Generous Performance Review Phrases Examples

Generous Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

With rewards that will our company from generation to generation.
He will take the our company to see if there is anything else he can do to help, because he is just that generous.
Additionally, he is generous in the way he is always willing to help out his co-workers.
He is courteous to his generation and well liked by the people of his own generation.
He's very generous and always willing to help out where ever possible.
John always made himself available and was very generous with his our company.
John has always been an inspiration to himself and the next generation.
He is third generation and this is not often found in our profession.
He is not only ahead of his generation, but also way ahead of ours.
Unfailingly generous with his help, sometimes to his own detriment.
He is very willing to help and is very generous with his knowledge.
He is not only generous with all he does, but gets things done.
There have been many instances where he has been so generous.
He is generous with his value and it was truly an experience.
Moreover, he does so generously and without being judgemental.
Commitment is what he is, to himself and business in general.
He is very generous with what he has and would often go out of the way to help his peers, himself included.
He is always generous with his our company and somehow seems to know the name of everyone in the organisation.
He is generous and always does everything in his power to make sure everyone around him is successful.
He is the most generous person and is more than willing to get out there and help you any way he can.
We still had to say no for the our company being, but think it is wonderful that he would be so generous.
Seriously, he generously made himself available to the audience before, during and after speaking.
He does things that may not be within the general expectations, however, they are very effective.
John is very generous with his knowledge and expertise and is generally someone you want to know.
In that way, he inspires many others to be generous to themselves and to those less fortunate.
John has a vision, he knows where he's going, and he's generous enough to take others with him.
He also is extremely generous and will do anything he can to help someone that is in need.
John is one of those leaders who gives generously of himself so that others can succeed.
John gives very generously of his our company and is always willing to make himself available.
He's generous and he really wants to help you get your book out of you and into print.
John is passionate about what he does, who he does it for, and humankind in general.
He is generous with his time, and has often given to him without him asking for anything.
Smart, driven and generous, there is no one who can get things done as well as he can.
He makes sure he does the right thing for you and your family for generations to come.
He has always been very generous with his help and he really knows his stuff very well.
John is generous and goes out of his way to help others, no matter what they need.
He would go out of his way to help all of his customers and the industry in general.
He does his business "generously" unlike most of us trying to do it "competitively".
He can and always delivered more than what we can think he can deliver in general.
John is generous and very well liked by everyone who has been in contact with him.
He is also very generous and tries to be of help at our company in any way he can.
He is also very generous in sharing these things with others whenever we ask him.
Finally, he's generous with his expertise and makes everyone around him better.
He generates ideas and is generous in handing them on to those who will listen.
He is also generous and you can always talk with him for something interesting.
He is well liked by all and relate well with individuals across all generations
From the get go, he was generous with his advice - without being overbearing.
He is also generous and has extended himself towards himself and his students.
John is generally dissatisfied and wants to generate change and improvements.
He is very generous of his enthusiasm and that help in different situations.
Matej definitely knows his material when it comes to generating new business.
John is probably one of the best insurance professionals of his generation.
John is generally the first one in the office and the our company one to leave.
John is an expert in pipeline generation and knows how to generate demand.
He's also very generous with feedback so one always knows where one stands.
He always ships and gives generously to those that need it in the process.
He gives generously of himself within our organization and to the world.
Contributes to the generation of value for those who hired his services.
John is very generous with his help, and enlists others to do the same.
Another plus, he's very generous too, when he knows you deserve it well.