Goal Focus Performance Review Phrases Examples

Goal Focus Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

He knows what he is doing and focus on his goal.
He motivates the team towards the goal and makes sure to always keep the focus on the goal.
John focus is always about the need of the caucus goals.
He can make the others focus on their important goals.
He knows exactly which goals to achieve and to focus.
Works well under pressure and keeps the goal in focus.
Result oriented and keep focus on his goals.
John kept his focus on the goal at hand.
His focus was always not just about getting things done, but about getting the right things done and doing them right.
I've never known anybody who gives so much to so many with the only goal of seeing others do better.
His goal is always to get the project done, but to do so by getting the team to want the same goal.
He knows how to balance the goals of the goals of the organization with the goals of employees.
He keeps his focus on the goal, and is constantly making sure it's the correct goal.
He will go out of the for anyone along the way to help them achieve their goals.
John is someone who certainly knows what he is doing and achieve his goals.
There is nothing that is beyond his capability once he has it in him focus.
John focus on his goals and dedication to them are beyond one can imagine.
He is loyal until the end and always will help and get you to your goals.
He certainly knows what he wants, and will do everything to reach his goal.
At the end of the day he knows how to get things done which is the goal.
He knows exactly what he wants, what his goals are and always makes it.
John is always willing to help you in any way to achieve your goals.
I have recently reached one of those goals which was my "dream" goal.
Align your goals with him and you can be sure he'll make it happen.
Knew exactly what he was looking for and always achieved his goals.
He is goal-oriented and always does everything in sake of the goal.
His goal is to make sure everyone reaches their professional goals.
All of us were amazed, but that's just the way he was about goals.
I wish him the very best for any goal he is looking to achieve.
John is someone who goes all the way to establish his goals.
John focuses on what needs to get done and in the right order.
John is truly one who knows how to focus and get things done.
John is very detail oriented and always focus on his goal.
His goal is to make sure they have the very best experience.
He never gives up and will do everything to reach his goals.
His focus has always been doing what's best for his clients.
John has been the one to focus me back on the right track.
John has helped me focus and move forward with my goals.
John's goal is to help his customers arrive at their goal.
John knows where he's going and is focused on his goals.
My goals and objectives become his goals and objectives.
His focus is always on the end result and company goals.
Setting high goals for himself and achieving his goals.
John is not only goal-oriented, he is goal achieving.
Without his help we would not have achieved our goals.
He always has a goal and never waivers from that goal.
I have seen him to be very focused towards his goals.
He will go above and beyond any goals given to him.
He went out of his way to help us achieve our goals.
I am sure he will help you reach all of your goals.
He looks out for and makes sure goals are achieved.
John's focus is totally with the goals of his clients.
He knows what he wants and always reaches his goal.
John wish you all the very best for future goals.
His goal is to make things better, not just get by.
It will help you focus on the right opportunities.
It helped me to focus on my goals and objectives.
He has him own goals that most of it achieved.
Working with him will help you reach your goals.
Everything he does is geared towards this goal.