Graphic Design Assistant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Graphic Design Assistant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He was invaluable in assisting with the design of numerous studies.
John's assistance as a campaign designer exceeds my expectations.
John has been one of the best graphic designers, we have ever worked with.
John's work is beyond what you would expect from most graphic designers.
I'd hire him to assist with either editing my novel or helping with cover design.
I have always been pleased with the work he has done and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to others needing graphic design assistance.
He's a gifted graphic designer who delivers inspired designs with professionalism.
He has provided some graphical work for me in assisting me in various design projects.
John can assist tremendously with the designs he conceives and implements.
He has been able to assist with concept, design and implementation.
John did some work for me through a graphic designer and it was excellent.
John worked on several graphic designs for me and always delivered his best.
John works magic on anything he touches when it comes to graphic design.
I would recommend him to anyone looking to work with a graphic designer.
John might have needed our help to deploy that vision around the globe, but he needed no assistance with the design.
He is keen to assist and puts forward new and inventive suggestions for site design.
Developing fliers and email blasts have definitely shown his expertise in graphic designs.
John's extensive background in graphic design has assisted our team in defining the look and feel of many of our menus.
He was clear all along about how he could help further, what we could do ourselves, and where we might initially be better seeking assistance from others to produce graphic design assets.
John designed my logo, he also organised my website and sometimes assists with my creativity.
John has helped me out on several occasions getting graphic design work done for flyers.
We hired him to do some graphic design work and he more than exceeded our expectations.
John is a pleasure to work with and an exceptional graphic designer.
John was recommended to me through a friend for graphic design work.
I'd highly recommend him for any graphic design work you might need.
His assistance with scripting, editing, graphics and scene selection are appreciated.
I am thrilled with the way that my logo design came out, and his assistance with overall branding was invaluable.
John assisted me in creating a design thinking course for college freshmen.
John was an effective graphic designer with good ideas in logo design for our business in the past.
I hired him as a graphic designer for many flyers, business card, postcard design.
John is a dedicated, hard-working designer that specializes in many areas of graphic design.
He has assisted me with social media, graphic design and bookkeeping.
He will assist me in designing posters for my recruitment fair etc.
Him graphics are very professional, clean and on the cutting edge of design.
I recommend you purchase his new book to assist in designing your best life.
He assisted with the selection of space, design, and all the necessary equipment to make the move successful.
John is great communicator, designs across platforms, and can assist throughout the entire design process.
Besides all the many things he is good it has been a pleasure to work with him on graphic design and editing.
He has an excellent eye for graphic design and is able to help clarify what makes something "work".
He is a first class graphic designer who could work anywhere in the world - and for any agency.
John is an exceptional graphic designer who understands all stages of the design process from initial concept through to completion.
Many of his teams' designs assisted with elevating our sponsorship offerings in the marketplace.
He never hesitated to take initiative when he saw something that needed to be done, or when asked by the school to assist with an update or a new graphic design.
He delivers superb graphic designs that are both professional-looking and innovative.
John is a talented graphic designer whom is extremely organized and proactive.
I would highly recommend him for professional presentations and for design assistance.