Goal Setting Performance Review Phrases Examples

Goal Setting Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Thanks to him we have managed to achieve the set goals every sprint as a team.
He has the ability to understand your goals and aspirations and set a solid vision for growth and opportunity.
He makes sure that you are clear on your conversations, and challenges one to step outside their comfort zone.
John takes a very personable approach to coaching, getting to know you and your goals.
He has clear long term goals with the will and the capacity to reach them.
He usually makes sacrifices to achieve his goals which means that he has humility for the IT sector.
He encourages you and helps you reach the goals you set for yourself.
John focuses on his goals and get things done.
He is driven to succeed and his ability to lead groups to their objectives and goals is impressive.
Ryan is at his best when he's helping others envision a future reality that has not yet been achieved but is fully possible.
He sets the bar high and works hard to achieve his goals.
He is a successful business person and his goal is to provide opportunities for other businesses and help them to grow and succeed.
John helped me to clarify my goals and take actions to achieve it quickly.
He has a vision and he's pursuing it.
He has an exceptional entrepreneurial skill set along with the capability to employ strategic thinking for the attainment of both short and long term goals.
It was obvious he had a long-term vision for the work we were doing and made sure we were engaged in that vision.
He is responsible, supportive and capable.
He is great at clarifying your vision of where you want to go and facilitating goal attainments.
He is able to clearly communicate complex environmental challenges and achievements, and motivates others to take action to reduce impacts.
He always pays close attention to what you say and translates that into clear objectives that he holds you accountable to.
He has a great vision for what he wants to achieve and is always actively looking to better himself to achieve his goals.
He sets goals and achieves them.
He kept me focused and accountable to my short and long term goals.
He is always passionate to achieve excellence.
John stops at nothing to ensure the expectations and goals that you establish at the outset are achieved.
He believes in himself and in his actions.
He continually set high expectations and develops his team member's skills to achieve results.
He keeps me on target and holds me accountable.
He has an attitude of goal setting, achieving and proactivity.
He is very passionate about business and will do whatever it takes to attain the highest level of achievement possible.
He encourages other team members to achieve their targets.
It's impossible to not be challenged and inspired.
Manages staff effectively and supports team member's and the organisation's growth.
John proactively challenged throughout.
It's not everyday you get to meet a person whose main goal and focus is to help others grow and who's actually really good at it.
Highly responsible, accurate, focused on results.
John has been a results driven person, always having a goal in sight, and striving to achieve it.
John is one of the few great networks who will help you in any way possible to ensure you achieve your goals.
Wishing you all the best in all your future endeavours and goals.
Always reaches set targets and is a motivated and hard working person.
He is practical and gives examples on how to reach your networking goal.
Pushes you out of your comfort zone, but only for your growth.
John understands what motivates others to perform at their best, by setting clear and concise goals and providing feedback on a regular basis.
Our communication is always clear and expectations are always met.
John is prompt, clear, a great communicator, and works hard to achieve whatever professional goal you set out for together.
My business is well on its way to achieving the growth I want to achieve.
John was able to help my family achieve incredible results.
In the field of performance management and effective goal setting there is no better.
There isn't anyone better in their delivery or ability to communicate with any level of staff, of the product's value proposition.
John is able to motivate others to achieve personal goals, often beyond their expectations, and always follows through to ensure objectives are achieved.
What we like best is that all the activities are measurable against the objectives.
All of us are now motivated to rise to the challenge and achieve the impossible.
It was incredible and rewarding to see growth and progress with even our most skeptical team members.
John is goal-driven and focused on achieving excellence on each assignment.
John has been wonderful in helping us establish and reach our goals.
Although we haven't met in person, John has been willing and quite able to assist me with some personal growth opportunities.
A visionary, able to communicate the future direction for the company, but also a practical leader and team builder who can delegate responsibility and authority for those actions required to make the vision a reality.
I wish you all the best in the future and please stay in touch.
A great support in helping me mapping some of my target accounts and developing value propositions.
John is a focused person, with clear definition of goals and requirements that need to be met for a project.
Accomplishes all goals he sets for himself or are set for him.
He sets reasonable goals for himself and accomplishes every goal that he sets out to achieve.
He knows clearly what he wants, and gives his utmost once he sets his goals.
John always said that his goal was to set everyone up for success.
He sets goals and then sets out to reach them - and succeeds.
Pirates are set to obtain goals that have been set for him.
John's organized process for setting goals has really helped him not only set some new goals, but accomplish those goals.
He keeps you very focused on the end goal, but and does everything in his power to help you get to that goal.
John will do whatever it takes to help you to achieve your goals, the goals the you set up for yourself.
He clearly sets out the goals that he wants to be achieved and rewards those who complete those goals.
He is very goal oriented, and once he sets that goal focuses in until it is reached.
He likes to set his own goals and keeps on persevering until he reaches his goal.
He knows how to set challenging goals, then to achieve and exceed those goals.
