General Worker Performance Review Phrases Examples

General Worker Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He always has time to meet and has the general admiration of his new co-workers.
John always demonstrated himself to be a diligent and generous worker.
When it comes to both his work and his co-workers, he is generous with his time and attention.
A hard worker who generates results, he is an asset to those he encounters.
His co-workers still comment on how much fun the photo booth generated.
He is extremely generous with his time, and he is a hard worker.
John is a self-motivated, generous worker appreciated by all.
The good news, however, is that he was always fair and generous to his subordinates and co-workers.
He generates excitement in his co-workers and pours his creativity into everything that he does.
He consistently generates outstanding results for clients and co-workers.
He generates trust with internal co-workers as well as customers.
He generates ideas, always looks for solutions and is an extremely hard worker.
John is a very generous co-worker, both with his time and candidate resources.
Without a doubt, a generous, hard worker; who really knows his stuff.
Not only is he generous of his time and knowledge with his clients, but also with his co-workers.
He is a dedicated and focussed worker and is generous with his praise and accepts the same graciously.
He's also very approachable and generally interested in the well being of his team; he's one of the hardest workers out there.
John seems to have endless energy and enthusiasm, which he shares generously with all co-workers and visitors.
John generates and maintains strong relationships with his co-workers and his clients.
He is a very hard worker, and will focus to generate value for customers.
To him, he has been an awesome co-worker, a talented mentor and the most generous friend.
His generous and easy to approach nature also makes him an ideal co-worker and a leader
He also is very generous with his praise for other co-workers and always gives credit where credit is due.
John is a generous spirit and was a supportive and empowering co-worker.
He generally says what he thinks and doesn't worry too much about looking stupid or appearing weak or out of position with his co-workers.
Knowingly or unknowingly, he inspired an entire generation of female workers around him to be gracious, steadfast, and impactful.
As a boss, he's honest, yet friendly, and generous with praise, and inspires loyalty among his co-workers.
Also, he is a kind, generous, and caring individual, which is a treat to have as co-worker.
Fortunately for all lucky enough to work with him, he's as generous with that knowledge as he is with his time in general.