Good-Tempered Performance Review Phrases Examples

Good-Tempered Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

His focused approach and good temperament make him a good manager.
John never does that because he is so grounded, sensible, and even-tempered.
He is not just good at what he does, but one of the best in the industry.
He not only made our business look good, but with all the initiatives we had in place, he also made him look good.
John is very good at looking at the larger picture and leading by example and temperance.
He is very good at getting things done, driving and initiating many good initiatives.
John is good for our company for because he is extremely even-tempered and understanding.
He has got an even temperament and is good company outside office hours.
John is genuinely one of the good guys and is an all round good egg.
He always had good ideas, good insights, and the best connections.
He is also fun to our company with, even tempered and good company.
He is like by everyone, as he has a good personality and temperament and is a good person to have on your team.
John is the man when you need a good advice, always with good temper, always focused on the goals.
He very good with numbers and very good at organizing skills.
All in all, it was a very good relationship built on good skills and a good team our company.
He's even-tempered, good-humored, communicative, and can get along with anyone.
He is a good mentor, good boss, good colleague, good friend, and can be trusted upon.
John is very good at what he does and really gets the industry he's in (tech/marketing).
John is very good about taking the initiative and was always very thorough with his our company.
This is someone that is genuine and always tries to do good for everyone around him.
John is straightforward and even-tempered, and everyone knows where they stand.
He is always cheerful and even tempered, even when those around him were not.
You've probably read his our company and you don't even know it, he's that good.
He is very even-tempered, even under the most stressful of conditions.
John is one of those people who is almost too smart for his own good.
He's also very, very smart and he will be good at whatever he does.
He knows what looks good and what's on trend in almost any industry.
Never have disappointment for him and he had very good initiative.
Him our company was always outstanding and he made him look really good.
John is very knowledgeable, even-tempered and get things done.
He is very good at distilling our needs and very enthusiastic.
John has an even temperament and is able to get along with folks.
He always follows through, provides good guidance and insight.
Aside from this, he is one of the 'good guys' in the industry.
He knows how to get all our company done without losing his temper.
He is "good people, " in an industry where good people aren't always appreciated.
It has been a really good experience, training him and good to see him growing.
It was a pleasure for our company with him, although he was always in a good temper.
He has good leadership potential and has come good in very tough situations.
He has got good appreciation from the customer appreciating his good our company.
He has a good temperament and never looses his temper in tense situations.
He's definitely good for any sales department and good for our industry.
John has a good knowledge of the industry as well as good connections.
He always had good feedback and displayed very good industry knowledge.
He provided a good service and has good knowledge about the industry.
John has strong convictions tempered by good judgment and reason.
John is a genuinely good guy that is even tempered and liked by all.
People had good our company enjoying good insights and participation.
John is a good colleague of mine, his strength is temperament due to this always he maintained a good relationship with everyone.
He is good-tempered and positive-minded person which makes him very good asset for any team.
He is not only good at our company, but he would help you out in any manner.
Through it all, he was always polite and never lost his temper.
Another very good example of his qualities is the discipline.
John's good temper makes people want to cooperate with him, whether among colleagues and customers/partners.
He is not only very thorough, but a good communicator who made good insightful and appropriate comments.
He is having good leadership skills and having good relations with his subordinates.
He's not only a good partner when you need him, but gives good creative direction.
John has got very good technical skills along with good leadership qualities.
He always proved to be good in what he has done very hard worker, good education.
The way he leads the team under him with good leadership skills is very good.