ton of money for some worthwhile charities.
Definitely he is part of a new generation of efficient young managers.
John's mission in life as the generational guru is to spread his wisdom across all generations and he rocks.
He never over-estimates himself and in general he proved to be a very factual manager.
And he also managed large revenue generating product lines for several years.
He's dependable, brilliant, creative, generous and an excellent manager.
He also managed to generate very high levels of customer satisfaction.
Passionate in all he does and generous hearted about the things that matter most in life.
He is passionate about everything he does, but most importantly about life in general.
He always tries to generalize any tasks which make transition/maintenance fairly easy.
John is bright and generous and he would be an asset to any company.
His enthusiasm for what he does and for life in general is contagious.
He is willing to guide and is generous in sharing whatever he knows.
John generates innovative ideas and then makes them come to life.
He is generous with his time and candid with his evaluations.
He also always managed to make everyone else around him smile, and generally improved the mood of the team.
His stakeholder management is excellent and this allows him to generate excellent documentation.
He managed his teams with ease and always acted focused on value generation.
As one of the best, he excels in generating value to his customers.
He also had the potential to pursue general management positions if he chooses to go in that direction.
John also has the general management capability that will serve him well as he progresses in his career.
At the same time, he is committed to mentoring everyone he manages, generously sharing his expertise.
This gives him an incredible advantage in negotiating, managing, and in general making things happen.
John managed to do this all while keeping a pleasant demeanor, generally getting along with people.