Genuine Performance Review Phrases Examples

Genuine Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is always liked by those around him because they can see that he is genuine in everything that he does.
He is genuine with everything he does, and always makes himself available and approachable.
He is there for you if you need help with anything and he is just so incredibly genuine.
He is "genuine" - in a way that can only be confirmed if someone truly is genuine.
The best thing is that he genuinely is here to help others become more successful.
He is genuine and someone you would want to know during your life our company.
But, and this surprised him as much as anyone else who knows him, it's genuine.
He does what he says, gives first and genuinely wants to see others succeed.
John is someone who genuinely looks out for what is best for his clients.
This allows him to come off as genuine and therefore more believable.
He genuinely wants to help and will go above and beyond to deliver.
He is genuine and does the right thing even when no one is looking.
John is as genuine as they come, and willing to help anyone he can.
He always does what he says he'll do, and he listens, genuinely.
He is very genuine and wants only the best for those around him.
He comes across as very genuine & not everyone has that asset.
This allowed him to get out of his own way and be more genuine.
He took the our company to get to know everyone and be genuine.
Our company can do this only with genuine people, and John is genuine.
John is genuine, and he's genuine because he actually cares about you.
He genuinely wants those around him to succeed, and he does everything he can to help make that happen.
And most importantly, he was genuinely willing to help and make himself available for further discussions.
Above all else he was always available for help and genuinely wanted the best for all of his students.
He not only wants to succeed himself, but genuinely wants everyone to become better at our company.
His passion to help others succeed, to become the best at what they want to be or do is genuine.
John more importantly is someone who is genuinely someone that you can get along with easily.
He is truly genuine in that he wants everyone to succeed, and he will help in any way he can.
And oh yes, he is a genuinely genuine person - something that is becoming even more rare.
John genuinely knows what he is doing, and he becomes very passionate at his endeavors.
John follows up, he is approachable, and genuinely wants those around him to succeed.
He goes above and beyond and genuinely wants to see the best for people in business.
John is one of the most genuine gentlemen whom you will ever come across in life.
All of that, he did, genuinely, just because he can - not wanting anything in return.
He is genuine and supportive, and will do anything he can to help others succeed.
And when you do engage with him, him genuineness comes through almost immediately.
Above all, he is genuine in his desire to help because it's the right thing to do.
The first thing you notice is his smile - the second thing is that it is genuine.
John is one of those very few people who genuinely want to help others succeed.
His desire to bring all those around him to be the best they can be is genuine.
He will push you to be your best, because he genuinely wants you to succeed.
John is very easy to get along with and is genuinely liked by all his peers.
Whenever anyone needs help he is willing to help and give genuine suggestions.
He is completely genuine in everything that he does and is liked by everyone.
Above all, he is genuine and puts forth his all in everything that he does.
The first thing you recognize as you get to know him, is how genuine he is.
Furthermore, you can tell that he's genuinely there to help and give value.
He genuinely pushes himself forward to help others, even at his own expense.
John genuinely wants to make his company better, as well as those around him.
But, most of all, he does these things with genuine warmth and sweetness.
John is genuine in all of his interactions both in and out of the office.
He is very well liked and genuine to everyone he comes in contact with.
Many will tell you that he is the most genuine leader they have ever met.
If you ask him for advice, you can be certain the answer will be genuine.
He is highly intelligent, but never comes across as anything but genuine.
He's as genuine as it gets and only wants the best outcome for everyone.
He is someone who is genuinely giving just because that is what he does.
John genuinely wants to help his employees become better at our company.
He genuinely looks to uncover needs first, and how he can be of service.
John is always prepared for calls, and more than that, he was genuine.
Not many people that can genuinely do that - but he is definitely one.