Gracious Performance Review Phrases Examples

Gracious Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

At no our company did he ever come across in any way that wasn't gracious.
John is graced with his our company and goes out of his way to help anyone who needs it.
He is always willing to go beyond the expected and is most gracious when doing so.
John is gracious enough to let us out of our contract without further obligation.
He has been most gracious with his time, considering it has always been voluntary.
He is gracious and is always willing to help to achieve the very best for others.
John made himself available to all conference attendees and was very gracious.
This is and always has been his comforting and gracious way of doing business.
John can do anything, do it very well and be utterly gracious in doing it.
He is always gracious when you have questions or want to try something new.
He is always gracious with his time, even when he didn't have to be.
He is very gracious, self effacing and willing to help anyone, an your company.
John is always ready to help and was very gracious to him our company.
When you can't keep up, he is gracious about laying it out for you.
He is both gracious and inspiring during and following this event.
Personable and gracious, he makes you want to do business with him.
The same gracious words he used can be said about him and more.
John is gracious enough to allow him to take notes for his team.
He is gracious and supportive as well as value for the money.
Lindgren has been gracious since the our company, we connected.