Once he sets his sights on a goal, he goes after that goal with conviction.
What impresses him is that he is progressing through stages where he sets goals, achieves them and then he's setting new goals.
He always has his eye on the goal and is willing to go above and beyond to meet those goals.
Meaning, when goals are set, he has the leadership and experience to meet the goal.
He understands what needs to be done and how to achieve on the goals that have been set.
He also gets the best out of those around him and achieve the results and goals he sets.
John uses this and his determination towards every goal he sets out for himself.
Work for him is about achievement - setting goals and getting there or exceeding.
He sets high standards for himself and others and continually sets new goals.
He knows what needs to be done to succeed and he sets his goals accordingly.
He seems to know what he wants and sets his vision to accomplish his goals.
At the end of the day he knows how to get things done which is the goal.
John sets the goals and he will deliver and gets what was in his mind.
He sets high goals - not just for himself, but for those around him.
He never gives up till as such time that the goals set are achieved
With him, once the goal is set he enables all to get it, for sure.
John always set high goals, and never says no, to any request.
John's achievements in all the goals set for him were outstanding.
He has been an incredible example of setting and exceeding goals.
John also encouraged him to do his best and to set higher goals.
He has also set goals for himself to keep delivering results.
His goals were always set high and they were always achieved.
He always challenged him to set goals that would be reachable.
John is the best when it comes to achieving and setting goals.
He has always exceeded the goals that were set by the our company.
John is the king of goal-setting - and of achieving his goals - and he inspires others to want to do the same.
He can show you why goal setting is vital in your life and how to attain those goals once you've set them.
He sets his goals, prioritizes them and strives with determination in achieving these goals.
When he sets his sights on a goal, not only will that goal be met, but it will be exceeded.
He's very good at setting goals and providing encouragement to accomplish those goals.
One of his key attributes has been the ability to set goals and achieve those goals.
He sets goals early and routinely exceeded goals and expectations set forth.
He set clear goals and encouraged everyone's devotion towards this goal.
John is excellent in planning, goal-setting, and achieving his goals.
He sets goals and puts steps in place to see those goals fulfilled.
He achieves his goals and at the same time, the enterprise goals.
Once he sets a goal, he is single-minded in achieving that goal.
He continually sets goal for himself and among other members.
He always sets goals for himself and his team, which align with the company goals.
He sets big goals and surrounds himself with individuals who will help meet those goals.
His goals are specific and he knows how to motivate others to accomplish goals.
He not only makes those around him better, he inspires others to want to be better themselves through the example he sets.
Once he sets his will to something it will get done and this is not an exaggeration.
Anyone who knows him knows he goes over and above in whatever he sets out to do.
John always challenges those around him to make our company by the example he sets.
But what really set him apart was the way he made everyone else better.
He wants to know and sets out to do his best in all that he touches.
He can do anything he sets himself to, and never over-commits.
He sets an example that makes us want to be better, so we are.
There are two things that above all, set him apart from others.
Once you set him on his course, he's going to make it happen.
What sets him apart from the others is that it is not an act.
What really sets him apart for him, though, is his leadership.
John will do exactly what he is setting out to do with our company.
He provided them with valuable content on goal setting and goal accomplishment.
Seeing the example he sets gives him the confidence that anything can be done so long as you are committed to accomplishing the goals set.
He goes out of his way to help himself and all others around him to make sure we are set up for success and ability to hit our goals.
He doesn't tell you where to go or what to do, but somehow, before you know it, you have reached your goal under his guidance.
John allows nothing to stand in the way of the goals he sets and inspires the same in all those around him.
He makes sure everyone knows their responsibilities and goals to get the end result within the expectations set.
And he also sets out goals for himself as well and keeps everyone updated on his resolutions within the year.
He goes above and beyond the goals set for him and when he puts his mind to something it gets accomplished.
John will outwork those around him and doesn't stop still he's accomplished the goals that have been set.
It is his belief that he is well suited to succeed in almost any setting or goal he sets out for himself.
He taught him to set his goals for even higher than what they were because he always wants the best for him.
John is great at what he does and can be relied on to achieve any goal that is set is set before him.
John can help others see the changes they need to make and guide them towards achievement of their goals.
John could help anyone grow and accomplish any of the goals they set, regardless of one's circumstances.
Not only did he exceed the goals that were set for him, he exceeded his own, which was unprecedented.
When he has something in mind and a goal is set he will do his best and in the end it will be achieved.
He also has always set high goals for himself and will do whatever he has to do to accomplish those.
He gives us all the room to do what we do best, guiding us toward the goals and objectives he sets.
He is extremely effective in achieving goals, either the ones given to him or the ones that he sets.
With him around, you can always have someone to rely on in terms of goal setting and accomplishment.
All the goals he has ever set for himself, he has either accomplished them by his deadline or before.
He sets his goals and then goes after them, and along the way inspires his teammates to do better.
A very focused individual who has clearly set goals and will achieve all that he sets out to do.