Global Account Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Global Account Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

His managers are ones most satisfied of all, he knows how to manage.
The way he managed and still manages everything is remarkable.
John was my manager's manager and had been very approachable.
John is a hard and smart working account manager, where he has done very well managing large and small accounts.
This is more than most managers could handle and after he left his role was managed by several managers.
John was a detailed accounting manager that managed four different companies.
He becomes project manager and he was always there to help even though he was managing different account.
John has simply been the best account manager that we have ever had from any vendor.
John taught me much about management, accountability and organization.
John served as an engagement manager for several of my accounts.
John managed our account and was always reliable and effective.
John is very well organized and proactive in account management.
I have yet to have an account manager of his expertise or drive.
John is an engaging, meticulous and thorough account manager.
He managed his accounts with dedication to the employees equal to that which he did for his company and management.
And with this he in fact doubled the revenue from the account without much intervention of the account manager.
He was brought in to manage the complex account activity associated with our biggest accounts and agencies.
He soon proved to me he was an excellent, trustworthy account manager, winning numerous accounts from cold.
He doesn't just manage up, but manages down and across the organization.
John is one of those account managers who does his job properly.
He has been our account manager from the beginning to present.
He also demonstrated a good ability in account management - especially in managing expectations.
I have never seen someone get so much out of him accounts and the team that he manages.
John is certainly somebody you want on your team or managing your account.
Many of his accounts were our anchor accounts who recommendation helped us land new global accounts that helped us become the number one player in this space.
John is a commendable, intuitive manager who is quite well versed with account management and is also enthusiastic in trying out new features that may benefit the account.
John was a fair and a very hardworking manager who always held me accountable, but gave me freedom to manage my accounts independently.
He goes out of his way to provide exceptional account management and follow-through and is fully accountable for his decisions.
The accounts he managed to be always well managed and taken care of.
He really did well, against tight deadlines and with management who didn't really understand anything about accounts.
John is one of those great account managers that can always anticipate what you need and do it before you ask.
He is very thorough and doesn't let anything fall through the cracks even when managing multiple accounts.
John is the best account manager, you could wish for, he delivers what he promises and gets beyond that.
John is in account management, so it goes without saying that he has the chops on all the usual things.
John was my account manager for many years and always did his best to get results for my company.
There were never any surprises and no one fell through the cracks while he managed their account.
It is no wonder to me that he has risen to managing several of the largest accounts in the company.
He always makes his expectations clear and holds everyone accountable, but does not over-manage.
He is one of the few account managers who could be relied upon and would always follow through.
Him instincts help him get the most out of the accounts he manages, and he delivers results.
His dedication to his position and the accounts he managed was nothing less than outstanding.
John has been very effective in managing my account even through the downturn in the economy.
John is a manager who is taking into account all the needs arise within the organisation.
In addition, you will be delighted with the follow-up he provides as an account manager.
He also provided us with the necessary leadership to grow as successful account managers.
He is very good at follow-up and is very thorough in his approach to account management.
He has provided us with management accounts, advice and guidance since our conception.
John is an account manager that, without pushing too much, always maintained contact.
John has been our account manager for the past couple of years and he is wonderful.
Aside from his leadership would have to be his ability to manage accounts effectively.
Whenever an account is given to him to manage leadership knows it will be a success.
It is easy to see why his clientele will never accept changes in account management.
He was also known for successfully opening and managing several fledgling accounts.
He has been able to manage accounts across the country as well in his own backyard.
John was persistent without being annoying while managing some of our top accounts.
John has been great in managing our account and helping out with anything we need.
John was a great account manager who was always willing to help out when asked.
He has managed them directly and held them accountable for achieving deadlines.
John takes his account management very seriously and is extremely enthusiastic.
I found him to smart, efficient, and very proficient in managing his accounts.