Goal Focus Performance Review Phrases Examples

Goal Focus Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He knows what he is doing and focus on his goal.
He motivates the team towards the goal and makes sure to always keep the focus on the goal.
John focus is always about the need of the caucus goals.
He can make the others focus on their important goals.
He knows exactly which goals to achieve and to focus.
Works well under pressure and keeps the goal in focus.
Result oriented and keep focus on his goals.
John kept his focus on the goal at hand.
His focus was always not just about getting things done, but about getting the right things done and doing them right.
I've never known anybody who gives so much to so many with the only goal of seeing others do better.
His goal is always to get the project done, but to do so by getting the team to want the same goal.
He knows how to balance the goals of the goals of the organization with the goals of employees.
He keeps his focus on the goal, and is constantly making sure it's the correct goal.
He will go out of the for anyone along the way to help them achieve their goals.
John is someone who certainly knows what he is doing and achieve his goals.
There is nothing that is beyond his capability once he has it in him focus.
John focus on his goals and dedication to them are beyond one can imagine.
He is loyal until the end and always will help and get you to your goals.
He certainly knows what he wants, and will do everything to reach his goal.
At the end of the day he knows how to get things done which is the goal.
He knows exactly what he wants, what his goals are and always makes it.
John is always willing to help you in any way to achieve your goals.
I have recently reached one of those goals which was my "dream" goal.
Align your goals with him and you can be sure he'll make it happen.
Knew exactly what he was looking for and always achieved his goals.
He is goal-oriented and always does everything in sake of the goal.
His goal is to make sure everyone reaches their professional goals.
All of us were amazed, but that's just the way he was about goals.
I wish him the very best for any goal he is looking to achieve.
John is someone who goes all the way to establish his goals.
John focuses on what needs to get done and in the right order.
John is truly one who knows how to focus and get things done.
John is very detail oriented and always focus on his goal.
His goal is to make sure they have the very best experience.
He never gives up and will do everything to reach his goals.
His focus has always been doing what's best for his clients.
John has been the one to focus me back on the right track.
John has helped me focus and move forward with my goals.
John's goal is to help his customers arrive at their goal.
John knows where he's going and is focused on his goals.
My goals and objectives become his goals and objectives.
His focus is always on the end result and company goals.
Setting high goals for himself and achieving his goals.
John is not only goal-oriented, he is goal achieving.
Without his help we would not have achieved our goals.
He always has a goal and never waivers from that goal.
I have seen him to be very focused towards his goals.
He will go above and beyond any goals given to him.
He went out of his way to help us achieve our goals.
I am sure he will help you reach all of your goals.
He looks out for and makes sure goals are achieved.
John's focus is totally with the goals of his clients.
He knows what he wants and always reaches his goal.
John wish you all the very best for future goals.
His goal is to make things better, not just get by.
It will help you focus on the right opportunities.
It helped me to focus on my goals and objectives.
He has him own goals that most of it achieved.
Working with him will help you reach your goals.
Everything he does is geared towards this goal.
The end goal is his primary goal, and when it comes to goals he won't fall short.
He helped him focus first setting goals, then achieving those goals.
He achieved his goals and those goals matched our company goals.
He defines clear goals with an unfettered focus toward those goals.
He spurs you to focus in on your goals with warmth, focus, and drive.
He understands your focus and goals and works with you to achieve them while never losing focus of his own goals.
He gets you to focus in on your goals and goes out of his way to help you achieve them.
John is very focused on his goals and that helped him to keep his focus.
John inspired him to look beyond the obstacles and just focus on his goals.
He follows up on his calls, and keeps his focus on the goals ahead of him.
He is very goal oriented and knows how to keep his focus under pressure.
Dedicated to what he does and achieves his goals never losing the focus.
His goals seemed to become his goals and together we accomplished them.
He brings focus when everything is out of focus, and greater sharpness and clarity whenever things are in focus.
John has an amazing ability to focus on an end goal and juggle as many things as necessary to reach that goal.
The one-on-one meetings allow him to focus on his own goals and issues.
Regardless of where and when, his goal is always to do the right thing.
He will succeed anywhere he goes, and with anything that has him focus.
However, if there was one thing that makes him stand out is his focus.
John always made sure we placed our focus on the right initiatives.
our company, does what he says he will, even when the goals are ambitious.
Gets along with everyone and keeps his focus on getting things done.
You could always be sure of his focus being on the right messaging.
