Good-Humored Performance Review Phrases Examples

Good-Humored Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is very good person, having a good attitude and good professionalism.
He's an all-around good manager, good co-worker, and good guy.
Besides of that he has the best balance between serious and humorous
John always did this with good humor and he never became rattled.
His good humor and knowledge kept everyone happy and looking good under the lights.
He knows the value of humor and good behavior and is very good to fit his net our company.
Not the least, we share good laughs with his good sense of humor.
He also has a very good sense of humor and is good to be around.
John is just an all around good guy that just happens to be very good at what he does and very professionally
He can take anything and make it look good, not just good, but great and very professional.
He knows what "good" looks like-and he knows how to improve "good" so that it is great.
He's very good at what he does and always has a good attitude.
John is loyal and if you're good to him, he'll be good to you.
Needless to say, he's good at sales and has had good success.
John is well liked among his colleagues because of his good social skills and good humor.
He has not only good skills in what he does, but always keeps his good spirit and humor on top.
Furthermore, he is doing all of this with intelligence, grace, and best of all - good humor.
He always follows through on his commitments, and always with good humor and willingness.
He has a good sense of humor and he seems to always know what to say in every situation.
He does all of this with good humor, even under the most extreme pressure.
And, as if more is even possible, he sparkles with good humor and grace.
He does all this while maintaining just the right balance of good humor.
And he does it with grace and good humor, even when things are hectic.
He kept us all coordinated, on the course and in good humor as we launched.
He is always willing to help with his charisma and good sense of humor.
John does everything with integrity, perseverance and good humor.
He definitely has a good personality, is humorous and sometimes cheesy.
He is really easy going and humorous since the first "good morning".
He is smart, position himself very well and always with good humor.
John roll with each and every punch, and always with good humor.
He has some very good humor and no one can be bored in his company.
John is very knowledgeable and provides his advice with good humor.
John does this all with good humor and dedicated professionalism.
John is also really good at trivia and has the best sense of humor.
In addition, he does all of the above with warmth and good humor.
He also is very good humored and gets along easily with people.
John's our company has always been very efficient and with good humor.
Helps you get what you want with good humor and our company balance.
John knows how to get things done and does it with class and good humor.
He can be serious when he needs to be, but also can have a good our company and has a good sense of humor.
John contributed to the overall good morale with his dedication and a good sense of humor.
John is always good for our company with, devoted, organized, good humored and reasonable.
Firstly, he is always of good humor and shares this good mood with people around him.
He is also good for our company with, always professional and with a good sense of humor.
He is very bright, always of good humor and, in his experience, a good thinker.
He is also a good human being with good sense of humor that makes him special.
Apart from our company he is a good sportsman and has a good sense of humor.
John is a hardworking, good humored and just downright good guy.
He is a personable businessman of good character and good humor.
He is also good about following up to let him know when things were done or how they were progressing.
He is very good at one-on-one help to those he gets to know and understand.
John really kept up with our needs, and provided some very good talent.
He's the up most professional who knows how to make you look good.
Along with being good at what he does, he was also very personable.
John is very good in many things he does, especially in planning.
He is very good at getting things done without much direction.
But aside from that, he's actually very good at our development.
He is always willing to help in any way and does so with good humor, intelligence and creativity.
He communicates clearly and directly, yet with tact and good humor.
John inspires those around him with his confidence and good humor.