John always has the focus on how can we do even better tomorrow.
His commitment to others and their wants and needs is his goal.
John keeps his focus on the goal and doesn't let distractions keep him from doing his job.
He is able to always focus on the goals towards the best solutions.
Sometimes we are not in tune with what is really going on and he can help you identify what your focus should be on for the goals you are trying to accomplish.
John will always bring the group back to focus during discussions when things seem to be going away from the focus.
His focus is always on what is the end goal, how to get there, and how to anticipate and navigate obstacles.
His focus was on how helping us achieve our goals, and he let us know that our success was his success
Keeping his focus on the end goals, he will always be successful and an asset to any organisation.
He is very focused and determined to achieve his goals and always gives the best of him on anything.
He can be depended upon to think clearly and achieve his goals or the goals of any organization.
John always keeps focus on the end goal, despite any and all challenges encountered on the way.
He knew the goal for the territory and would make sure that together we accomplished the goal.
He always had him focus on the end state goal and helped everyone to be on the same page.
He achieved his goals, and would not think of leaving unless the goal had been achieved.
In fact, he knows how to foster the team spirit without losing focus on the overall goals.
And the one thing that has remained constant in these years is his focus on the goal.
One who understands how to achieve your goals and is willing to make your goals his.
John's goal with the class was to make us successful and he achieved that goal.
John always has goals and almost always hits those goals with amazing resolution
His dedication and focus to get things done with a very high focus is commendable.
His only goal appears to be, to get him to his goal, by whatever means necessary.
His focus and determination to get to the goal is one of his strongest assets.
But in the back of his mind his focus is always on what his company goals are.
John helped uncover our real goals instead of what we think are our goals.
He helps you focus on your strengths and use those to accomplish your goals.
John really helped him focus on his goals and inspired him to go after them.
He has great focus on achieving goals, very thorough in everything he does.
His goal is to focus and try to achieve the best result in every situation.
He always kept the main goal in focus especially in times of uncertainty.
He never loses his focus on essential issues until he gets to his goals.
John keeps focus on target and does not stop until the goal is achieved.
His focus is always on your goals and helping you reach the next level.
His resolution and focus to the goals we set together is without doubt.
Hitting goal is never an issue, as he continually surpassed each goal.
He is very proactive and organized, never losing focus on the goals.
His dedication and commitment help him achieve every goal after goal.
His focus on achieving and exceeding his goals is truly exceptional.
Someone who knew what his goal was, and helped him achieve that goal.
He is particularly driven, able to focus on and achieve his goals.
His passion is contagious and his focus squarely on the end goal.
He keeps his eyes on the goal, stays focused and gets things done.
He is able to continuously bring the focus back to the goals.
Finally, no goal or dream is too big for him, and whatever your goal is, he will push you relentlessly until you reach that goal.
His focus is impressive, setting a goal and doing whatever is required to reach that goal.
He can do even far better in his career if didn't lose his focus towards his goal.
He certainly makes the environment light while keeping focus on the goal.
He provided direct feedback that always put focus on the end goal.
John is persistent and will work towards his goals with focus.
He is very focused in his work and never deviated from his goals.
He is willing to help you create & focus on your goals while maintaining his own business goals.
He's always there for you when you need him and his goal is helping you be successful in whatever you are trying to accomplish.
John has goals on what he wants and where he wants to be he is focused and will not let anything or anyone get in his way.
His goal has always been to be the best he can be and in turn he makes everyone around him want to be and do better.
He will consider your wants and needs and focus on how to make your body look its best through clothing.
He is always willing to do what every it takes and looks for ways to help everyone get to the end goal.
John knows what needs to get done and will not let anything stand in his way of achieving that goal.
He always keeps calm and identifies just what needs to be done so those around him can better focus.
He knows what he wants and where he goes and gives him the right means to achieve his goals.
Basically, his goal is to make sure that we succeed so he would do anything to make us successful.
And his recommendations about where to focus are always, at the very least, thoroughly useful.
He always looks into the future to help him make decisions now that will help him with his goals.
After he has done this he can then say to you that his goal is to assure that everyone wins.
He wants everyone to accomplish their goals and makes sure he is there to help if needed.
It seemed like he was willing to help anyone to become successful at what their goals are.
Reaching him goals does not seem to impress him, instead, he goes on with the next task.
He is very thorough in everything he does and can be depended upon to achieve his goals.